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21 Fantasia

Every segment is cool!

22 Transformers

this sucks

23 Mean Streets

One of the best Scorsese movies.
With Harvey Keital and De Niro... - Ananya

24 Back to the Future

Always refreshing to watch this trilogy. Always. - LordofL

My favorite movie is cool
also Congrats on getting a featured list Ananya :D - christangrant

25 Reservoir Dogs
26 The Godfather
27 Casablanca

The greatest classic of all. It has drama, humor, music, great film noir, and so many famous lines. My favorite is the last line in the movie: " Louis, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship." There was no sequel, but it gave you hope.

Isn't is obvious? Any movie featuring Bogart is cool. - Ananya

Overrated. Great Movie but overrated by some romance genre's fans. - LordofL

28 Jurassic Park

Welcome to Jurassic Park!

It is great! - micahisthebest

Love it! X3! I'm a MASSIVE JP FAN! It kinda makes me sad though... For... Reasons I don't want to explain. But.. GREAT MOVIE

29 Guardians of the Galaxy
30 The Shawshank Redemption

Best cast and acting ever. That last smile of Tim Robbins is gold.

31 Iron Man
32 2001: A Space Odyssey
33 Avengers: Age of Ultron

Horrible! Civil war is much more cooler!

Awesome! - micahisthebest

34 Men in Black
35 Jurassic World
36 Out of Africa
37 Gorillas in the Mist
38 Baby Driver
39 Kingsman: The Secret Service
40 A Clockwork Orange

This is "cool"? Ah, I get it - you're having a laugh. Funny. - Britgirl

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