Most Common Movie Cliches When It Comes to the Climax

The Top Ten

They choose their friend over their lives

Most overused cliche EVER.

Rags to riches
They always succeed
If it happened now, why hasn't it happened before?
If there is crime, a superhero has to save the victim or stop the villain, right? But why haven't the OTHER superheroes done it before?
Why do civilians have to scream if they know the superhero will come?
The bully becomes kind
Suddenly a random saves their lives
Suddenly a random says "What is that....?"
The Main Character Seems Dead But Isn't

Beast, Anna, Flynn Rider, John Smith, Esmeralda, Megara and Pinocchio in a nutshell.

The Contenders

Suddenly a random comes by to fix the problem
Wrongly Accused Defense

All the major detective movies have this.

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