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161 Gold Coast Red

The brand I smoked for years. Best. But Gold Coast lights is far better. Great aroma, taste.

162 Matterhorn

One of the most common cigarette in Jamaica, Its really great for a menthol cigarette and was what I started off with smoking for 5yrs

163 Marlboro Smooths
164 John Player & Sons V 2 Comments
165 Kir
166 Saat

It cheap...and taste alright
What more can you expect with cheap ciggrates

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167 Embassy Number 1

Embassy smooth taste, first sold in 1914 and sponsored the snooker championship until 2005

I am 16 years old and have been smoking these since I was 11 years old and I have to say although there are expensive they are the best cigs ever I have to say that these are after all number one! And should be on this list

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168 Drum Original

Mellow flavour. Loose pouch tobacco to roll your own. Nice to relax with when you're camping.

169 Marlboro Bright Leaf

A different taste and project for Marlboro stronger than red and a fulled flavour.

170 Ronhill

Very tasty cigarette, love it. 100's gold

Great cigaretts fom Croatia
I smoke ronhill white because of its mild flavor and a pleasant aroma

171 Akij Biri

This is only what about I can say that one who loves smoking he must try it.

172 Harvest
173 Embassy

I love Embassy. I have smoked since I was 14 I am 22 now I've tried most brands and I find embassy to be the best that is if you like a strong cig. Smooth and strong. When I smoked L&B I found myself always wanting to light up again where with embassy it lasts a lot longer there ritch and taste grate I Highley recommend these to any smoker they don't call them number 1 for no reason lol.

174 Classic Ultra Milds

Its good to have it daily

175 Oasis
176 Mivius

Started smoking with these bad boys.

177 Knights
178 Blackstone Cherry

I can't believe that blackstone cigars aren't on the list. They are great! They burn slow, smell good and they don't burn your throat. They also burn really slow and it's a pleasure to smoke them

179 Cohiba

Just the best. Excelent flavor while you are smoking and after.

180 Sterling

Cheap, common and very nice

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