Top Ten Days of the 60099 Lego City Advent Calendar (2015)

The 2015 Lego City advent calendar was alongside the 2011 one, my favourite advent calendar by far. Most of why is thanks to the amazing stuff you get in the calendar, which we'll look at now. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Day 14: Santa's Train

Alright, this has got to be one of the best gifts in any Lego City calendar. The 2015 alone is my favourite one tied with the 2011 set, and part of what made this one so special were the LOAD of amazing mini-builds. The winner of these is definitely the front part of Santa's train you get on Day 14. It looks AMAZING! You've got these nice little wheels, a beautiful red colour, a perfect shape, everything about this is perfect! It's even better once you get the trailer with presents and Santa, it becomes absolutely flawless! By far the best thing this calendar has ever offered.

2 Day 5: Plane

By far the best looking vehicle in any calendar. So why isn't it #1? Well because the train is even cooler once you get the trailer as well. But just counting individual vehicles that span one day, this one's about as perfect as it can get! The design and looks are so realistic that you wouldn't be surprised if you saw a real plane shaped like this in real life, because it's that well-designed! The propeller at the front looks very good, it has wheels, blue wings, it's just perfect in every way!

3 Day 6: Bulldozer

Dude, this calendar did such a great job on its vehicles! They all seem to be just amazing. No design flaws, they're all great looking. The same can be said for this yellow bulldozer as well. No design flaws except for the lack of a potential seat, but that's okay. I still prefer the train and plane as they're overall just bigger and more impressive, but this is great as well!

4 Day 23: Space Shuttle

This space shuttle looks absolutely amazing! Technically you're supposed to put it on the rockets from the day before to make it a complete spaceship (as those are the fuel), but even without it, it looks great! It really looks like a miniature space shuttle, and it could compete with the items above this one for best mini-model of 2015.

5 Day 22: Rockets

The rockets that go along the shuttle, but again, even without the shuttle it looks really great! I love the two thin rockets that are nailed to the brown rocket fuel "rocket", and overall it just really looks amazing. This calendar sure did a good job on the mini-models...

6 Day 15: Train Trailer

Not very much to say about this one, other than that it's the really good looking trailer for Santa's train you get on Day 14. Combined, it's the greatest thing ever. On its own though, I can't put it above any of the mini-models, as it's just a trailer, let's be real. But it's great for what it is!

7 Day 2: Boy with Pretzel and Camera

The mini figures for this calendar were ok. The best one for me isn't what most people would expect, but I digress. It's a little boy with blue clothing and jacket hoodie, holding two valuable pieces - a camera and a pretzel. This is primarily why this one got ahead of the other figures. Sure the clothing could've had more detailing, but I still think this is the cutest mini figure we got.

8 Day 20: Snowman

Let's be real, no Snowman will be better than the 2010 one. However, I do think the 2015 comes close, and it might be the 2nd best one. It's not big, but it's not too small and cramped up either. The size of it is natural and the pieces included makes it look just good. Not great, but there isn't anything to complain about really either. So, it's good!

9 Day 9: Throne

Certainly the most random gift in the calendar, but greatly built! I'm guessing it's a throne for Santa Claus, but I always just used the green boy for it. It's in perfect size so that it's big for the minifigure, but not too big that it's questionable. The colours are pretty good too, as it's red and green on brown wood. Overall, it's great!

10 Day 19: Girl with Muffin

Compared to the other minifigures in the calendar, this was the most unique. All of the pieces here were new to me when I first got it. You've finally got a feminine child face, long hair, a music player, a muffin, and a cool shirt piece. Of course this would be on the list.

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