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81 King's Blue

Also very big in scandinavia

82 Gold Marlboro

Marlboro gold are a sweet and nice smoke to have after a meal I love them the packs are nice a bit expensive though but worth the money they are great I am from England so we some different brands to you Americans but if you ever come to the uk I would recommend you try embassy filters if you can't find them go for Marlboro golds!

It shouldn't be at 86th places because gold marlboro is one of the most best cigarrete that I have ever smoked huhu but everybody have a different kind of taste so its okay

83 Golden American

Strong flavour, and a nice body.
It's also great that each pack contains 25 cigareytes. ,just love them

84 Wills Flake

Good for common people

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85 Che
86 Capstan

My name is Mohsin Malik from Lahore Pakistan. I do smoke three packets a day and also enjoy same with friends. 84% of youth of my home country use the same brand because it economical and affordable for men of all sizes of wallet.

None of financial condition can be judged through the brand he uses, because brand is brand, it relates to taste not to price.

Capstan is more better than others

I am rafi from lahore Pakistan first of all this is not expensive cigerit and good taste

Awesome for time pass

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87 Drina

Cigars from borders of Croatia!

Number 1# seller in Bosnia, has rich taste but strong. Only for real tobacco lovers.

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88 Red and White

A strong flavour. A strong hard feel.

Good cigarettes. Banned in Latvia

89 Charms

This is wast cigarette

90 Walter Wolf

Probbably the best cigarette in the world. taste is pure and the smoke is silk soft

The best cigs I ever smoke from Croatia

91 Amber Leaf

The taste of heaven with every pull,
Make you dream back to the old country
and to when you were a young boy.

Not very nice baccy I don't like the taste to be honest it is dry and poorly blended go for GOLDEN VIRGINA it is the best rolling tobacco ever and the pack is resealable so the fresh taste can be reserved

It is the best very chep 4 pound for a 12.5g with rolling papers and it is smooth

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92 White Ox V 3 Comments
93 Carpati

The best Romanian cigarettes... Keep people alive during communism...

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94 Dji Sam Soe

Smoking with style. Delicious. Man of honor. You can choose with or without filter as up to you how you will enjoy the high premium taste. Coming from the best from Indonesia.

95 Kamel

I smoked all of the brands but nothing like camel in my taste good luck.

They taste really good, makes it hard to have just one

They where brought back simply because they taste so good,even says it on the package. I agree it's really hard to just have one.

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96 Rym

RYM, the populare cigarette cigarette from Algeria... A cheap brand with a very hight sensation of tobaco!... Try it, you will not be disappointed

Algerian brand, cheap, strong and nice taste.


97 57 filter
98 Sonoma

In my opinion Sonoma is the best cigarette brand that is made by commonwealth brands

Delicious cig, super super cheap too

99 Seven Stars

Great cigarette! Smooth taste! Not too expensive, around 400 yen. Best cigarette ever!

I moved to Tokyo last year, bought this cigarette from jidō-hanbaiki (vending machine). The best cigarette I've ever tasted!

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100 Melnik

Best cigarettes to kill yourself

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