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121 Sterling Red

Largest selling cheap cigarette brand in the UK, strong harsh taste but of a reasonable quality for a cheap cigarette make

Cheap and still a good smoke no harsh cheap taste lovey

I have smoked these for 2 years. Amazing

122 Gitanes

I'm from France and I have been smoking Gitanes unfiltered since I was 10 years old and have smoked 20 a day since then I am 96 years old now and doctors are amazed on how I am still alive I claim that it is the cigarettes that have preserved my life smoke up!

Puts hairs on your breasts- just like the french!

Everything you want from a cigarette

I lived a long time in France and Gitanes were my favourite smoke. I smoked the tampax version because I didn't want to die young.

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123 Virginia Slims 120

First cigarette I ever smoked. My mom let me smoke hers when I was 15. I am 22 now & just love them. I carry them in a nice leather case like my moms.
Guys just love seeing me smoke them.

I'm a female smoker and love my Virginia slims. I smoke about fifteen a day and always wear my bright red lipstick while smoking in public. I have received numerous compliments and stares from men while I smoke but better than this, I vote the flavour and satisfying feel of the exhale.

I'm a female smoker in my sixties and recently started smoking Virginia slims. I was introduced to them by my daughter and granddaughter,mwho both smoke this brand. I have smoked other brands for well over thirty years but find these to be a very enjoyable change. It does take me a little longer to get my nicotine "kick" but the pleasure of a longer smoke is worth the wait.

I loved Saratoga but as they no longer make them these are the next best thing

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124 303 Super Slim

IF you want to quit smoking Try this

In fact I am trying hope for the best result

125 Tradition
126 Monte Carlo V 2 Comments
127 Winchester
128 Hope
129 Number 7

Great taste and good kick, best Canadian cigarette in my opinion. Get the Reds.

Rich tobacco taste, easy to drag on and a fresh taste as well. You get real tobacco flavor from these Canadian cigs. Other brands come and go but Sevens have been around since before my high school days.

Most popular brand among my friends here in Canada

The best cigarettes I've ever tasted in my life.

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130 Nat Sherman

Very expensive, and high quality. I'm surprised nobody listed this brand

Finest quality tobacco in a cigarette there is! I'd recommend trying the Nat Sherman HINT and the Nat Sherman Havana Ovals.

Nat Sherman is definitely a superior tobacco product. I like the Hint vesion, with a good mint flavor. I prefer it to menthol.

Expensive, but well worth it.

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131 Misty 120s
132 Denim
133 L&D

Cool ones - Bazileu199

I used to smoke gold leaf bnsn mlbro cpstan but the best cigrate is l&m light it is smoth and classic also not disturb your throat & lungs

134 Tigra
135 Cavender

I like Cavender b'because of joint... It's too good for Joint... I love it...

It is cigrate perfect for making joint cigrates and it gives joint a perfect grip... It's my favourate brant and all joint lovers must try it by filling it and making sutta

136 Zig Zag

Laugh out loud I roll me weed wit zig zag papers

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137 Sweet Caporal

I did not know they were still being made

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138 Plugaru
139 Cigaronne Exclusive

Best taste by far, and basically no bad smell due to the long filter.

Probably the best cigarettes. Love the special filter!

140 MS

It's the best Italian cigarettes brand!

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