Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin


Definitely Led Zeppelin's best song. There should be more Zeppelin on the list though. Everything is great about it. John Paul Jones's keyboard playing is beautiful. Jimmy Page made the guitar sound amazing, the way he took the slow beginning and turned it into a waling solo and outro. John Bonham's drums make my heart stop. Robert Plant's vocals are probably the best ever. It's the song to end all songs. The best song in existence. Perfect in every way. They couldn't ever possibly make it any better because it is already a perfect song. And that's all I have to say about that.

THE GREATEST! Nothing EVER beat Stairway to Heaven. The intro sends a chill down your spine and you shiver, till then warmth spreads through your body.
The lyrics are amazing with so many interpretations, and the way plant sings it gives me goosebumps.
Lastly the Solo, with the greatest ever, Jimmy Page and Jon Bonham the solo always has me jumping up and down in craze.

Greatest ever. Led Zeppelin combines the greatest aspect of every necessary aspect of rock and roll, from Robert Plant on those wonderful vocals, jimmy page on the astounding guitar, John Bonham on those drums that remind everyone why they're voting for stairway to heaven, and then, John Paul Jones on that low, sweet sounding base. The collaboration is simply unreal. Bohemian Rhapsody may be good, but this song makes me do some serious soul searching. Led Zeppelins Staiway to Heaven should never be beat. All who says otherwise is kidding themselves.

Without a doubt the greatest from Zeppelin... It lures you into a mystical world where you sense an awakening of the soul... Traversing paths unexplored but yet with a long forgotten familiarity... The song will remain within you long after you have heard it...

While I find it hard to listen to this song again (and I only heard it a few years ago, imagine if I was born in the 80's) there's no denying that the reason I'm so sick of it is because I listened to it hundreds of times. Why? Because it is THE best rock song ever made. While Bohemian Rhapsody is awesome, and deserves second, it will never make me freeze in awe the way this song did.

This song is by far the greatest song ever created. The way that Led Zeppelin put this song together is masterful. The change in tempos, acoustic to electric, the vocals. Everything about this song is wonderful. Then you have, in my opinion, the greatest guitar solo of all time. Simply AMAZING.

Love them both honestly, but the guitar playing and the lyrics in Stairway just speak to me on a whole different and deeper level. They transition the music so well, matching the lyrics as they evolve. It is my favorite song of all time and Led Zeppelin is my favorite! I could seriously listen to this song all day along with my other Zeppelin favorites.

The lyrical beauty of this song is partly the reason this song should definitely be #1. That and the solo by Jimmy Page takes you away to a place where only rock and roll exists. This song is the greatest song ever to enter the ears of music listeners. It's even better live

This song set the precedent for all great rock songs to follow: a slow, deliberate beginning; a tempo turning midsection; and a heart-pounding crescendo that pulls in new Zeppelin fans year after year after year. Stairway to Heaven and Led Zeppelin will live on forever.

Stairway to Heaven is the most complete rock song of all time and the one in which all others are compared to and measured by... Nothing more needs to be said.

This is by far the best, and scrolling down the list, this record (Led Zeppelin IV) is the only one that truly inspires. I love the classics, inheriting every record on this list, and this is the one that I marvel at. Any musician can be inspired by such a captivating work of art.

For me it's really one of the best songs of all the time! It's simply a masterpiece. Especially Jimmy Page's guitar solo. every time I listen to it I get goosebumps. Simply amazing. And magic. Thanks Led Zeppelin for that masterpiece.

Has to be the best song in Rock n Roll history. Awesome lyrics, awesome music and the guitar solo is just... Legendary! Not only in rock, Stairway to Heaven stands very tall in the history of music. Long live this Led Zeppelin song!

Almost every Song of Led Zeppelin is great... But this is their best song-and not only the best of Led Zeppelin-it's the best song of all bands. Deep Text with a great Voice and an awesome guitarrist. Their are many other good Rock songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and Free Bird and many more but in my opinion this is the most epic song in the world.

This is divine and mystic, just like it's creators. One of the best combination of pastoral piece of music and deep and significant lyrics. May be the song is quite overplayed, yep, but that's not making it worse.

Stairway To Heaven Can't Be Described With Words. It's The Greatest Work Of Art Of All Time. There Definitely Will Not Be A Song Better Than This. This Song Has A Guitar Solo, Blues Rock And Hard And Somehow They Managed To Put It All In 1 Song.The Complexity And Pure Tallent It Took To Make This Song Is Phenomenal. The Beatles Are Legends There's No Questioning That But Almost All Of There Songs Are Incredibly Mellow. But Led Zeppelin Could Do A Combination Of All Forms Of Rock. But That's Just My Opinion...

No other song compares to this one on any level whatsoever. Simple tune to start with and then without your knowledge progressively increases its tempo.
Absolutely the best son ever! EVER!

In terms of iconic, yes but there are better Beatles songs, also bohemian rhapsody I can't get no satisfaction. But I agree a classic rock song

This song is epic, it is GODLIKE, if you want to know what God listens to, this song is an example, there isn't anything like this song, this song is the greatest song ever

"And as we wind on down the road..." The final 2 minutes are the most climatic 2 minutes in the history of rock and roll...

The Masterpiece of the Twentieth Century. I just hope that it does not turn out to be that it was plagiarized from Spirit's "Taurus".

The most entertaining song I've ever heard.. Brilliantly played, top notch sequence. Tempo is outstanding, will definitely give any rock fan goose-bumps.

Nothing come close. Listening to this song is like riding on a roller coaster, begins slow and relaxing and takes you to another dimension, Genius.

This song is a great song. I listen to it everyday and quite frankly it deserves the top spot so rock on Led Zeppelin and forever you will be Number 1

Led Zeppelin's masterpiece has what is considered by many to be the greatest guitar solo ever. It's probably not, but it's pretty good anyway.