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341 Janie's Got a Gun - Aerosmith

Just love listening to this song!

342 Spread Your Wings - Queen

Just listen to "Spread Your Wings - 1977 BBC Session" and you wil have goosebumps when the song is over! Best song ever!

#233? You're having a laugh. Top 50 would be a travesty.

Seriously underrated, very emotional.

Just listen to "Spread Your Wings - 1977 BBC Session", and you'll have goosbumps when the song is over!

343 Bed of Roses - Bon Jovi

... It's the best ever... Its have a lot of version in other language...

Better you put this song on ranking 15

344 Khe Sanh - Cold Chisel V 1 Comment
345 Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2

Wow... I just realized it's the first song of U2 in the list... really? Are they so bad to be not even on the 200 list?

346 Starman - David Bowie V 2 Comments
347 Moonage Daydream - David Bowie V 2 Comments
348 Nichts Ist FÜR Die Ewigkeit - Böhse Onkelz
349 Jim Dandy - Black Oak Arkansas
350 Year of the Cat - Al Stewart. V 1 Comment
351 Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
352 Had Enough - Breaking Benjamin
353 Wipeout - The Surfaris
354 Big Log - Robert Plant

The SONG of my LIFE!
HATS OFF to the guitar work by Robbie Blunt and Robert Plant's Voice. No Words to describe the beauty of this song.

355 Creeping Death - Metallica
356 The Black Widow - Alice Cooper

A classic hit by the king of shock rock. And it has an amazing introduction by Vincent Price, one of the most iconic actors to ever live.R.I.P. Vincent Price. We will miss you.

357 Rain on the Scarecrow - John Mellencamp

One of the songs that's based on his own life and my personal favorite. It's a song people can really relate to and it has great tunes to it. How is it not a classic?

358 Runnin' With the Devil - Van Halen
359 Green Grass & High Tides - The Outlaws

Another Great Southern Classic Rock Gem with more than 9 minutes of rocking goodness!

V 1 Comment
360 Divlje Jagode - Divlje Jagode
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