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Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.


Pikachu is Ash's primary partner and the Icon to the pokemon universe. He is not only cute, he is also absolutely loyal and brave. Talented and creative, he is humble, responsible and above all, selfless. Brave, strong and absolutely noble with a great heart - when you hear him go 'pika-pi', you just know its Pokemon Time! He is the cutest, hands down. From the very beginning of the series to the every end, Pikachu will always be there. So who is cutest? Pikachu, of course. But if you so tell him that he will most likely say, that he isn't. That is how humble he is. So I guess I'll point out piplup as second cutest, and of course pachirisu. But I also adore gligar and buizel as well as turtwig!

Pikachu is the CUTEST Pokemon ever! He is the main Pokemon, even when he talks his voice is cute! When pikachu evolves to raichu even raichu is super cute! No Pokemon in the entire extremity of the Pokemon world could match up to pikachu! He deserves to be the number one most adorable, lovable, and cutest Pokemon there ever will be! Eevee can not match up to the cuteness scale of pikachu!

I love pikahu I can say that pikachu is better, cuter and stronger than all electric Pokemon and is the cutest in the Pokemon world in the game pokemon platinum I got more pikachu than all my others
I agree with any one who loves pikachu and says he is cute


He's an adorable lil yellow puffball and he loves ketchup my heart just might explode from how very adorable he is

It's Pikachu, their is nothing else to say about it. He/She just have the cutest and most adorable voices ever and I just can't believe how adorable Pikachu is when Ash and Pikachu become best friends and Pikachu has his side all the time. So.. Adorable it's unbelievable

Pikachu is totally the most awesome Pokemon in the world, why do you ask? Because he has been my first favourite Pokemon, he is loyal, brave, kind, smart and the best thing about is that he'll never give up on you. Over the years Pikachu has learned new moves such as iron tail, volt tackle and

Electric ball, he's gotten a lot stronger, faster and smarter as a battler as well as still being cute.

What is the cutest Pokemon? Pikachu of course! Pikachu is the cutest Pokemon that I ever see and its tail is very awesome and its face is very adorable its thundershock is very strong I like its tail because it is very strong and its iron tail could break a table and it is very awesome and I like its quick attack is very fast. Its adorable, wonderful and amazing.

Pikachu is so cute. Me and my friend play Pokemon all the time but of course I am pikachu because he is so cute. I hope pikachu soon is number 1 at cuteness not just Pokemon but cuter than anything in the world please vote for pikachu

Pikachu is so cute! I like mew and eevee, but pikachu is the cute Pokemon king! As for Glaceon, it is ugly!
Pikachu has to be the cutest Pokemon ever! Pikachu is cool!

Pikachu is the cutest Pokemon in the world!
Pikachu is so cute I can't believe how cute he is he is way cuter than Evee, Mew and Piplup.
Much much cuter than Oshawott!

Oh, please! Everywhere I go, I hear 'Wow! Pikachu is so great. You can't hate it, it's the mascot! ' and 'Woah! Pikachu is so awesome! '. Haha no. It's stats sucks, and I've seen cuter Pokemon. It's only famous because it's the mascot and because of anime. I don't absolutely HATE it, it is still kinda cute, just really, really REALLY overrated. There are stronger electric Pokemon, like Electivire, Raikou, Thundurus, hell, even Raichu.

Pikachu is the awesomest. he is cute in every episode and can make you cry because he's so cute. he can rock out the show by doing the best moves and do it in a cute way. he even looks cue but it is the strongest Pokemon ever.

Pikachu is so cute! Have you seen the video with the cutest pikachu moment ever? Look it up on YouTube! You also look up pikachu dancing! You'll DIE!

Pikachu is loyal to Ash and even when Team Rocket steals it, Pikachu knows and trusts Ash will be there. And who can resist the Pika Pika noises it makes! Eevee and its evolutions are cute too, but Pikachu is the best. And Mega Absol also rocks.

How is Pikachu not first? I mean Vulpix and Mew are "cute and all" but Pikachu is adorable because how he acts. PIKACHU FOR THE WIN! (also the lethal electricity ball is so adorable, he's face gets so mushed and squished up) Pikachu is a going of cute alert.

Pikachu is sassy, funny, adorable and have you ever seen him wanting a lollipop? Plus people would walk their whole country to find this adorable little cutie. I brought my phone on holiday and I caught pikachu in China!

Pikachu is number 1 on this list! It's adorable chubby cheeks, it's squishy body, and of course it's expressions are just to cute! Some poeple say everyone likes pikachu because of ash, but I could care less if Pikachu was ahs's pokemon, it would still be my fave! It's also cool how Pikachu is not only cute, he's a strong and tough pokemon! Team rocket sure know how to pick em'!

Oh come on! Give the adorable mouse some love. Ever since the Indigo League, I've fallen in love with Pikachu and his personality. Now in ultra sun and moon, he's still the same as I remember him. Cute voice, nothing tops the little yellow fluff.

His voice is so sweet when he talks and when he wags his little tail.. it's just so adorable! And if you train it well, it is immense in battles!

Pikachu. Is Luke a mixture between cute and weird because it is a mouse that can make electricity also it is kind of cute I mean it's expressions are adorable and stuff but still I am not so sure about pikachu

Pikachu the first cutest creature to be featured in Pokemon... And still is most loved.. He has written a new tale of friendship...

. Right as I was watching Pokemon, I was like, "! LOOK AT THE PIKACHU! " Pikachu has just the cutest little voice, and is so brilliant! He is great at battling, and never gives up! Great job pikachu, you make pokemon such a famous game.

I don't get it ugly eevee ugly eevee forget about mew forget about mew think about pikachu think about pikachu it's the cutest Pokemon it WAY cuter than stupid eevee even mew even mew so pikachu is the cutest Pokemon

Seriously?! Number 2 to eevee?! How?! The little Pikachu is so cute it makes me want to live in the Pokemon World just so I can hug it and love it. I especially like him because of the show, he has the cutest voice of all Pokemon!

Pikachu is the best, most awesome thing I have seen in my entire life. The super amazing combination of ultimate, powerful, and utterly adorable fits into Pikachu better then anything else in the universe.