Best Computer Animated Movies of the 2000s

The Top Ten

1 Shrek

Deserves 100% the #1 spot - Lucasw14

2 Finding Nemo

This is the best one/Best Disney Movie. - toy

Disney at its best

3 Up

Like always, it wins by a landslide - bartthegiant

4 Wall-E
5 Monsters, Inc.

My all time favourite pixar film

6 Shrek 2

In my opinion, this should top the first one since Shrek 2 is by far my favourite Shrek movie. - TrueWolf99

7 Chicken Little

Why do people hate this move? I thought it was good - 18cwrogers

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8 The Incredibles

Not only my favorite pixar film, but one of my favorite movies of all time.

10 Cars

People Only Hate This Great Movie Because Of Its Crappy Sequel
This Was My Childhood

The Contenders

11 Spirited Away
12 Ice Age

The First 3 Films Are Really Good

13 Kung Fu Panda
14 Shark Tale
15 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
16 Igor
17 The Simpsons Movie
18 Chicken Run

Not 3-D Animated, Its Clay Animated. - masoncarr2244

19 Ratatouille
20 Over the Hedge V 1 Comment
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