Best Cities of Haryana

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1 Karnal

Karnal is a very beautiful and calm place. You can have good quality life there. Green Karnal. People are very generous

Love the city of surya putra karan

Yes it's one of the amazing city of Haryana.

I Like this city very much because it is a pollution free city. People are very gentle nice and amiable.

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2 Hisar

Best city
No more words

Clean city in overall haryana

Hisar is a beautiful city of Haryana.'s best...

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3 Rohtak

Beautiful girl in Rohtak

It is the best in all point of views. Education facility, transport, medical, PGIMS, Industrial area and also supports job opportunities because IT IS THE BEST CITY not only in HARYANA or INDIA but in the WORLD

Overall best city of haryana

Love it

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4 Gurgaon

It is very modern and beautiful

Number 1 city of haryana

Developing at a fast pace. Night life


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5 Yamuna Nagar

Peaceful city

Perfect combination of industry and agriculture.

Peaceful and calm multi cultured city mix blend of Punjabi's, Haryanavi's,UP, Bihar, Bengal

Mast city

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6 Sonipat

Very nice City and Also near By Delhi.
Very Growth city and pollution free city
Human nature very good here
very helpful and supportive persons

mast he

This is education city of haryana

Best for live in

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7 Rewari

Best transport

Best in the world

It's clean and developing

Overall best

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8 Ambala

Best City. Better than rohtak and hisar

Ambala is best city in garyana

Ambala is very good area sports this is gujjar area

Peaceful city

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9 Panipat

It's awesome city

Textile and handloom oriented city.

Best textiles industries in panipat

It isn't the best city but comes with all the facilities and attracts lots of job opportunities.

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10 Kurukshetra

Peaceful city

Always the best

Best city "the land of mahabharata'

Very beautifull

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11 Sirsa

Peaceful and Green city
Less Crime
Ancient city
Helpful people

Nice place have a visit in winter you are going to love this place

This city is underrated... Have a visit here wider roads easy to visit... God blessed city... Have attractions like dera Sacha sauda, Tara Baba kutiya and a lot more... Crime rate is very low as compared to other, pollution free and people are helpful and supportive

Sirsa is very peaceful city, crime pollution less city

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12 Faridabad

Economic capital of Haryana

Great and smart Faridabad people comes from all india for a better future

Smart city

Perfect place, good people, high class people and good facilities. Should be on top

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13 Kaithal

Mini Chandigarh

Most beautiful city of haryana

Rural and backward area of haryana

Best city

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14 Bhiwani


Bhiwani is really a very nice city. It can be developed more. People are really very helpful.

Bhiwani is best city totally pollution free I love bhiwani city

Bhiwani is best city in india

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15 Jind

Jai hind jai jind

Jind no. 1 in the world

It is a good place. Jind people are very friendly and loving person

Jind is the best in world

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16 Chandigarh

Best city in india to live a healthy life

Beautiful city in haryana and all over India

Safest and very easy for this place

Capital and clean city.

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17 Jhajjar

I would say it will be developed a lot after 2or 3 years

Best city pollution free

Jhajjar is best city in haryana.
Beautiful place of haryana.

Jhajjar is famous for Shaeed person
It is the famous for Bahadugarh where metro line and a big industrial area in harayana
Bahadurgarh is small and clean city.

18 Bahadurgarh

Bahadurgarh is best

The local administration is failed to clean the city.The cleaning fund are not used properly and fairly

Best city in term of connectivity to all industries

19 Narnaul

Awesome City

Much rich as a historical city. Near future it may be best development here, because govt. sanctioned 2 nh crossing Narnaul. City of Birbal.


I love this city because there is no pollution and its looking very awesome.Come here and get enjoing your mood.

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20 Panchkula

Panchkula is the best of haryana.
It is most planned city in haryana.
Panchkula should be first place in this list. This city is best for living.

Best city in haryana, only planned city in haryana should be developed as a smart city, neat and clean

It should be in 1st number in this list

Because it is the most well planed city in haryana.

It is very good and clean city situated near Chandigarh
good for living also good for climatically point of view, nearest to Himachal Pradesh

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21 Fatehabad

My hometown So it is the best

I love fatehabad

Pink city
Roads are much better from many other city
Humayun mosque
Traces of harrapa in banawali village of it
and most importantly
Only nuclear power plant of haryana is in gorakhpur of fatehabad.

Pink city all haryana best

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22 Palwal

Good and famous

It should be on number 1

Best city

Good city

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23 Nuh

Most respectfully people in Mewat and give response to other people but also here live very dangers people for danger

Nice district

India's number 1 Criminal And Dangerous Peoples living in Mewat.


24 Charkhi Dadri

Charkhi Dadri is the best and polution free aria in haryana

25 Ballabhgarh

Loving & smart people

Love ballabgarh

26 Nilokheri

Nilokheri is the best city to live and recently serve says nilokheri is the 4th no in haryana to neat n clean city

27 Hansi

It is the great city of Haryana

Best city

28 Bawal

Nice city

29 Mahendragarh

Mahendergrah is known for its schools
There are best school of haryana
Like Rps, suraj school, and yadavanshi knowing in India for it's education

Best in haryana Central University of haryana is here..which is another Piller in city education in haryana peaceful well in field of development..more new projects r coming in city..

This is best because in mahendergarh RAO SHAB



30 Gurugram


Bla bla bla

Best city it should be on no. 1

Palwal it is best city

31 Gharaunda

1st Rank In Haryana for the Cleanest Town

Oswm place to live

32 Uchana
33 Khudana

It is the largest village of Mahendragarh.The peoples are very loving and helpful.It is fully covered by the Aravali hills.ln coming time that becomes developed fully. It is a very beautiful place.

My Grand Mother city, 🙏

34 Prithla

Prithla is a bes village in haryana
prithla vidhan sabha chetra in palwal disst.
jaat land prithla

35 Farrukhnagar

Best city in haryana. It is near kmp express highway. Its connect to delhi, IMT manesar, Gurugram, jhajjar, rewari. It is transport facilities, train facilities, AIIMS hospitals facilities, education facilities and all world class facilities.
It is part of ncr and it is near to gurugram.
It is clean and green city.

36 Tarori
37 Mandi Adampur

Famous for its sweets
Famous for ghee

38 Ratia

Ratia city in smart city haryana.polution free city. Love you ratia

39 Tohana

Tohana is a smart city it is famous for its canals because there are 7 bigest canals which provide water to haryana punjab rajstan (2)there are many hospital, hbse, cbse schools (3)MANY PARK great politicion place with small population HEAVEN OF HARYANA

40 Narwana

Narwana is a smart city in haryana
It devloped too fast
Clean and calm city of haryana
Good place of playing game
No of colleges and school is placed in Narwana
Many CBSC school also placed there
Crime free city
Many tourist place also there and no more rush of roads

41 Ladwa

Ladwa is the best

Best city of haryana best schools clean city

42 Paju Bhiwani Haryana
43 Central University of Haryana ' Mahendragarh'

Hub of education in haryana and Delhi NCR

44 Sakras

Smart village in Nuh district

45 Datta

My home town, my proud. Best in the world

Best village to live in Haryana

46 Ateli
47 Bichhor

Best Village in Nuh district and Haryana.

48 Niwarsi

Best city because amrit singh sekhon live here

49 Sarsod

It is the best village in haryana which is situated on NH-52. It have full facilities for education, medical, telecommunications, transportation, water etc..

50 Bakhta Khera

Best village and best water flow

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