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1 Bismuth (number 83)

I suppose, since the title is COOLEST Elements (blah blah blah), Bismuth is one of the coolest and probably the most beautiful of all elements. If all elements had the same rarity, I bet Bismuth would be the most expensive. I just adore the rainbow of colors dancing around. Right now I am not voting on the most essential, but the coolest. The prettiest. The awesomest. For Bismuth is the most beautiful element, in my opinion. I don't want to keep rambling about the beauty of Bismuth, so goodbye, my friends.

This element is so pretty and it's also super underrated. Google it, it's so pretty!

Bismuth (No.83) is beautiful element. Bismuth is shiny and constantly changes color. Everyone can be dazzled by this element.

Amazing crystals! - JuliaRandomly

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2 Carbon (number 6)

Essential to life, and it forms pretty sparkling diamonds. It can also form buckminsterfullerene.

Carbon is life. You could die without it.

Essential and cool.Can form the strongest material called Carbyn.Graphene is no longer the world's strongest material but it is also made with carbon.Diamonds are also made with it.Overall Carbon is the coolest element.

3 Gallium (number 31)

How cool is a non-toxic metal that melts in your hand? It's like mercury, but you don't need protective gloves in order to handle it!

Mercury that isn't toxic. Wow


4 Mercury (number 80)

The chuck norris of all elements..

It’s so cool like it moves

5 Helium (number 2)

Helium is fascinating stuff! Helium-4 becomes superfluid at 2-3K, one of the greatest quantum effects there is! It was discovered in the spectrum of the Sun, which is also cool! The only element with a boiling point below absolute zero! And what fun we all have when we inhale it!
Helium is the most fascinating element there is! You simply cannot argue!
P.S. it also goes to show that Physics is better than Chemistry!

Who doesn't like something that makes your voice high pitched and make things FLY~! SQUEE! WARNING: Don't drink to much or you can die!

6 Cesium (number 55)

The resultant element of mixing Silver's and Gold's colors and not properties. COOL & has the unexpected explosion as well as remarkable extremes.

The crystalline solid form of the element is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen after Bismuth! - JuliaRandomly

This element is pretty cool but its underrated.

It's one of the elements i.e. more expensive than gold. - JuliaRandomly

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7 Technetium (number 43)

The odd man out. Everything around it isn't radioactive, but it is.

Every isotope including the original is radioactive

8 Gold (number 79)

Californium is the most expensive I know about so if you're looking for money then that's better

It gives you so much wealth! Hey Who doesn't like money eh?!

You have some gold in your body, that's interesting - Lucretia

9 Neodymium (number 60)

Neodymium is used in super strong magnets. Also, I think the name is cool.

Used in subwoofers

10 Holmium (number 67)

Holmium has the highest magnetic strength of all elements. Who doesn't like magnets?

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11 Francium (number 87)

Really reactive with water, unfortunately, it lasts too short to find out

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12 Tungsten (number 74)

Highest melting and boiling points of all elements, and essential for light bulbs! How cool is Tungsten?!

Almost as hard as diamond, melting point of 3422 degrees Celsius, when alloyed with steel produces some of the strongest cutting tools in the world

Melting point & boiling point second highest of all elements & highest of all metals. When combined with carbon, it becomes tungsten carbide, a substance harder than diamond. 'enough said.

13 Uranium (number 92)

It makes bullets and bombs, whats not to love? Deadly things are always the best, - Lucretia

Sounds like urine. Lol.

14 Arsenic (number 33)

Very interesting and poisonous element. Killed many people throughout history but also took care of pests.

Come on, who doesn't love deadly toxins?

I keep joking I put Arsenic in my friends' food. That is a use.

Toxic and preety cool. It has many of its allotropes. - JuliaRandomly

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15 Iridium (number 77)

This is the second densest metal and can not be corroded even a 2000 degrees Celsius

The "rarest" metal. - JuliaRandomly

16 Iron (number 26)
17 Xenon (number 54)

Xenon glows purple when an electric current is run through it.

Great shade of blue! - JuliaRandomly

18 Astatine (number 85)

The scientifics don't even know its color. (probably black) - waldo

19 Dubnium (number 105)
20 Silicon (number 14)
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