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301 Bonsly Bonsly

Who cannot love this little guy! He's just way to adorable to not be higher in the list!

He's the cutest thing I ever seen. CLICK VOTE RIGHT NOW!


302 Skiddo

A green little goat, with that round little nose and perpetually happy. Can't get over that little beard!

Why is this number 269? It should be in the top three!

SKIDDO IS ADORABLE! Have you heard it's cry when ride it on Pokemon X/Y? And that adorable music!

He's so adorable (Crystal)

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303 Goodra Goodra Goodra is a fictional creature in the Pokemon franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Goodra is a Dragon type Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Sliggoo and the final evolved form of Goomy. Classified as the Dragon Pokemon, Goodra is a very slimy, yet affectionate Pokemon, and likes to hug its trainers, more.

Goodra looks like a De-Evolution. It's dripping away and melting.

It looks like it just ate someone and then someone sees him and he's like "what I didn't do it I'm so cute" and the guys like OK and then he eats Goodra eats him to

It does dude text me on pokemon showdown my username is jonjil1

Goodra is my favorite Kalos Pokemon! I mean look at those happy eyes! In Goodras description it says they want to give their trainer a hug!

304 Rampardos Rampardos

It looks like a devil.

What rampardos is actually on the cutest liist

305 Aromatisse Aromatisse

I saw that pokemon in a video called TOP 10 WORST POKEMON EVER LOL

Such a sweet birdie


306 Magby Magby

Cute. Just so Cute :D

307 Ducklett

Ok you might not agree with me but ducklett is the cutest and best Pokemon (at least for me it is) and so I'm not a big fan of pikachu because it gets all the attention (and if you watch the anime, youll know another reason why).

308 Wedras

Not a Pokemon name

What the heck is a Wedras?

You probably mean feebas there is no Pokemon named wedras

Since when was there WEDRAS? - Blablah

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309 Swirlix

Happy face looks like cotton candy LOVE IT!

It's a poofy pink cottoncandy puppy. The description says it all.

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310 Phantump

It's got a head to big for its body! And tiny little arms! And a ghosty tail! Such a little-known Pokemon, it NEEDS to be on this list.

Phantump is and will forever be my favorite Pokemon

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311 Snubbull

The puppy I love is Lillipup!

Seriously how can you not love him? (Or her) it's a puppy! You ever seen a pug? It's ugly cute that's snubull. It's. a fairy man! In it pink little dress it's adorable!

312 Heracross

How could anyone think this bug isn't cute? Look at its friendly eyes!

313 Larvitar Larvitar

How in the world Larvitar not AT LEAST in the top 100!?!? He is so uber cute and huggable!

314 Houndoom Houndoom

Ninetails is one of the most beautiful Pokemon ever why is it number 231! Please vote for Ninetails!

Nine tails is way off topic (Crystal)

What the hay! Ok just ignore that nine tales comment I voted for nine tales on a different device and then I added houndoom so I guess the nine tales comment got on here so yeah. So anyway houndoom is my most favorite Pokemon in whole world and he's so stinking cute! I mean look at that face! So please vote for houndoom!

315 Ludicolo Ludicolo

It's so so so cute

316 Natu

Natu is beautiful, cute and green, this deserves at number 1

Why on the hell this isn't number 1?

Special defense

Awww, poor Natu. I would've expected like #50, but WHY #341!? This little psychick (ba dum tss) is pretty simplistic, it's a psychic chick, what's not to love? I've always thought Natu and Xatu have always been too forgotten when they have really great designs. Not to mention that, "It's the most sophisticated gaming experience ever created by humans! And, it's Spherical! SPHERICAL! "

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317 Florges Florges

Come on people Florges is Cute. I mean that it's better than Gardevior and also unlike Gardevior it's 100% female. Who don't like a beautiful mermaid anyway.

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318 Corsola Corsola V 1 Comment
319 Cacnea

His anime voice and how he loves to hug James face ;-;

320 Charmeleon Charmeleon

Ok, charmeleon is so cute! If he were real I would hug him all day. Even if his tale burnt my eyebrows off! He's so cute! Come in, people! Vote!

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