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301 Come Together - The Beatles

This song is classic & legendary. Why is it near 300? - maarilynmaanson

302 Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac
303 Changes - David Bowie
304 Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane
305 Rod Stewart - Young Turks
306 Blackbird - Alter Bridge

The best rock song in the 21st century for sure, amazing vocals by myles kennedy and the solo is perfect, alter bridge is the new zeppelin in my opinion

The best song to come out of the rock genre in the 21st century. The fact I have to add this myself makes me sad.

307 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed - The Allman Brothers Band

Probably in the top 5 performances of guitar as an instrument, if not number 1, period. So good.

So hard to pick a number one but this one was my first of many favorites by the ABB and has to go top five of all time by any group.

308 Animal - Def Leppard
309 Your Love - Outfield
310 L.A. Woman - The Doors
311 Turn the Page - Bob Seger

Seriously, 380? This song has a great sax solo and composition, who can not love it!

312 Fire Woman - The Cult
313 Bang a Gong (Get It On) - T. Rex
314 Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil
315 Drift Away - Dobie Gray
316 My Sharona - The Knack

It's just so...I don't know, catchy.

317 Surfin' USA - The Beach Boys
318 One of These Nights - Eagles
319 Hunger Strike - Temple of the Dog
320 I Like to Rock - April Wine
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