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1 Dhaka Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is a bustling city with a mix of modern and traditional influences. The city's historical sites include Lalbagh Fort and Ahsan Manzil. Dhaka is known for its vibrant markets, like Shankhari Bazar and New Market, offering a variety of goods. The Sadarghat river port is a hub of activity along the Buriganga River. Dhaka University contributes to the city's academic... read more

There are slums every where in the world regardless of what people may think and or feel. With big cities around the world with many small places with limited access to many things. In many African and southeast Asian countries where many are facing problems with their daily lives, lack of clean water, poor housing condition, inadequate sanitation, and overcrowding. However, many of the places where all the wealthy and many rich politicians lives has all the facilities and amenities that one would expect. Yet less focus and importance given to those with such issue which of course is growing concern to the community. It doesn't help much when you have city with lot of facilities but avoiding to make a better standard of living for the underprivileged.

Is dhaka worse than those African cities? HELL NO. Dhaka is developing slowly so give it some time and have patience. I'm sure by 2030 it will a lot developed and most importantly I love my country and every single part of my country whether it's good or bad cause it's a part of my country. I Love Dhaka. It's EXOTIC!

2 Chittagong

Chittagong is undoubtedly the best city in Bangladesh. It far outstrips the others with its scenic beauty and the hospitality of its citizens. If there was just one reason to visit Bangladesh, Chittagong would be it. Why?

Cox's Bazar. It's situated 4 hours from Chittagong and if you want tranquility and beauty, this is the the place to be.

There are many reasons why Chittagong is the best city to live in Bangladesh. Low cost of living comparing to other major cities, cleaner air, comparatively better safety, less traffic, fresh fish, sea beach, are just some examples followed by many more! Chittagong is best in Bangladesh, absolutely no doubt!

Chittagong city is the best city in Bangladesh, no slum areas in this city. Roads are beautiful, most of them are uphill and downhill, relatively cleaner, have all the facilities yet not too crowded, low traffic jam And only 50 minutes drive to the nearest seabeach from the centre of the city

3 Bogra

Bogra, the capital of North Bengal, is one of the best cities in Bangladesh. It is a developed city. But if the government pays enough attention, it will play a more important role in the country's economy and education.

The best place to live in Bangladesh.. bogra is one of the most beautiful city in bangladesh.. but nowadays, the government of Bangladesh tries to make it a worst city due to pilitical situation in bogra.. but we think, bogra were best, bogra is best and bogra will remain be best ever place in Bangladesh.. Love my bogra city...

Bogra is far far ahead of overrated khulna, rajshahi, comilla etc etc... it's so equipped with modern amenities and fast growing urban staffs that you can't help loving to dwell in this city

4 Sylhet

Sylhet is the most beautiful and historical city in Bangladesh. Most of it's part were taken by India during the settlement of Assam as a state of India. Sylhet has got there own Language which has it's own alphabet other than Bengali. Sylhet is also one of the oldest city in Bangladesh, even more older than Bangladesh's capital Dhaka. Sylhet is known as the City of Tea and natural beauty.
One of the Sylhet's sister city is London, UK. It is the only city where at least one member of each family lives abroad specially in Great Britain and USA. Sylhet economy is vastly dependent on production of oil as they have their own mine of oil, gas and sandstone. Recently a mine of Uranium is also discovered near Sherpur, Sylhet.

Sylhet is the most respected city in Bangladesh, known for its friendly people. There are thousands of well-respected and honored families, making it one of the wealthiest places in the country. In the UK, there are 500 thousand Sylheti Bengalis who have achieved great success in life. They own their own restaurants, businesses, become lawyers, and establish offices and firms. Sylhet values and respects its women, unlike other cities like Dhaka, Nokhali, and Khulna, which are considered shameful. Sylhet is known for its delicious food and unique cuisine, recognized worldwide. We, the people of Sylhet, take pride in our style and carry a sense of honor and shame, unlike the residents of Dhaka, Nokhali, and Khulna, who lack such qualities. We have established businesses worldwide, while they have nothing to show. Sylhet is a peaceful city with numerous food places and practicing Muslims, providing many opportunities to explore and discover. One notable attraction is the beautiful Grand Sultan Tea Resort in Sreemangal, Sylhet, among many others.

5 Khulna

Khulna is the best city of Bangladesh. It has improved it's economy very surprisingly. Khulna has a lot of foreign money by shrimp industry. However Khulna also receiving many big industries. Khulna will be a master peace after completing the Padma bridge. It is being also served by mongla port. Mongla port is the 2nd largest port of Bangladesh. Khulna is also becoming richest by big industries like ship industry. Shrimp industry. Jute industry. Sunderbans tourism industry. Mongla port industry. Sea food industry. Food packaging industry. An international airport is under construction named khulna international Khulna city roads are tidy, very charming hotels, high buildings, restaurants etc. But Khulna is mainly called an industrial city. But a Human can also experience an luxurious tour in Khulna. Khulna is developed city. But it has been developing ownself faster than any other cities of Bangladesh. Proud to be Khulnaiya. Also please invest big industries and projects more in Khulna. You will gain a big amount of profit by investing in Khulna. Khulna is my pride

6 Narayanganj

One of the most rapid developing district, The second Dhaka.

Narayanganj is the best place to lead an healthy life.

Is the. Best city of Bangladesh

7 Rajshahi

No other city in bangladesh is cleaner, beautiful, charming like rajshahi. The general people of this city are warm, gentle, polite and cultural superior than rest of bangladesh. I am not from rajshahi but have visited most of bangladesh. It is my neutral opinion that, I declare rajshahi city as the most peaceful, beautiful, charming city enriched with culture, heritage and well educated population.

It is by far the cleanest and most peaceful place to live in Bangladesh. It has low crime rate and it has a waste system within the city. It is clean in terms of the streets, environment, better transport facilities and lesser congestion.

It is known as the City of Education. It is situated by the bank of the river Padma. you can call it one of most Green City of Bangladesh. People are friendly, cooperative and lively here.

8 Tongi

It's one of the best cities.

9 Comilla

Comilla is the 5th largest city in the country. It's also one of most developed city. The citizens have almost all the things they need. The city is also very beautiful.

If you want to wear Khadi, eat Roshmalai, visit historical places, see the beauty of nature and meet with wonderful people then Comilla is the only option.

Best city in Bangladesh. Easy to communicate with other cities in Bangladesh. Comilla is best for live!

10 Barisal

Barisal is a beautiful city of Bangladesh.

Very nice ppls but the language is not that beautiful... but still great!

It's a clean city than others. I love it & proud of it as a borisailla.

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11 Mymensingh

The beauty of Brahmaputra bank ia unparallel-be it in the Agricultural University, in the 'Joynul park ' or near the 'Silver castle ' resort. Yuo can spend hours together there. The people are also very amiable. The agricultural university is not only huge but also very beautiful. A visit to Mymensingh is always worthy.

Mymensingh is the capital of Mymensingh division. Mymensingh is a city which is a developing and growing city. It is a major city in Bangladesh. This city also known as city of education.

One of best city in Bangladesh. All kind of living facility include here. This city also known as City of education.

12 Noakhali

People guess, when they talking there own language it's like a 50% uses English and also has good people and bad people included other district minded!

The born place of Bangladeshi prominent Industrialists and businessman's. The most richest district in Bangladesh.

Most Classical district of Bangladesh.

13 Jessore

It has the biggest land port (Benapole) of Bangladesh and it has made the district one of the busiest business hub in the country. Moreover, Benapole immigration office experiences Asia's largest travelers' movement from one country to another. Jessore has the oldest Public Library and the second oldest school (Jessore Zilla School) of the country. The well connected location and transportation have made this district the heart of the South-Bangladesh as Airport, Rail Junction, and Bus route with luxurious Bus services are available here. The beautiful and historical Collectorate Building is one of the most ancient buildings of the British Empire in Bangladesh that added a historical value of the city. Several industries have been functioning here and those are linked with the river port (Noapara). Nowadays, Jessore has become a center for Motor and Motor Parts of Bangladesh since TATA and other companies' motor parts are supplied to different corners of the country from here. This area is free from floods and cyclone and its fertile soil confirms it as the top flower supplier of the country. This district supplies 70% of country's fingerling (Machher Pona). Overall, Jessore is a historical city with significant commercial, industrial, agricultural and transportation value.

14 Rangpur City

Simplicity is the first characteristics of most beautiful Rangpur city. The people of Rangpur city are simple, hard worker and faithful.

Rangpur should be at #1. No violence, no political pressure. Rich in education & medical treatment.

Rangpur is one of the most rapidly expanding cities in BD with lots of natural beauties. Best city for living.

15 Tangail

Not cleaned too much vehicles but full of joy to see.

Tangail most popular area in Bangladesh.

It is my homeland

16 Pabna
17 Gazipur

This is rich city.

18 Moulvibazar

It's a beautiful city. It's blessed with natural beauty. Tea garden, green tree makes it more attractive. I'm happy with my city.

Best city of Bangladesh

Love this city

19 Sirajganj

Sirajganj was a town known for its strong cultural activities, especially in drama, songs, football, and cricket competitions, as well as religious harmony. It was the hometown of mathematician Jadop Chkraborti, Moulana Bhasani, Afzal Khan, and Barrister Golam Ambia Khan. Before the liberation, the town boasted a picturesque view with establishments like the Court Building, Rest House, Park, Heliport, and a series of playgrounds along the riverside. A beautiful column-less bridge linked the two parts of the town divided by a charming canal.

The traditional events of Moharam Playing (Goal Khela) and Nouka Baich (Boat race) were major attractions that showcased the town's native customs. Unfortunately, over time, these events have faded away. After the liberation, the town began to deteriorate, partly due to river erosion and encroachment on the canal lands, but mostly due to negative political and social practices. Sirajganj is no longer the glorious town it once was. However, there is hope that someone will make sincere efforts to restore its pride.

20 Brahmanbaria

Best city for living, no religious issue. Although large numbers of people Muslim however other religious show and get same respect from each other. Best liveable city. Situated in middle of Chittagong, Dhaka, Sylhet as a result Brahmanbaria is one of the convenient city in Bangladesh we believe. Good educational institutions are there as well, less political issue rather than other city,
Anyway, Brahmanbaria is our love and pride. We are Brahmanbarian.

Cultural capital of Bangladesh. Birthplace of many prominent public figure, from movement against British, language movement to liberation war of Bangladesh, Brahmanbaria had very crucial role. Enriched with natural resources and a better communication system with most of the place of Bangladesh.

Clean &Clear city in Bangladesh...

21 Faridpur

Peace and honesty

22 Munshiganj

Munshiganj (Also know as historical name called Bikrampur) is one of the historical city of Bangladesh. Bikrampur (Munshiganj) was the political and cultural centre of ancient Bengal. It was officially known as Bikrampur until 1986 and was part of Dhaka District. The remains of the city of Bikrampur, the capital of the ancient kingdoms of southeastern Bengal, are lost and its location can only be guessed on the basis of available data.
Total land area is 235974 acres (954 km2), out of which 138472 acres (560 km2) are cultivable and 5609 acres (23 km2) are fallow land. It has no forest area. 40277 acres (163 km2) of land is irrigated while 26242 acres (106 km2) of land is under river. It has 14 rivers of 155 km passing through.
Over All Munshiganj is the one of the best district and cities of Bangladesh...

North or south, East or west Munshiganj is the best.

I think it's the best

23 Chandpur

One of the best city

I love my city

24 Narsingdi

Narsingdi is a district a with very less poor peoples.

One of the best place for accommodation...

25 Kushtia

Kushtia is the Cultural Capital of Bangladesh. Most Beautiful City, I have seen.

I love kushtia city

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