Top Ten Days of the 60063 Lego City Advent Calendar (2014)

In my opinion the 2014 Lego City calendar was simply just "decent". It's definitely the worst of the good ones in my opinion, and has a few mediocre things about. However there was still a lot of good about it. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Day 23: Tricycle

This is actually one of my favorite builds in any Lego City calendar. It's so good that it's the only build from this calendar that reaches the "Masterpiece" category for me. That's how good it is. Why is it so good? Well, just look at the shape and play around with it, and you'll see why. It looks amazing for a small tricycle. Its wheels work perfectly, and it's fully functional. I like how it slightly tilts upwards as well. It makes it look more quirky. The color scheme of red and white fits well, too, and I suppose it's Santa's tricycle. This is one outstanding build!

2 Day 2: Mailbox

This early in the calendar, we get one of the best builds in the entirety of it: a mailbox. It looks pretty standard, but that's why it's so great, as we don't have many mailboxes. On top of looking great, it also comes with a frog that stands on top of it, and that looks great too! So, this is one of the best builds from this calendar as well.

3 Day 13: Robber with Torch

While maybe not as charming as the robber in the 2013 calendar, this isn't a downgrade either! He's got the same face with a mask and French mustache, my favorite robber face. He also has a white/grey shirt, which fits really well. He comes with a flashlight and sack, and together they look really splendid!

4 Day 9: Pushcart

Although not perfect, I did enjoy this pushcart a lot. The wheels for this cart are pretty huge, and it looks pretty unique as a result. However, the cart itself is a little too thin, and the only thing you can really put there is the baguette that comes alongside it. But still, it's pretty great!

5 Day 1: Boy with Letter

This is probably one of the best child minifigures we've got in a City Advent calendar. He looks really classy with that white shirt, short hair, and smile, and even a letter, which foreshadows the gift in Day 2. Overall, I think it's pretty freakin' great!

6 Day 7: Window With Jewelry

This is a bizarre but unique build. It's basically a window but with a table inside it, where a leaf is found with a bunch of jewelry on it. I have to admit, I had a hard time figuring out what this was supposed to be when I first got it. But once I got the hang of it, the possibilities for playthroughs were endless. Although it still looks "eh," it doesn't reach the top five category.

7 Day 19: Table with Turkey

While the table in the 2013 calendar was far better, I think this one did a better job at making it more interesting. Yes, the design is somewhat simplistic, but you also get a turkey, a wine bottle, and even some glasses. So, I thought this was pretty good!

8 Day 11: Police With Airhorn

We get two nearly identical police officer minifigures in this calendar. One has a straight face but an air horn and a piece of paper with notes, while the other has a noticeable smile, handcuffs, and a cup. I thought this one was a little better, just because of the more unique accessories.

9 Day 17: Snowmobile Trailer

I actually thought the trailer for the snowmobile was better than the snowmobile itself, mostly because it actually looked decent enough. The yellow box was a unique touch. Enough said.

10 Day 16: Snowmobile

Now, this is by far the worst-looking snowmobile we've had in a Lego City calendar. The design is just so bizarre, not to mention it's small. However, it does come with a trailer grip, which makes it all the better. So yes, it's not bad.

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