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61 Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac

Best album of all time - Rumours. Simple.

Rumours one of the top 3 albums ever.

62 Born to Be Wild - Steppenwolf

Saw their concert in Toronto last night, Aug 27th. WOW! 50 years later, at 73, John Kay Still has it. A true Rock & Roll experience.

One of my favorites

Great song.

63 What About Love? - Heart
64 Piano Man - Billy Joel

A great song! Should be higher on the list for sure

Amazing song. One of my favorites ever

Needs to move up

This should be # 1 by far
No competition

65 The Final Countdown - Europe

Needs to be WAY higher up! One of the most iconic themes ever made in the history of mankind. Easily deserves a top 5 spot. In my opinion, it is the most recognizable rock song made.

This should be top 5, no doubt! Incredible solo, incredibly historical, incredible premise. In my opinion, it is like a sung future. Also, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor should be up in top 5.

Come on it should at least be in the top ten, I mean it has a cool beat awesome music video, and great band too

This song gets me fired up, although it's a cheesy song, it's a classic and I Love it.

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66 Surrender - Cheap Trick

Mommy's all right! daddy's all right! They just seem a little weird!

You can NOT get tired of this song. - FearlessFreep

You can never get tired of this song.

67 Help! - The Beatles

The stereo version of this song is Amazing unlike the stage version, so just give it a try.

68 White Room - Cream

I kind of like Clapton when he's mellow and bluesy. White Room is an awesome song, though.

Eric Clapton was better before he went all mellow with Layla. His craziest guitar is on this track by Cream.

This needs more votes! Bloody brilliant number!

The source of inspiration for many groups that followed

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69 (Don't Fear) the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

Classic! Classic! Classic! You can t denied it... I am a fan of classic rock and this is by far one of the best ever in the genre. I think the name of the band doesn t help people to remember it.

Guys just listen to this song and aim sure you all will change your opinion.. This song deserves to be in top 5 position...

This song is simply perfect and beautiful. Timeless classic. Top classic rock song in my opinion.

This song hurts my head

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70 Know Your Enemy - Green Day

Know Your Enemy isn't classic, but Green Day has written many songs that are. Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Good Riddance, Jesus of Suburbia, Longview, Wake Me Up When September Ends, 21Guns, etc

Know Your Enemy? It's a great song but its not classic

I feel like this list should be a list for classic rock'n'roll bands that have really went all out for a certain song, Green Day isn't really a legendary band. Even their fans know that, I don't feel like this song should be on the list because Green Day isn't a really great band.

Full of energy...

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71 The Chain - Fleetwood Mac

How can this be so low?
Best song ever!

72 Any Way You Want It - Journey

This is on my top 3 list of Journey songs. The fact that it's very overdone doesn't change the fact that it's awesome

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73 Dreams - Van Halen
74 Dogs - Pink Floyd

The best song ever. This along with echoes kills stairway to heaven.

The rhythm transitions and the solos are marvelous; plus the lyrics are profound.. Long live Pink Floyd

Best song so epic pink Floyd is a overall phenominal band


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75 Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Just one of my favorites. A lot of feeling in this song and we all have some memories of role models in our life that influenced us...

This song is powerful. This should be so much higher. Though I prefer Shinedown's cover of this song, it is impossible to deny the beauty of this song. - maarilynmaanson

It's a powerful song. You cannot be thinking about anything but the lyrics while this song plays.

Love the lyrics to this.

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76 One - Metallica

Beautiful song. I soldier who lost his arms, legs, and lungs due to a land mine and is aware of his condition but is unable to do anything because he can't speak nor move just waiting for death.

Metallica never fails to please with yet another great piece with insane guitar.

77 Black Dog - Led Zeppelin

This song is awesome! Really needs to be higher.

Best riff ever and the voice of Robert Plant sounding a capella is outstanding.

78 Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) - The Hollies
79 Empty Spaces - Pink Floyd
80 Spanish Castle Magic - Jimi Hendrix Experience
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