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221 Ampharos Ampharos Ampharos is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II . It evolves from Flaaffy starting at level 30 . It is the final form of Mareep . It can Mega Evolve into Mega Ampharos using the Ampharosite, in which it becomes an Electric/Dragon-type .

Come on, this one deserves a higher placement. It looks like a bright yellow electrically charged Kangaroo/Raptor, what's not to love?

From Cute Sheep to Cool Hybrid to... AWESOME!

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222 Persian V 2 Comments
223 Elekid

Elekid is real beauty as it's color yellow suits it! It is strong, cute and... Even (some may not agree with me) even funny.

224 Landorus Landorus

Laugh out loud this thing is cute

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225 Psyduck

Am I one of the only peeps who thinks Psyduck is cute? I love it's bill and it's voice!

Psyduck so cute poor thing misty hates psyduck

Psyduck is dumb so we all love him

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226 Sandshrew

Look at the eyes of a sandshrew and it is super effective

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227 Comfey Comfey V 3 Comments
228 Stufful Stufful

If you played the newly released Pokemon Sun and moon and had a wild encounter with it, it's sound it makes has the ability to melt your heart. Honestly, I refused to knock it out for the longest time due to its cry. Although this "cutie"-mon based on a stuffed animal could've used more thought, though I applaud them for their vision to make everything (and I do mean everything) into a Pokemon.

So adorable, yet it doesn't like to be touched. On the other hand, its final evolutionary stage Bewear is the complete opposite, still being adorable and liking to hug you so hard that it could kill you. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Stufful can jump into a trash can

The evolution of this Alola region bear pokemon looks Like a pedobear to me - P-51IsDaBest

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229 Granbull Granbull

Looks like a angry pink bulldog

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230 Dialga Dialga

Dialga is the cutest thing! I don't know why, but I love his little teeth! I wanna squish him! :3

! Dialga can't be at the bottem of the list... He is so cute cool and awesome! Who wouldent love this pokemon! And don't forget his a legendary.

Dialga Is my absolute favorite pokèmon EVER! His roar of time move got me past the finals he's just too boss for this world! Controlling time? More like controlling the whole universe! I really want this guy as a starter! he's too epic!

231 Meloetta Meloetta


Meloetta is the most beautiful Pokemon ever! She is so graceful and her voice is amazing! She deserves to be 1!

I like this Pokemon to powerful to nice looking just to cute

Meloetta is my favourite Pokemon and she is so cute

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232 Vivillon Vivillon

How is this guy so far down he's so cute

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233 Miltank Miltank V 1 Comment
234 Hoopa Hoopa

"Hoopa the mischief Pokemon" Ah the mischief Pokemon such a great idea!

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235 Chinchou

Chin Chou is so cute you morons why do none of you idiots hate him?!?!

To be honest I really don't think that Chinchou is very cute but I do admire his HP skills. There AMAZING!

It's not that cute, it's just a weird little Bellchime preacher thing

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236 Uxie Uxie

Uxie is the cutest and best darn legendary ever! I love her to bits, she can fly, she can be awesome, whats more to love about her?

She deserves much more she is the inventor of knowledge people what is the poor little thing doing here

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237 Articuno Articuno V 1 Comment
238 Giratina Giratina Giratina is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Giratina first appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, but gained prominence in the sister game, Pokémon Platinum, which it was made the mascot of.

Yes, this one, I wanna hug the most evil Pokemon in the world. It's so cute with its spikes on its wings, full of blood.

Who doesn't wanna snuggle the Pokemon equivalent of Satan?

"Who doesn't wanna snuggle the Pokemon equivalent of Satan" Ouch! Poor Giratina!

I love Giratina she is my all time favorite legend along with Mesprit.

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239 Amaura

How can it only be here? It's so cute! It definitely deserves to switch places with that chikorita, which is somehow 18.

How is FEEBAS above this Cutey?!

Oh! So very cute

Argh. How can amaura be so low? This cutie is way more awesome than chikorita the bratty dummy.

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240 Drowzee Drowzee

Who put this on the list? It is ugly as hell.

Elk he's UGLY! AND probably the most STUPID Pokemon ever!

Actually, it being ugly is just an opinion, and animals don't know the human definition of ugly because they were raised around dog ugliness, which is indeed a thing. So when people say something is ugly, it makes them seem immature and judgeful, but that's just a hunch :3


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