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261 Moltres Moltres

I don't think that moltress is cute but it's beautiful and intimidating

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262 Weezing Weezing

Who voted for this freak? he's not cute at all!

Weezing is so cute and the cutest - brachio-oddish

263 Chinchou

Chin Chou is so cute you morons why do none of you idiots hate him?!?!

To be honest I really don't think that Chinchou is very cute but I do admire his HP skills. There AMAZING!

It's not that cute, it's just a weird little Bellchime preacher thing

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264 Bewear Bewear

Haha, it's so cute, but it could break your spine

NO - Annieshellred

265 Slowking Slowking


266 Wailmer

It's so big. I kinda think its cute

It's so round and cuddly!

267 Finneon V 4 Comments
268 Carvanha

Carvanha is SO CUTE! I'm pretty sure he's based off of an angler fish come on! I can't be the ONLY person in the entire WORLD who thinks he's adorable, am I?!?!?!

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269 Meganium Meganium

My #1, all time favorite mon. End of story. You deserve #1, Blossom.

Chikorita was my starter Pokémon on SoulSilver and I do not regret it as it evolved into Meganium! H eis so sweet with his little leaf around him. - coolfluffle

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270 Gulpin Gulpin

Put him LAST! HE'S DUMB AND UGLY little Freak!

It's cute because its mouth and closed eyes. (*�'з')

271 Lilligant

Lilligant is simply adorable. I just love its innocent eyes, its cute flower hat, and its cheery dancing and composure. It's SO CUTE.

Lilligant has an adorable dress, and adorable flower, an adorable stance. She is the cutest pokemon. She is also the very cutest pokemon. If I were an IRL trainer she would be my best buddy.

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272 Shuckle

It's a tiny little turtle? How could you not think its cute!

Possibly one of my most favorite Pokemon of all time, and one of the cutest!

I am a shuckle supporter... Turtles rule! Especially this one!

Shuckle actually wrecks face. It can deal over 4 billion damage with bide.

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273 Raticate Raticate

Raticate is a big rat. not that cute

Anyone who voted raticate is really insane

Why is this here, it's the ugliest pokemon ever ivented, Rattata is much better than this crap.

Belief me not! It should be last! :(((((

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274 Politoed Politoed

SilverLeagueNetworks disapproves. - RiverClanRocks

Those...those...those eyes...

It's cute - 1507563

275 Cherrim Cherrim

Cherrim is in the top 5. It's so cute! With his pink flowers seems it's very cool! I love Cherrim!

Sunny form is just utterly adorable. It's outcast form is cute to, it looks like it's shy.

Come on :( It looks weird with Overcast Form but it is ADORABLE in Sunshine Form

OH MY GOSH WHY IS CHERRIM 149 it's so cute in sunny form

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276 Bagon Bagon

I love its determination! Keep trying little buddy! You'll fly eventually!

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277 Altaria Altaria

I put this on this list because I just think it's so fluffy and adorable! Too bad I can't have one in real life. I could probably spy on people from the clouds. Laugh out loud

Altaria's way cuter than several Pokemon! Why should it be in the 200s?

Why is Altaria so low! It is so fluffy and the mega evolution looks so cool! - rochelle56564

Altaria is so sweet and cute. She is always by my side in a battle, and has awesome moves. Look at it this way; a fully evolved pokémon who is still completely adorable. Awesome moves + cute = what more could you wish for?

278 Skiddo

A green little goat, with that round little nose and perpetually happy. Can't get over that little beard!

Why is this number 269? It should be in the top three!

SKIDDO IS ADORABLE! Have you heard it's cry when ride it on Pokemon X/Y? And that adorable music!

He's so adorable (Crystal)

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279 Wedras

You probably mean feebas there is no Pokemon named wedras

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280 Phantump

It's got a head to big for its body! And tiny little arms! And a ghosty tail! Such a little-known Pokemon, it NEEDS to be on this list.

Phantump is and will forever be my favorite Pokemon

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