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1 Chucky - Child's Play Franchise Chucky - Child's Play Franchise Charles Lee Ray is a fictional character and the titular antagonist of the Child's Play horror film series.

I love his maniacal laugh. No one does it like Chucky. I also like his appearance better in Bride of Chucky and so on better than the first three Child's Play movies. After Tiffany stitches him back together, he looks scarier and more intimidating.

I hate this stupid franchise I woke early 1 morning when I was like 5 I turn on the T.V. and it was on TNT channel and child's play was on I thought it was a weird kids movie I watch it for half an hour and a little girls mom maybe about my age when I was watching and chucky kills her mom right in front of her I was having night mares for a month, I thought chucky was going to kill me

Chucky is a classic I'm glad he is number one and not that stupid Pinocchio from Pinocchio's revenge

2 Billy - Dead Silence

Haha Chucky isn't scary he's funny - MoldySock

3 Clown Doll - Poltergeist

The boy in the movie wasn't acting, he was actually scared for real.

4 Jigsaw - Saw Franchise Jigsaw - Saw Franchise Jigsaw is a character from the Saw series. He first appears in Saw as a man whose wife passed away. After that, he did lots of tests on people.

I think you mean Billy the Puppet... not Jigsaw/ John Kramer.

5 Dolls - Dolls
6 Annabelle - The Conjuring

She looks nothing like the real Annabelle doll, but she is super creepy!

I can stop breathing so fast when I see her - AnnaRoblox

Not only is she creepy as heck in the movie, the real life doll is scary as hell too!

7 SimPal Cindy - The 6th Day
8 Dolly - Dolly Dearest
9 Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl

I'm pretty sure this is a song, not a doll.

Dream Theater - Lost Not Forgotten


Ugh - AnnaRoblox

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10 Tiffany - Child's Play Franchise

She's actually really cute, just murderous.

The Contenders

11 Zuni Fetish Doll - The Trilogy of Terror
12 Blade - Puppet Master
13 Glenda - Seed of Chucky

She's definitely Chucky's daughter. She has a love for hurting others and is totally incapable of feeling remorse. At least Tiffany tries to change. Chucky doesn't even try. Glenda has her father's knack for murder. And she's pretty creepy looking.

14 Billy the Puppet - Saw

Jigsaw and Billy are the same thing

15 Slappy the Dummy - Goosebumps Slappy the Dummy - Goosebumps

Slappy's appearance changes in the books, T.V. series, and the 2015 movie, but I like his appearance in the movie the best.

16 Death Doll - Death Doll


17 Sara - Dolls
18 Dolly Dearest - Dolly Dearest
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1. Chucky - Child's Play Franchise
2. SimPal Cindy - The 6th Day
3. Billy - Dead Silence
1. Chucky - Child's Play Franchise
2. Jigsaw - Saw Franchise
3. Billy - Dead Silence
1. Billy - Dead Silence
2. Clown Doll - Poltergeist
3. Jigsaw - Saw Franchise


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