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21 Polybius

Polybius could be made similar to Jacob's Ladder

22 Lost Episode Compilation

A compilation of either accurately reconstructed lost episodes of cartoons or shows the FREAKED us out or a documentary styled film that views these and an investigation starts to find the freak responsible for them. Dramatizing to children's psyche. The perfect sick crime.

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23 Zalgo

We make a Zalgo movie there goes the world

I could see this as something way diffrent where it is like a Zalgo v slender man and his proxies and Zalgo is just wanting to be a good guy even though he is a demon

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24 Psychosis

Come on guys! This would be amazing! All the suspension leading up to the big revelation? The creepy atmosphere? And the viewer gets to figure it out as the film plays along! It would be awesome!

Omgeee yes this needs to happens Psychosis is my favorite creepypasta

25 Play With Me

Sally is awesome and movies of scary little girls sell good

Sally and Chucky would make good friends

I agree Sally, Chucky, Annabelle, and Robert the Doll would be BFFs

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26 Sonic.Exe

I would wet myself within the opening seconds of the commercial/teaser

I would LOVE a movie about Exe


This I would enjoy, I am a big fan of Sonic.EXE since 2012, so I hope this would be made and hope it'll not mess up the character design worse than Super Mario Bros. movie...

27 SpongeBob Bootleg

Would probably be a short movie even with the story of it's founding included, but still a good movie - CommentandList

28 Don't Look Back
29 The Cell Phone Game

Really practical for a movie

Would be awesome as a movie

30 Anansi's Goatman

This would be an amazing idea. Think about it... A horror film that doesn't give too much away at first, but quickly amps up throughout as this little campsite quickly becomes terrorized by the Goatman. There could be a little more backstory and a little more of a build-up, and... Ugh, I'm gonna have a nosebleed. This needs to happen.

I'm an 18 year old guy and I cried blood... I can't bring myself to listen to it anymore. Definitely needs to be a movie

This story is just bloody brilliant in of itself
It deserves a lot more love than it gets

31 Masky and Hoody

Yes well they made marble hornets but I could see them like a origin story broke Into how they both met slender and then a proxy movie

The proxies are my favourite creepypastas ever this should so be a movie!

Marble hornets is kinda like a movie so if you haven't seen it look it up on YouTube

Being they already made marble hornets. But I would love another.

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32 The Holders
33 Rap Rat

Creepy but would be worth watching on the big screen.

This should be called Rapping to the rat.

34 Clockwork

Honestly I can't stand clockwork. Hate the Toby x clockwork ship.

Why do people like this crap? The story was almost as bad as jeff the killer.

A great story with movie worthy drama

35 Jane the Killer Jane the Killer

Seriously, JANE HATES JEFF FOR WHAT HE DID! DO NOT put Jeff and Jane together in a film especially not as a ship. If you have Jeff and Jane in a movie together it should be as a brother and sister sort of thing (See: Needles and Smiles Mr. Betty Krueger on YouTube! ) or as morbid enemies!

No. I don't think I even have to explain why this is a bad idea.

This should be combined with Jeff the killer since Jeff's story is kind of short for a movie

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36 The Rainbow Factory

This is one of my favorite creepypastas.

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37 Candy Pop

Why aren't their any comments for this? I love the creepy Clowns and Jesters type creepy stuff. Go team Candy Pop!

38 Happy Appy

I always wanted to see an actual episode and for the movie, it will be essential.
Also, who wouldn't want to see that fight seen with the narrator and forenzik

It just has to be

39 Cupcakes

I like the story but a movie of it would be crap

This would be amazing but wouldn't we have to get permission to use the mlp characters 'cause or copyright or something?

! Why would pinky pie kill rainbowdash and make rainbowdash in cup cakes - mikaylaroes

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40 The Expressionless

Maybe a sequel that could show the expressionless as a virus spreading rampant through a city

Just, read it. All I can say. It could possibly be in black and white?

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