Top Ten Cool Cat Movies That Will Never Happen

Well, it's been like 2 months since my last list. I'm not retired or dead, just inactive.

The Top Ten

1 Cool Cat Hates Babies
2 Cool Cat Joins TheTopTens

Already made - TwilightKitsune

3 Cool Cat Kills Daddy Derek
4 Cool Cat Drowns Babies

Oh no! Not the babies! - Limeyy

He can't do that, he loves babies! - Puga

Thanks for killing me on this one - Zealous_Scout

5 Cool Cat Saves The Bullies
6 Cool Cat Reads Playboy

Must be one of Daddy Derek's entertainment magazines! - Puga

Oh what's this? Playboy? Gughh - Mumbizz01

7 Cool Cat Vs. I Hate Everything: Dawn Of The Internet

Unfortunately, this happened in real life. - PackFan2005

8 Cool Cat Assassinates The President

Hey kids! Cool Cat here and today we'll going to assassinate Kennedy! That would be fun!
-His first line of this movie - RedAce66

9 Cool Cat Legalizes Weed
10 Cool Cat Starts A Cult

The Contenders

11 Cool Cat is Pregnant

I... just have no words for this...

12 Cool Cat the Pedophile
13 Cool Cat Saves the Emos
14 Cool Cat Kills Meghan Trainor
15 Cool Cat Becomes the Next Lead Singer of Linkin Park
16 Cool Cat Joins Teen Titans Go
17 Cool Cat Gets Sued by Cool Cat from Looney Tunes
18 Cool Cat Gets Stuck in a Wringer
19 Cool Cat Joins the Attack on Titan
20 Cool Cat Gets Eaten by a Titan
21 Cool Cat Joins Family Guy
22 Cool Cat Saves the TopTenners


Only BAND users will get this one - GlassweighanCountess

23 Coo Cat Kills Justin Bieber

Yay! - Limeyy

24 Cool Cat Loves Justin Bieber
25 Cool Cat Makes a Porno
26 Cool Cat Commits Suicide

Yay..! Wait no, this got a bit too cruel. - Limeyy

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