Top Ten Greatest Comic Book Super Villain Teams

The Top Ten

1 The Sinister Six
2 The Rogues

2nd best reason to read Flash comics

3 Legion of Doom
4 Injustice League
5 Batman Rogues
6 Suicide Squad
7 Hydra
8 League of Assassins
9 Sinestro Corps
10 Red Lantern Corps

The Contenders

11 Superman Rogues
12 Masters of Evil

They are the best should be top 5

They should be top 10 - Triceratops

13 Horsemen of Apocalypse
14 The Wrecking Crew
15 Black Lantern Corps
16 Secret Six

Another DC villain group. And Bane is in it. He’s probably the leader of the group. - asantalo

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