Top Ten Best Cities In Germany

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1 Hamburg

Come on guys, Hamburg is the most beautiful city in Germany.. I love Berlin and Cologne too but it's not like hamburg. While you can find in every other city some unpretty places, hamburg's city is perfect in every way. Just look at the Landungsbrucken, Innenalster and all those beautiful parks inside the city. 30 minutes and you are on the beach and you can have so much fun in districts like st pauli with the reeperbahn.

Hamburg is amazing because of it's food and it is just so pretty

One of the best cities worldwide! It's very open-minded.

Awesome public infrastructure! Best place ever.

2 Berlin

A very different Capital than those of other countries. Its not pretty like Rome but it has many different people from all over the world living there. There is nothing you can't do and there are many attractive sights to see as a tourist. Its also very different from other cities in Germany and that makes it so interesting. The history the culture everything is mixed into one city and its worth a visit.

Berlin is very big and very beautiful and great city. There are many interesting places, like Rechstag, Brandenburg gate, Berliner Dom, Berlin wall, Museum ireland, Art museum, Kaiser Wilhelm Church. And there are many beautiful streets and building like Kurfurstendam street. I love this city.

Yep same here. I am german but I do not like Berlin at all. Ugly compared to other capitals like Paris and London.

Berlin? Are you kidding me? Is the uggliest European capital city.

3 Munich

Capital of Bavaria, is the most beautiful, livable and friendly city of Germany. Beautiful architecture and nice people. Very rich city.

A great city. Lovely people and very green. I love this city.

The best German city. Capital of bavaria or bayern. At least If a person goes to alianz arena is not coming back disapointed.

The most beautiful city in Germany.

4 Cologne

The right size, the right location (In the heart of Europe! ), not too polished not too dirty, non-pretentious, and the best people!

So so beautiful and lively and open-minded and so many things to do.

5 Stuttgart

Beautiful city, traditional, very modern. Small but industry is great. Has good transportation with train, bus or street car. People are friendly, the city is clean.

Small city, but huge impact on Germanys economy. Modern and very friendly. The city is clean and well organized, many good shops at Königstraße.

6 Frankfurt

A German city with a well defined modern skyline, but also has a cool old town! There is a beautiful juxtaposition between the towering skyscrapers and the restored old town in this city. It's flashy and cosmopolitan, but also historic.

Best city, great to live in, rich in culture, bank metropole. Just flashy

A banking city of Germany. It has very high-teck buildings but also a beautiful 'Altstadt'

The buildings are so cool and so tall

7 Düsseldorf

What are talking about German is in big recession big time.

Best city in the worldd

8 Dortmund
9 Bremen

Love this city, so open, friendly and beautiful!

10 Essen

Love this city so much, I've lived here since 7 years and I'm still not bored

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11 Hanover
12 Nuremberg

Four of these are my favourite!

13 Leipzig

One of the fastest growing cities in Germany with a great mixture of growing job market, available and affordable housing in good quality, easy accessible lakes close to the city, relaxed nightlife and a lot of contemporary and classical culture. I think this to be one of the few big cities in Germany that still got the opportunity to grow and to develop without causing much growing pains for its citizens and companies.

A city where you actually can find real nazis

14 Dresden

Dresden is a beautiful city, federal state capital of Saxony. Beautiful buildings and quite modern architecture mixed with baroque influences. People are not that nice as e.g. in Munich or Stuttgart but surely find beautiful women all over Dresden, especially in the city center. Nice city!

Very very beautiful..

Why is it down here? :(

15 Magdeburg
16 Göttingen
17 Bonn
18 Darmstadt
19 Kiel

Kieler Woche, Kieler Sprotten, nice ships and very nice city

20 Regensburg
21 Heidelberg


22 Konigsberg

Used to be great. Today it's known as Kaliningrad - a stereotypical Russian city full with ugly commieblocks.

I hate the soviets for taking away this beautiful city!

23 Freiburg

So beautiful! houses, city, history

24 Aachen

For me the best.

25 Lübeck
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