Top Ten Best City Flags in the United States

This list consists of the best flags representing cities in the United States.
The Top Ten
1 St. Louis, Missouri

Even though the St. Louis flag is fairly old, it encapsulates the history and geography of the city very well. With the Fleur-de-lis representing the French history of the city, and the wavy blue and white representing the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, it does a fantastic job at visually describing the city in a manner few flags can compare to.

2 Chicago, Illinois

A quintessential flag when it comes to American cities, Chicago's flag is a simple, yet great example of a flag, with the blue bars representing water-related features in the region, and four stars representing events and parts of the city's history.

3 Lincoln, Nebraska

A relatively new flag, Lincoln did a great job designing a new flag, with an Art Deco style and cool color scheme. With a sun and a figure of the state capital building in the background, it does a good job of representing the city while still looking good.

4 Tulsa, Oklahoma

Another very new flag, Tulsa's new flag blows its old one out of the water, with a simplified Osage shield, similar to the one on the Oklahoma state flag. The flag is eye-popping, with a good color scheme, and a design that relates back to the history of Oklahoma.

5 Baltimore, Maryland

Much like the unmistakable Maryland state flag, the Baltimore flag contains the gold and black of the Calvert family colors. It also contains an image of Baltimore's Battle Monument from the War of 1812. It is a good-looking flag, which reminds anyone looking at it of Maryland, and the history of Baltimore.

6 Phoenix, Arizona

Another simple design, Phoenix's flag consists of a maroon background and a white Phoenix. While simple, it captures the essence of the city well, and is quite a nice flag.

7 Springfield, Missouri

Springfield's blue, black, and white flag is very appealing to the eyes. Labeled as the Queen City of the Ozarks, a crown on top of a compass, with two blue stripes representing the lake and the broad sky of the Ozarks, represent the city, and the region exceptionally well.

8 Denver, Colorado

A very simple flag, the flag of Denver is quite similar to the flag of Colorado, in terms of its color scheme and imagery. With a sun, and the outline of some mountains in red capped by white, it is very visually appealing.

9 Reno, Nevada

Another new flag, Reno's new flag has a great deal of elements that represent it. With the silver representing the silver boom in Nevada, the gold representing the desert around it, and water representing water for settlers, all on top of a navy background, this flag pulls everything off well.

10 Peoria, Arizona
The Contenders
11 Miami, Florida
12 Salem, Oregon

A very simple design, Salem's flag consists of a cherry blossom, a prominent staple of Salem, Oregon, a star representing the capital city, and blue representing the Willamette River. This flag's color scheme is absolutely amazing, and it pulls off everything very well.

13 Boston, Massachusetts
14 Indianapolis, Indiana
15 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
16 Mesa, Arizona
17 Colorado Springs, Colorado
18 Wichita, Kansas

I see this flag everywhere. It's got a nice design and color scheme. Apparently, the blue circle with the white design is supposed to be a Native American sun, which is cool.

19 New York City, New York
20 Houston, Texas
21 Salt Lake City, Utah
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