Top Ten Best World City Flags

This list consists of the best city flags from around the world.
The Top Ten
1 Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the most instantly recognizable flags when it comes to world cities, Amsterdam's flag design is impeccable. With its 3 crosses and colors coming from the city's Coat of Arms, it represents the intersection of simplicity and good looks, something which most other flags have yet to achieve.

2 Chicago, United States

A quintessential flag when it comes to American cities, Chicago's flag is a simple, yet great example. The blue bars represent water-related features in the region, and four stars represent events and parts of the city's history.

3 Vancouver, Canada

A more complex flag, Vancouver's flag encapsulates the elements of the city very well, with the green and blue waves representing the ocean and forests in the region, the basis of what the city was built on. The crest within the green is a good addition, rounding off quite a nice flag.

4 Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo's flag is fairly new but it represents the city and culture of the city very well in a simple way. A stylized sun, much like the Japanese flag, is placed in the center on an "Edo" purple background, which was popular in Japanese culture during the Edo period. It is both creative and appealing to look at, making it a great flag.

5 St. Louis, United States

Even though the St. Louis flag is fairly old, at least by US standards, it encapsulates the history and geography of the city very well. With the Fleur-de-lis representing the French history of the city, and the wavy blue and white representing the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, it does a fantastic job at visually describing the city in a manner few flags can compare to.

6 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek's flag is a beautiful juxtaposition of blue and white, with a great deal of symbolism as well. With the mountains above the city's name, representing the Tien Shan mountains in the region, and a snow leopard representing the large snow leopard population in the country, this flag was one which surprised me in a positive way.

7 Cairo, Egypt

Cairo's flag involves two shades of blue and a brown, with a mosque in the center. It is a very simple design, but the mosque added into the center, along with the clever addition of the city name under the mosque, adds a personal touch to the flag, making it a good symbol for the city.

8 Hong Kong, China

A beautifully simple flag, Hong Kong's red background with a five-petal orchid tree flower is a beautiful design which once again shows simplicity is often the best option.

9 Berlin, Germany

Berlin's flag features a bear centered on a white background, symbolizing strength, which has been present in the city's crest since the 13th century.

10 Quebec City, Canada

With Quebec City's flag, we see a gold ship with fortifications surrounding the edges. This represents the unique city walls and the ship which was owned by the founder of the city. This representation, plus the fantastic color palette, leads to a great flag overall.

The Contenders
11 Canberra, Australia

The Canberra flag consists of a shield with a castle, a sword of justice, the parliamentary mace, and the rose of York. The blue and white swans symbolize Aboriginal and European Australians, respectively. The royal crown represents the role of the Sovereign in government.

The top half of the flag is black to symbolize Indigenous people, while the red in the lower half stands for the earth and the colour of ochre, which has ceremonial significance. It shows the pride and the unity of the people of Australia all on the flag of the capital city of Australia.

12 Washington D.C, United States
13 Dublin, Ireland
14 Kyoto, Japan
15 Stockholm, Sweden
16 Phoenix, Arizona
17 Montreal, Canada
18 Portland, Oregon
19 Lincoln, Nebraska
20 Newton, Kansas
21 Bern, Switzerland
22 Moscow, Russia
23 Wichita, Kansas
24 Toronto, Canada
25 Los Angeles, United States
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