Greatest Classic Rock Songs

The Top Ten Greatest Classic Rock Songs

1 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

It's a musical masterpiece and the solo is awesome. I can't stop listening to it.
Shut your eyes and turn up the volume. This song is the greatest piece of music ever made
Rock on Led Zeppelin

There's no competition
I would say Bohemian Rhapsody would be a distant second
And Bohemian Rhapsody is a GREAT song
So I don't know what it makes this song then
Probably will have to invent a new adjective

Yeah.. The best nothing beats it.. No rock song can ever reach the height of its greatness...

The best song ever made, I'm always hurrying to listen to it, I just can't stop...

2 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Freddie Mercury on the vocals, amazing lyrics, and it's Queen... Come on guys why is this not number 1?

How this isn't the top of the list just baffles me. This is definitely the best, better than barracuda and smoke on the water. Now Stairway to Heaven could contend, but this would still win.

Best song because it pushes the limits of rock music yet stays within the Universe Of Universal Beauty. Whereas stairway... Is great but not that unique. Thus Queen wins.

#1 Really needs no explanation, Freddy Mercury's genius that the rest of Queen helped him unfold.

3 Hotel California - The Eagles

This should be number 2 behind stairway to heaven... Really good old song by the legendary eagles!

Real Classical Rock. One of d best Rock song ever. It's awesomely amazing. Should be in top 3.

The Greatest Song Of All Time. There is no denying this fact. And secondly He Jude was not sung well try to understand and listen properly to understand that Beatles were no singers.

Unbelievable song, my favorite. Love the guitar all throughout the song, but mainly at the end.

4 Baba O'Riley - The Who

Baba O'Riley is way better than Hotel California in my opinion.
This song is just more memorable, catchy and has more feel into it! Roger Daltrey's unique vocal range and screams (especially in Won't Get Fooled Again), Pete Townshend's and John Entwistle's intricate, electrifying bass playing that gives you goosebumbs with Keith Moon, the mad, wild genius killing it on the drums being the driving forces of this amazing band, make The Who one of the Top 10 Greatest Rock Bands of All Time, for me at least, with Who's Next being in my Top 10 Greatest Rock Albums of All Time!

Awesome song, awesome band!
RIP John and Keith, you guys are not forgotten

This song sends chills. If freedom had a sound, it's the opening keyboards.

Should be number 1. It has everything epic going on in it.

5 Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones

How did this song climb so high?

The Rolling Stones was the greatest band in it's time...leaving out the Beatles. The Stones had the greatest song - Satisfaction. But the Beatles was a greater band but, were they really Rock and Roll?

This Song Is Simply The Best!

Awesome song even better live.

6 Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Love this song... Obviously whoever wrote this list plays too much guitar hero 3... Barracuda? Rock you like a hurricane? Their just background songs! - Jonuskong

Absurd, breathtaking, unbelievable. It's a drug I love to get high on

If people could have been up close and seen this song played live, they would easily vote this song #1. I have seen Jimmy l've do his solo and although iconic and legendary, it pales in comparison to Alan Collins and Gary Rossington's live performance to Freebird's guitar lead. What few people know is that they played those simultaneously and seamlessly giving the sound of what most people believe as one lead guitar playing. If you listen closely you can here two distinct guitars from the beginning and about midway through they split into their own tracks. Had I not witnessed this first hand standing less than 10 feet away with Ronnie Van Zant standing between them I would have continued to believe it was one guitar lead with another playing rhythm. It was an awesome concert back in 1975 Brussels, Belgium on their world tour.

I grew up in the South and this was number one to us in the 70’s. Love this song and the lyrics.

7 Carry on Wayward Son - Kansas

everything about it is so good: the chorus, the riff. its just the perfect song

My grandkids who range from 7 to 13 get cranked when the acapella intro starts and they sing it word for word at the top of their lungs w Steve, Robbie and me and then scream play it again when it's done. Now that's a great song that can do that w today's kids.

This... I just. I don't even know what to say about the gorgeous song. I love it so much. The vocals, the guitar, the LYRICS... Ugh. It's amazing and it's one of my favorites.

This song will never get old. Although there are many songs on this list that I also love. This is the song which first popped into my brain when I first thought of great classic rock. It perfectly encompasses that intangeble sound of awesome 70's hard rock. It truely is a flawless gem, which makes me feel stuff in my... Uh emotions.

8 Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

Best.. Song.. Ever.. I'm a guitarist going to school for music, and I can say with a good amount of education behind it that Gilmour/Floyd has done something that few other guitarist/musicians can do, and this song is proof of that... To this day, he is the only musician to bring me to tears through his playing alone. Listen to the live version off of the pulse tour, best all around solo I've ever listened to.

This is the greatest song of all time... the song is about a real story. The greatest band of all time. Sorry it just is, and they just are.

Because it has a meaning in the song. It's lyrics are a story. And the guitar sounds are one of a kind, and are very easy to rock out to the beat and rhythmic sounds. It's a classic example of rock music.

Part of a story and hard to split it from album, a nice set of headphones must be used to appreciate the sound of the sliding on the guitars strings

9 A Day in the Life - The Beatles

I don't like overuse of the term "classic rock", but this song definitely qualifies, a twisted piece of psychedelic art rock which is ridiculously brilliant. - JoLeKosovo

A best song must be elected in the context of the time it was written, This beats them all

Greatest song ever. Easily the best Beatles song, and if it's the best song of the greatest and most inspirational band out there, then it's got to top the chart. Even ROlling Stone magazine says it's number one!

WHY, I repeat WHY is this song on rank 64? It is possibly the best beatles song and one of the best songs ever made.

10 You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC

AC/DC IS classic rock. And this is their best - cowboyskid2

This or back in black or highway to hell or something AC/DC should be at least top 3, but only because stairway and bo rap are almost impossible too beat otherwise it is definitely the best

Nobody needs THIS ALL NIGHT LONG! If you do, chances are insomnia will be visiting you earlier in life than you planned, or not. Or your family, neighbors,or/and the police( No, not Sting) will be visiting you to get rid of the noise,or move you somewhere else.

No barred hold.. This is awesome song ever. Should be in no. 2 behind stairway to heaven eventhough the duration of the song is shorter compared to stairway to heaven

The Newcomers

? Reelin’ in the Years - Steely Dan
? The Musical Box - Genesis

The Contenders

11 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

A great song, by Pink Floyd, THE greatest band of all time, bar none. Just listen to the entire Dark Side album, it will literally change how you view music.

Oh come on heart are lame, wish you were here should be on 3rd and heart on 11, I think pink floyd is a perfection, all of their song are great, especially comfortably numb and us and them

Just an all around amazing song. Always will lift you up. - lasky21

I've been scrolling through a lot of songs in this top and realized that many of them deserved to be #1. I voted for this one because I think Pink Floyd is definitely the best band ever. They changed music forever and did totally change my life, too.

12 Thunderstruck - AC/DC

I usually listen to it before a hockey game because it pumps me up

I think "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC is awesome. Its featured in the album "The Razors Edge" by AC/DC. YOU'VE BEEN THUNDERSTRUCK.

Thunderstruck is undoubtedly the best AC/DC song. The guitar is CRAZY and the singing is awesome. Every time I hear the guitar, I get the chills.

How is this so far down? This has to be on par with the already mentioned Back in Black. Where is Highway to Hell etc? Vote this bad boy right up there!

13 Layla - Derek & The Dominos

Best guitar harmony ever and it's not close. Clapton + Allman = amazing

This is simply the greatest rock and roll song ever. Eric Clapton is literally God. Nobody plays the guitar like he does. Duane Allman on slide is awesome as well. This song embodies rock in a way others wish they could. The B section is incredible and the piano is legendary. enough Said

You are kidding, right? How come, this is not in top 10? Just listen to it, it's amazing.

38? Really? Give me a break. Top 10 at least. - AndrewLatham

14 Dream On - Aerosmith

Having been a very big fan of Aerosmith, this song is the anthem of the band!

Such a good song! Vocals are amazing and the drums and guitar you can just jam out to anytime!

I love this song - no matter how many times I hear it, I do not stop enjoying it. The guitar and voice are amazing.

Dream On should be voted up way higher! I can't believe the best song ever is rated down THIS low. Aerosmith is the beat and undoubtedly should this be raised higher.

15 Back In Black - AC/DC

Classic rock in A nutshell. Perfect guitars solid drums and brian johnson in top form.

A pure classic in rock history, starts off in classic AC/DC fashion continues with timeless hard rock vocals, and that classic guitar riff that people who don't even though what this song is knows, this is definitely a top ten pick for rock songs, without a doubt (although stairway is definitely better than this). Great contender for top three I feel, although all of these songs are great.

One of the best songs AC/DC ever wrote, next to Highway to Hell. I cannot watch any music show without hearing the famous guitar riff.

This song has literally no flaws at all. The famous guitar riff, the unique vocals and the kick ass solo just makes this an incredible rock song and should be in the top 5 at least

16 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

Achievements of Bohemian Rhapsody: Made the Billboard Top 40 three times, climaxed progressive rock, got a really good movie named after it
Achievements of Stairway to Heaven: Is considered Led Zeppelin's best song even though it was never released as a single, spat progressive rock out of its womb, clearing the path for BoRhap, produced one of the greatest guitar solos in history.
Achievements of Satisfaction: Made highly distorted electric lead guitars a mainstream phenomenon, popularized blues rock, drew the blueprints of hard rock, topped both the US and UK charts despite basically being banned from most legal radio stations, shot the Stones into popularity, gave rock its signature sex appeal, created the sexy frontman persona that many rock bands have used, made about five thousand girls faint, could be perfectly recreated live, and opened the doors for the careers of Led Zeppelin, the Yardbirds, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and basically every other blues rock act that came after ...more

This is better then paint it black. It's a great song with a great riff.

Not only is it a better song than Paint It Black, it's way catchier and better-crafted than Don Henley's morose and bloated Steely Dan knockoff, Hotel Can-I-Bore-Ya.

The guitar riff is great but that's about all the song has going for it.

17 Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who

I should've expected Stairway to be #1, but this at #19? This has everything, a drum solo, a synthesizer solo, and THE most recognizable scream in rock and roll history.

I will never understand why this song is so disrespected and put at a disgraceful number 71. This song has by far been one of the greatest Classic Rock has ever seen

One of the best. This is a great song that closes off a great album. It was one of the first classic rock songs I really liked and Roger Daltry's scream will be forever etched in my mind as well as the drum solo, the synth solo and everything else that makes this song amazing to me. - jarjar36

Wont get fooled again is such a well recorded rock with energy and great vocalist. Great guitar. Great bass. But best of all is the insane drumming. Wow.

18 Livin On a Prayer - Bon Jovi

This song is really good I remember playing it on guitar hero world tour as well - trains45

What is this doing down here?

This song is legit awesome and Bon Jovi is one of the greatest rock bands of all time! So yeah this is one of the best out there

I'm glad this song is high up, but it should at least be in the top 10. Best song of all time!

19 More Than a Feeling - Boston

Boston and their first album are amazing. The writing, the harmonies, the GUITARS make this the classic of CLASSIC rock.

Seriously? Forty-seven? Why is this song at 47? This song belongs in the top 10. Amazing vocals, an unforgettable chorus, a memorable guitar solo, terrific all-around performance, and everything else required for a song for the ages. Why this song clocks in at 47 simply defies belief.

Legendary song. I turn up some music to start my day, and get lost in a familiar song. I close my eyes, and I slip away...

From 1976 to 2018, the most CONSISTENTLY played classic rock song of all-time. The variety of radio stations I've heard this song on is legendary. The number of stations I listen to that play this song on a daily basis,well...

20 Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Paranoid, a masterpiece subjective to the spontaneous product of the human mind; did you know that Paranoid was created as a 'filler'? Here's what Geezer Butler said... The Song 'Paranoid' was written as an afterthought. We basically needed a 3 minute filler for the album, and Tony came up with the riff. I quickly did the lyrics, and Ozzy was reading them as he was singing. " Remarkable.

How is this song at 26? "Paranoid" was one of the first songs that got me listening to rock & metal back in middle school. This song is a legendary masterpiece. - maarilynmaanson

Well to start off I want to say this is an absolutely beautiful great remarkable Timeless endless classic. The vocals the guitar the instrumental is just timeless this is truly a beautiful song. And this is my first time listening to Black Sabbath, I totally enjoyed this ageless classic. - Jon713

Paranoid is Europe's Free Bird. Classic song by the originator of "heavy metal" guitar-Tony Iommi. Must play song for classic rock cover bands. Long live Black Sabbath.

I think something that makes me love this song even more is that this was originally planned to be a random filler song for Sabbath. - Skylanderlord3

21 Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

People. The fact that this song is so low is literally devastating. Half of the stuff above this I have never even heard of and when I listened, it got old after two or so songs. I guarantee that if you ask almost anyone (probably from this country) if they heard this song before, 90 percent of them will say yes, and another 90 percent will say they loved it. Can't say the same for the other songs. This song is very underrated and should be higher. - EchoX0

Journey with Steve Perry really rocked. Just take a look at their live concerts on YouTube. They were the real deal - so much raw talent. Lots of people only know them for their ballads but they had lots of great rocking' songs, too.

Can't believe there is no more Journey on this list than there is. I don't think "Don't Stop Believing" is their best song but I would be very hard pressed to pick a favorite out of their vast catalog. Even though I love Pink Floyd, the Stones, Zepp, Queen, and all the others, there's just no way that Queen's "The Show Must Go On" is better than every Journey song!

This definitely needs to be higher, what a great song.

22 All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix

How can you turn a brilliant Dylan song into something that is a work of art in its own right?

Others have tried, but not like this - ever!

This Song was not expected to be in the 70s... it should be in the top 20s...

I am officially out! I give up! #98? Really? You must be kidding me. Again, easily Top-20 or 25 (at minimum)! Come on people!

One of the best songs of any genre. Was an okay song to start with but Hendrix turned it into a masterpiece. The guitar is brilliant as well

23 Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

Smoke on the water has to be the most known song ever created.. Everyone knows the riff.. Its on the dodge commerical. Barracuda is the worst song I have ever heard. What arr you people smokin'? - superguy35

RITCHIE BLACKMOORE IS THE BEST GUITARIST! Jimmy page himself said that : how much harder I play guitar.. Ritchie will be always a step ahead" I feel though the solo of stairway to heaven is amazing.. Smoke on the water deserves to be at number 1... And next of course stairway to heaven at NO 2...

Yes, but a good musician always praises other musicians above him. - zxm

The best text, the most realistic story, the most exciting rhythm, the precision of orchestral interpretation, the most exciting solo voice, the most virtuous solo guitar. The number one rock anthem.

When you think rock anthem, the first notes in Smoke On The Water are the ones who come to the mind of 90% of the population. You really have to think hard to come up with anything else. The beginning hit of Jealous Lover by Rainbow is a close second... You can't even describe it.. Blackmore is king.

24 Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

When you hear the song you feel power. Greatest band and riff ever. This song creates a exotic atmosphere, lyrics are so good.. And the drums are so magnificent, it's like a song dedicated to god.

Best Drums best bass best guitar Best vocals best rock group all time Period...

Led Zeppelin are gods of rock.
My opinion may be unpopular but I prefer Kashmir over Bohemian Rhapsody.

Just epic, you can't overcome the greatness of this song. The coolest drums, the melodies that run through this whole piece of great song. A celestial hymn from the greatest band of all time..

25 Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin

Great song. Deserves top 20 along with Kashmir

Kashmir should be top ten, or close to it.

The song that hooked me on a lifetime love of Led Zeppelin.

Best song ever made...all bands are below Zeppelin.

26 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Truly brings together a community of people, the outburst of grunge, the riff is original, vocals are loud and strong, and I couldn't think of a better collective artist

Without debate (except from the nirvana fans who think it's cool to hate on the song) the best grunge song ever.

Seriously, the greatest Song ever! You will heaar the first chords of this tune and whammo, you are hit with NIRVANA and there is no other Band that sunds ike them, let alone try hard to sound like them. Totally original and timeless

So nirvana is definitely more on the grunge side but in this particular its very similar to lots of classic rock songs. I do think it should have been higher than 31. like do you know how many people know this song but I agree that it should be one this song.

27 Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

How in How in How?!?!? #32? Are you guys INSANE? Everything about this song is to it's maximum greatness! It was #1 selling overseas! #1! The beat, vocals, melody... just...are great. Top 20 at least!

This song set me in a good mood with it's awesome rhythm.

It is a great song

Good Beat and very good example of rock, till this day in my opinion still hasnt aged

28 Highway to Hell - AC/DC

I listen to this while going to church

109!? This is a top 3 song of a top 3 band

Bon Scott's masterpiece before he died, this song is his legacy.

I listen to this when I took bus for school

29 Barracuda - Heart

Heart needs to be inducted into the rock hall of fame. Why have they not yet been added? Seriously, you have Ann's crazy awesome voice and Nancy's amazing guitar skills... Need I say more?

Classic rock riff - how can you not include it!

HOW DOES THIS SONG AND THIS BAND NOT GET MORE RECOGNITION?! They are some of the hardest rocking women in the industry. Some of the first to rip a guitar! Come on man!

Heart was deservedly inducted in the Rock Hall of Fame in 2013. Barracuda is a great iconic power guitar song. I don't know why Crazy on You is not on the list with Nancy Wilson's mind boggling guitar intro and Ann's awesome voice.

30 Another Brick In the Wall, Pt. 1 - Pink Floyd guys realize this is Part 1, right? Part 2 is the "we don't need no education" one, not this. Part 1 and Part 3 are still very good, though.

This has to be in the top 10, a song that defines an era... every school kid was singing this and telling their schools to p--- off!

Of course 'The Final Countdown' by Europe beat this out. Really?

A song which defined an era. Should be way up in the list

31 La Villa Strangiato - Rush

Head and shoulders above anything the Beatles wrote. I'll just let that sink in. For one, this is a 10 minute long INSTRUMENTAL! Most instrumentals don't keep me entertained for a couple of minutes. The drum track is harder than Tom Sawyer and YYZ combined. I can say to some of my friends, "Hey, you can play YYZ, but can you really play La Villa Strangiato? " The guitar performance is one of the best ever, by the most underrated guitarist ever, Alex Lifeson. The bass, as always when we are talking about Geddy Lee, is amazing.

This song is ' masterpiece. Rush COULD NOT HAVE DONE BETTER to make this song more dynamic. The high-hat, snare and kick drum rhythm shows that Neil Peart can do more with only a four piece kit (although he definitely had a bigger set-up) than most drummers can with an eight piece with 12 zildjian cymbals. Alex Lifeson brings this song to life with intense soloing backed by an elite rhythm section. I'm not even that huge of a Rush fan but I think this piece is incredible. Should be way higher.

Nine minutes of everything rock stands for and more.

Beautiful masterpiece

32 2112 - Rush

Rush out out a few good albums but this was probably their best

A tour de force of sustained inventiveness, musicality and creativity that is unrivaled by anything else on this list.

One of the greatest rock epics. Should be higher definitely. Look it up if you never heard it

Top 15 for sure. This is way to low for this amazing piece.

33 Hells Bells - AC/DC

I love playing this intro to this song on my electric. It really introduces you to Brian Johnson's deeper screeching voice and the new face of AC/DC, along with the rest of the Back in Black album.

One of the best Songs ever! Just listen to the amazing Intro and you know what I am talking about...

It is cool I mean how incredibly

Too cool for the Beatles

34 Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
35 Hey Jude - The Beatles

Are you serious? This song is a masterpiece! Paul McCartney bamboozled any old fashioned rock son.

It's not in no 7.. It's always number 1 song..

I think that this song is the best I liked too much and the Beatles are a awesome band

This is a bad list. There's only 4 deserving songs to be in the top 10, Bohemian Rhapsody, Hotel California, Baba O'Riley, and Stairway, which I'm actually not sure about being top 10, Kashmir's better. Back to this song, greatest melody ever, greatest lyrics, greatest piano, and greatest song. I used to think the Na na na nas going on for so long was a waste of time, but now I see how it's amazing.

36 Imagine - John Lennon

Just listen 2 the lyrics. Lennon was a lyrical genius. He could come up with a simple word 2 match McCartney's tune or lyrics 2 write a complete song. I just hope the world realizes the music genius we lost when he was murdered on December 8 1980.

Juanjaramillom, no this isn't rock. It's a pop ballad. The Beatles were a POP BAND, not a rock band. Obviously, there are people who need their hearing intellect tested.

Very good simple sounding piano with striking lyrics

How is this WONDERFUL SONG at so low position! I am a die hard fan of Led Zeppelin, but Imagine deserves the first place

37 Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones

Do I Ryan need to explain why this song needs to be ranked higher? One of the best songs to ever capture the feel of the Vietnam war era angst without ever saying that's what it was. It applies to every tragedy. One of the best songs ever released. Lets vote it up there.

70?. That's a crime! Top ten worthy and at very least, beats American Pie.

In my humble opinion this is the best Rolling Stones song and they had a lot of great ones!

HOW IS THIS 96?!? This is the GREATEST song by the GREATEST band of all time and it's at 96?!?! Geez

38 While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles

Okay. How the hell is this beautiful song so low? - maarilynmaanson

Harrison & Clapton at their best!

I think it should be in the top the Beatles are great but when mark knofler,eric clapton,prince and tom petty was amazing

39 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 - Pink Floyd

Come on. That one is the one with "We don't need no education", not Pt. 1.

The wall album is one of the bests albums of rock

40 Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

The catchiest song ever. Sounds greatly I cream myself every time I hear this song.

The best southern rock song ever written

Sorry, this song got played to death and it makes me vomit. But honestly I was never that nuts about it. Skynyrd has many better songs...

I am 67 when this song comes on the radio gets cranked and I relive all the road trips I have been on with the windows down and this song blasting.

41 Crazy on You - Heart

The best voice in rock history is Ann Wilson

It's an amazing song with great sounding guitars and vocals, one of the all time greatest

Once you hear Heart, you become addicted to their amazing sound. - maarilynmaanson

The best vocals

42 The Final Countdown - Europe

Needs to be WAY higher up! One of the most iconic themes ever made in the history of mankind. Easily deserves a top 5 spot. In my opinion, it is the most recognizable rock song made.

This should be top 5, no doubt! Incredible solo, incredibly historical, incredible premise. In my opinion, it is like a sung future. Also, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor should be up in top 5.

Come on it should at least be in the top ten, I mean it has a cool beat awesome music video, and great band too

This song gets me fired up, although it's a cheesy song, it's a classic and I Love it.

43 Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses

This list is a joke...'cause this song is at number 42. This is not only the best rock song, but also the best song ever! The guitar solo just gives you goosebumps... - RamRoshanRamanathan

This is the first rock song that I heard on the radio and it should be in the top

So I was at this tiny bar in Malaysia, and a band was playing. Some local girl came on stage, asked the band to play this song, and she sang. Best live performance I've ever heard in my life.

This song is top ten worthy. Meaningful lyrics and one of the greatest guitar solos ever. what is it doing at 274? Guns and Roses kept classic rock alive when people everywhere were abandoning it for nirvana.

44 Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

The fact that this masterpiece isn't even in the top 10 shows what is wrong with modern era

The boss is up there with Dylan and Lennon. This is his best song and best album. Top ten worthy.

Just One competitor... Thunder Road

Not Bruce's best but his most popular Should be number one

45 Panama - Van Halen

Eddie delivered some of the best guitar riffs I've ever heard in this song.

€Panama” and Van Halen at #40? No where else in the top ranks?!? “Running with the Devil”, “Unchained”. Anyone on this list, show me more ingenuity and flawless, effortless guitar work!

46 Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

Imagine is absolutely a rock song. That's John Lennon's genre. Just because you don't have to turn the amps up full blast to play it doesn't mean anything. Yes, there are slow rock songs.

"Maybe, it's not to late, to learn how to love, and forget how to hate." This song should represent all hard rock / metal in the top ten.

What idiot made this list? Imagine is a rock song now apparently -_-. Also, how did Barracuda make it that high. Yea it has a nice riff, but the solo is HORRIBLE!

It's a song with a lot of different meanings. If you are going through anything in your life, you can relate to this song.

47 Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry

This song should be in the top 10. It is a rock classic, without this song and without chuck where would rock be today.

In listening to the original R & R classics, nothing comes close to it... Chuck Berry the LEGEND


Bitch please! We're talking about classic rock, and this song is like the father of rock n' roll! Should be at Top 15

48 Jump - Van Halen

Amazing song that defines rock music!

The Best of the Best

49 Slow Ride - Foghat

Great classic. One of the staples of the generation and a great song to drive to

Slow ride should be in top 5. It's pure rock and roll, an epic sex and guitar journey.

You would think slow ride would be in top 50

50 Time - Pink Floyd

So if you go now to YouTube you'll see how many "first time reaction" channels are there now...then look for reactions to "Time"'ll see people crying the first time they listen to this masterpiece. Not even "Bohemian Rhapsody" gets that time of reaction. Just go and see for yourself.

Sure it may not be the best classic rock song but I'm voting for it because it's the best Pink Floyd song. Pink Floyd is a great band and this song is their best. It's the most popular song from the best selling album of all time! The reason why it's such a great song is because the lyrics. The lyrics are the most beautiful thing you'll ever hear. Forget that taylor swift bull! This is a well written song... The best written song of all time. Plus the instrumental in this song is amazing. I give Pink Floyd time to be at least top ten because Stairway to Heaven is a great song. Pink Floyd fan forever

This is the story of my life.

In my opinion it's one of the most beautiful Pink Floyd's song.

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