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401 Arbok Arbok

Arbok is SO CUTE! He's a snake! I love snakes they are sooo cute! And, on his hood, that's supposed to look like a face, right? Or did I get hit on the head and am seeing random faces everywhere I look?... Come on, peeps! Vote!

Arbok is kobra spelt backwards

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402 Abomasnow Abomasnow

Play diamond or pearl pick turtwig evolve it into torterra challenge the snowpoint gym you'll now how I feel!

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403 Trubbish

Trubbish is cute...

You wanted it you stupid team plasma
Ya got it

Trubbish kinda reminds me of Napstablook


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404 Haunter Haunter Haunter, known in Japan as Ghost, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

He's adorable with all those pointy spikes!

405 Gingar

He's adoreable. He makes everyone laugh


406 Diancie Diancie Diancie, number 719 and the Jewel Pokémon is a mythical Pokémon in the game series Pokémon. It features in its own movie in the Pokémon anime series called "Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction". This Pokémon can also Mega Evolve.

Most cutest pokemon. It to be in position 1 in this list.

Diancie should be a girl.

She should be a girl

And how is
a. she now in #195
b. I haven't voted on here when I was supposed to
^-^ - SoaPuffball

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407 Dugtrio Dugtrio
408 Bergmite
409 Arceus Arceus Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

He is the god of Pokemon and he is really so cute

Ugh arcues us is just overrated and ugly
It looks like a giant stick bug

.because it's so strong and its cute to arceus cute
.i like dinacie the diamonds the mega evolve so beautiful

Lol he's NOT cute >:(

410 Reshiram Reshiram
411 Pignite Pignite V 2 Comments
412 Diggersby Diggersby

Its cry sounds like the word SALSA.

It looks like he ate tons of oreos

This picture shows how ugly that Pok'emon is.

SALSA - Piplup

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413 Sceptile Sceptile

DUUUH! It's Sceptile! We all Wuv him and He wuvs us! He's The big guy that always is Looking after you! Always there for you! Well... I hope that you realise he luvs u! (I regret killing my reputation by writing in that way.) But still SCEPTILE RULES!

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414 Skuntank Skuntank
415 Blitzle

Can't you see the cute eyes on this thing?! I Mena she's a little weak but still does it really matter?

416 Pansage

He's a cute little green monkey I mean who can't resist the cuteness of him? 1

417 Panpour

He looks like pansage but still is very cute. I am surprised that he isn't on here yet

418 Popplio Popplio

Popplio is a cute little sea lion that sneezes bubbles. Not many things cuter than that, nun said

I love Popplio but my opinion Litten is a slight bit cuter.

WHY so much hate

Popplio final from is the stronhest sun and moon strater look it up you litten and rowlet fans you are stupid. Why would you middle fringer this cute guy he would kill you in your sleep he badass he can evan dab litten or rowlet can't.ohh

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419 Slaking Slaking
420 Sewaddle Sewaddle

I think Sewaddle is cuter than Caterpie and Weedle - Cubea

Sewaddle is so cute.. I love sewaddle's cute face!

Sewaddle is a cute lil caterpillar baby!

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