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SKITTY IS JUST SO CUTE AND PLAYFUL! How can you look at them and just think that they aren't cute?! All that I can wonder is why they aren't real... Skitty is cute on its own but really... The playfulness just makes it that much more cute! Also its pink. Skitty is just the ultimate pink fluff of cuteness!

Can't... Handle... This... Cuteness! GOOE! *head explodes* I could probably replace this comment with some skitty pictures and you'll understand why it's cute. Skitty for the win!

I just love Skitty, I'm getting a Skitty plush and a Skitty hat! I'm also getting an adorable mew plush, but Skitty is my all time cutest. Even if I don't have one I still think it's cute!

Hey you the one witch wants pokemon in real life I'm with ya bro anyway I LOVE SKITTY I just wish that I had a skitty I even had like 20 moon stones to evolve skitty but I didn't want to because its so cute

I love Skitty! It should be at the top of the list. I don't know why it isn't. I have it in Emerald and enter it in cute contests and the crowd thinks it's awesome! Please vote for skitty!

It so adorable, its based on a kitten how is that not cute! Plus I love the way it runs around in the anime, playing with its tail or a toy! My little siblings absolutely love skitty!

Skitty Is Too cute! Skitty is so playful and fits in with cuteness package. It has an adorable tail and the body shape makes it 5 times more cute! #BEST_TAIL_EVER! And it's pink! Is it adorable or Is it adorable?

ER MA GERD skitty is my favorite Pokemon of all time because it is so adorable, (draws a deep breath)... and it's favorite past time is CHASING IT'S TAIL!

May is so lucky to have a skitty. It makes me want to be her. Skitty has the cutest design of all Pokemon with it's round features and stubby legs!

So many of Skitty's pokedex entries speaks of just how cute it is, and how it chases its tail until it gets dizzy!

Ever since I saw a Skitty I wanted it so bad and eventually I got it! And it was a level 18 wild Pokemon! It's my third strongest Pokemon. By the way I only started like 3 days ago.

Skitty likes skittles.

The fact of life. - Merilille

It's a little cat that make's a cute noise and acts exactly like a house cat how is that not cute the last word to describe Skitty is ugly

Skitty is just the most adorable little thing! I wish I had one in real life! I would hug it and pet it and love it!

Skitty is a pink kitty and that's part of making it adorable. Its eyes are also closed as if it were purring.

I LOVE love love skitty! I absolutely adore it! Who doesn't love those eyes? I think that makes it unique!

Skitty doesn't belong in this world, or the Pokemon world, I'm barely coming close when I think of a cute dimension that we can never reach tsk tsk

Skitty is the cutest Pokemon ever!
It can also learn the best moves like blizzard and thunderbolt.
Who doesn't love skitty

Skitty is so cute! If you don't think it's cute check out it's pokedex entries! If pokemon were in real life it would be my pet (along with a few goldeen of course). The only thing I can't understand is the whole wailord skitty thing... But skitty is the cutest pokemon by far!

SKITTY! Come on! Its like they wanted it to be cute!

Ok come on, WHY IS HE NUMBER 7? HE SHOULD BE FIRST! When ever I see Skitty I just colaps on the floor because of its cuteness! It is one of the cutest things alive! Have you seen it chase its tail or even see it playing with it's tail?

I love skitty so much I wish I could get a real skitty they are adorable!

I LOVE Skitty. In both Ruby/Emerald AND Omega Ruby it was my cuteness CHAMP! Plus. No worries about undesired evolution!

Skitty is so cute plus it breeds with a male wailord... WHOA! How big is that vagina! A school bus!

Skitty is an adorable cat Pokemon, and he enjoys chasing his tale!