Best Cities of Haryana

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1 Karnal

Karnal is the best city to live in north India

Really best place pollution free life

Best city to live in north india

The cleanest city in haryana

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2 Hisar

Hisar is the neat and clean City in Haryana and medical and education hub now very progressing in industries roads and life style very nice. But I love my Haryana and India I proud of being Indian East or west India is best thanks a lot

It is the best city, developing rapidly even after political negligence, some good places to visit

My city hisar is the best as it has developed on its own strength without any political help so its best.

Favorite city

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3 Rohtak

Rohtak is the best city in Haryana in all point of view. Whether it is education facility, medical facility, transport facility, train connectivity and industrial area is also there so that there is lots of jobs opportunity for youth. The city is located near the national capital Delhi and located in NCR region. At last I am want to say that this city can be develop as a smart city, a world class city and can be easily become a smart city just by the support of local people's and government.

City developing at very fast rate.

The Heart of one city in Haryana Like Rohtak city

I love you rohtak

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4 Gurgaon

This is the major hub of IT sector and most developed and expensive city of Haryana

On reason to endorse me other than once visit here, simply you will love it, however traffic is mess which is created by state government

Excellent city good infrastructure but it can become more better.


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5 Ambala

Neat and green city. Amongst best city to live.

Huge and developed city.

Ambala best city in haryana lot of colleges and international school,medical colleges and near to chandigarh,famous for cloths And ladies cloths and accossories

6 Yamuna Nagar

Wood industries is speciality

Best and natural.

My yamauna city is the best city of haryana states


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7 Sirsa

Peaceful life, beautiful and rush free roads, surrounded by beautiful green fields, very few industries adds beauty and pollution free city

Sirsa is very peaceful city, crime pollution less city.

SIRSA is the best city because it is my hometown

I love sirsa#hometown#the best city#wow#paradiseofharyanađź’’đź’’

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8 Panipat

It isn't the best city but comes with all the facilities and attracts lots of job opportunities.

Panipat is the best city to live with many malls, stadiums, parks, hotel, restaurants etc. I love my city Panipat very much.

Textile and handloom oriented city.

Industrial city with IOCL..thermal power plant, NFL and with historical heritage #battles of panipat

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9 Kurukshetra

Captivating if one came to study doesn't want to go back safe city I love kurukshetra very much...

Education, Tourism, religion, Cleanliness, cooperative people, clean environment...

Best city to live in north haryana

Pollution free

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10 Kaithal

Most beautiful city of haryana

Rural and backward area of haryana

Clean city...

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? Bichhor

Best Village in Nuh district and Haryana.

? Charkhi Dadri

The Contenders

11 Chandigarh

Capital and clean city.

Chandigarh is the best city in India

12 Faridabad

Developed and populated city

My city is the best cityin haryana for me

best city

13 Bhiwani

Bhiwani is best city in india

Beatiful place of haryana

Sports center of haryana, education center of Bhiwani..

Bhiwani is very nice city of Haryana. It gives so many players to our country. It is also known as Choti Kashi and Mini Quba.

14 Jhajjar

Jhajjar is best city in haryana.
Beautiful place of haryana.

15 Bahadurgarh
16 Sonipat

Fastest growing City of haryana
haryana ki shaan sonipat

17 Jind

Jind is the best in world

Ksuta h bhai jind too sbte top

18 Rewari

Rewari is the best city of haryana

19 Nuh

India's number 1 Criminal And Dangerous Peoples living in Mewat.


20 Fatehabad

Pink city of haryana

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