Top Ten Craziest Books of the Bible


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1 Leviticus

Isn't this the things in the Old Testament with the messed rules and the weird instruction manual for how to sacrifice a lamb? It's so full of messed up things and symbolism I skipped over it while reading the Bible for the second time. It's also the chapter where it stated you couldn't be gay in most version though the rule about not being Gay appears as symbolism in genesis.

No book of the Bible is bad. Every single one has its place including this one. This describes the laws that the Jews had to honor. The parts about sacrificing animals is very important to understand Jesus and his sacrifice. - Rambles

2 Deuteronomy

Read almost any passage from here, because, wow, it', insane, I think, is the best word. - MrKite

3 1 Timothy
4 Ephesians
5 1 Corinthians
6 Song Of Solomon

It may seem strange at first but at face value it is about a relationship of a man and a woman but it is also a allegory for Christ and the Church. - Rambles

7 Luke
8 1 John

How is this crazy? This letter is about how Christians should not have fellowship with th World. So far it’s one of my favorites in the Bible. - Rambles

9 Revelations

If you are a huge coward, then I suggest skipping this book. It's about the apocalypse that will take place right after all the christians leave the planet. The sun will burn people, an unimaginably bad earthquake worse than any other, accompanied with hailstones that weigh about 100 pounds.

Crazy in a good way - Rambles

There is no "S" on the end.

10 Malachi

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11 Matthew
12 Job
13 Daniel
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