Top 10 Darkest Moments from Non-Disney Animated Movies

Once again with another list of Non Disney Animated movies I think its time to look back at the darkest moments from non Disney animated movies just so were clear the list is for dark moments and not moments that are completely disturbing though there will be a few exceptions moments from movies like the Plague Dogs and Watership Down will be saves be saved for another list entirely.

The Top Ten Darkest Moments from Non-Disney Animated Movies

The Plagues are Unleashed - The Prince of Egypt

Back when animated movies had guts The Prince of Egypt did not hold back on anything especially during the plagues sequence after Ramsses refuse to let Moses's people go Moses acting on gods behalf unleashed the plagues upon Egypt, and what makes the whole sequence unsettling is that Moses and Ramsses were basically brothers who are torn apart by destiny it really hurts Moses to see the people of Egypt which he once called his home suffering because of Ramsses stubbornness as well as Ramsses feeling betrayed by someone he once called his brother and then we get the final plague the death of the first born children which included Ramsses's son which he finally allows to let the Hebrew's go as Moses does feel horrible and heartbroken for all the grief and pain he caused to his brother and the people of Egypt. - egnomac

Loved this scene so much, still do.

I hope you’re happy killing innocent children god (lightning stirkes) I should shut up

The War Scene - Antz

What makes this scene dark is the fact that it wasn't really a war but instead these soldier ants were basically sent to their deaths by General Mandible who persuaded the Queen to send the soldiers to war against the termite colony while keeping the soldiers that he deemed worthy of being in his new colony, which is why he was surprised to see that one lone ant Z came back alive. - egnomac

Chirin's Transformation - Ringing Bell

This whole movie can best be described how the act of revenge can turn you into something ugly and that's what pretty much happens to the main character who starts off as a cute little lamb but after his mother is murdered by the wolf, he seeks revenge against said wolf and during his path of revenge he then transforms into like a demon like monster complete with horns and straight up kills the wolf after it took him in and showed him the way of the wolf. - egnomac

Charlie Goes to Hell - All Dogs Go to Heaven

In a nightmare sequence Charlie literally gets sent to hell since he got kicked out of heaven for unwinding his watch of life as he is tormented by the demon monsters and just the horrifying images of hell are enough to give kids nightmares. - egnomac

Angry Mob Attempts to Murder the Simpson Family - The Simpsons Movie

After its revealed that Homer was the one who polluted Lake Springfield causing the whole city to be encased in a giant dome the citizens of Springfield are furious and out for blood as they show up at the Simpsons house to kill the Simpson family they tried to have them lynched they even make noose for Maggie they all manage to escape thanks to a sinkhole in the sandbox they escape to the outside of the dome before the sink whole eventually devours the whole house as the angry mob disperses. - egnomac

Whoville is Almost Destroyed - Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears a Who

Kangaroo rallies the entire citizens of Nool to capture Horton and take the clover with the citizens of Whoville on it in order to in her own words restore order to the jungle of Nool as she takes the clover and tries to drop it in boiling oil as the citizens of Whoville desperately try to creating as much noise as possible so the other animals can hear them and not destroy Whoville. - egnomac

Tommy Snaps at Dil - The Rugrats Movie

After spending a lot of the movie lost in the woods after his friends all abandon him after he was more worried about his brother Dil than them, Tommy finally has had enough after Dil drinks all the entire bottle of milk and hogs the blanket Tommy snaps at Dil as he tries to abandon him in the woods by trying to pour a cup of banana food on him and allow the monkey to take him away until Tommy sees the scared look in Dil's eyes both from his anger and the lighting storm and sees the error of his ways and the two reconcile. - egnomac

Pokemon vs Clones Battle - Pokemon: The First Movie

Mewtwo unleashes his army of clone Pokemon to fight against the other trainers Pokemon and forces them to fight each other to the death in a very brutal and disturbing battle all except for Pikachu who refuses to fight back as the Pikachu clone continues to attack trying to force Pikachu to fight back. - egnomac

Leonardo vs Raphael - TMNT

The movie was more hit or miss but there was an extremely dark moment when Leonardo confronts Raphael who took on the persona of a vigilante hero and the two clash on a roof top in a very heated battle until Ralph nearly ends up killing his own brother and is horrified by what he almost did that he leaves allowing Leo to be captured. - egnomac

The Giant Mouse of Minsk - An American Tail

In the final showdown The mice create a giant mouse resembling the Giant Mouse of Minsk to scar off the cats and lure them to the ship to Hong Kong, just the deign of this thing is truly terrifying. - egnomac

The Contenders

Field of Blood - Watership Down

Fun fact: this movie is PG - Not_A_Weeaboo

Chernabog Appearance - Fantasia
Felicity’s Death - Felidae

She didn't deserve to die. She was a great character.

The Giant's Nightmare - The Iron Giant

Fun fact: This wasn't in the original release of the Iron Giant. It wasn't until the film was re-released in the 2010s that Brad Bird added the scene to the film. And by god, it was one messed up moment. Especially with the fact that this film emulated the feel of the Nuclear Holocaust of the 1950s during the Cold War. Dean's reaction to the nightmare on his T.V. best represents us after watching this scene. - OnyxDash

Iris Awakens Yuri - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection
The Mysterious Stranger - The Adventures of Mark Twain

How is this not in the Top 3?

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