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The best dial-up Internet service providers based on price, availability, features and support.

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1 NetZero

As a six month customer of NetZero, I've had exceptional service! After a bad experience with other major ISPs, I turned to NetZero last year. Never regretted it yet. They even have great special offers for customers (I recently got two months of cost-free Internet access). I don't need a lot of frills, so NetZero works for me. I knew the speed would be a possible downer, but so far it's been reasonably fast. I researched NetZero's features first before signing-on, so I knew what I was getting into. It may not be for others, but for me it works.

I live in a rural area where only one access number is available. NetZero is the first dependable provider I have found where the number always works and isn't suddenly discontinued which happened with Toast and People PC.

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2 America Online

I used to have Netzero...but AOL has been a lot faster and better for me. And only $11.99 a month.

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3 Earthlink

Had earthlink for 4 years and never had an issue... Easy to sign in and use.

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Best I talked to. Haven't used anything yet

Years of great service.

He is still alive becuase he is.. Forever.

I proud I m Muslim..

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5 Northern Telephone
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9 PeoplePC

I like People PC a lot. It has always been fast, reliable and available wherever I would go. I used it for the past 7 years during the summer vacations and can recommend it very highly to anyone who lives in the woods, has power and phone and no cell coverage or DSL there. Before you sign up, always check if the access numbers. They have lots of them covering pretty much all the US. It never hurts to check The customer service is friendly and although has limited working hours (not 24/7) can help you to set everything up in no-time. Yes, and the prices are just right! Good luck!

I like PeoplePC, always connects and never has any interruptions. I have had PeoplePC for over 10 years and the price is right! Less than $10 month.

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10 Fawri

The Contenders

11 Netscape
12 GoBigWest

I have been using gobigwest for some time and have had no problems. The free phone support is great.


The thing about Sisna is that they meet my needs better than any other ISP, I've ever reviewed. And it's not by like a little bit.


Service provides in rural areas also

15 Compass

It's so cool hardly ever breaks down the best among All of these in my opinion

16 Orcon

The best out of all these ones I swear made by kim Dotcom himself

18 Toast

We live out in the country in Arkansas where the only internet access is either satellite, which we have heard is "iffy" as in, when your connected, it's good, but not great, plus the two year contract your forced to sign up with when choosing satellite services. Instead, we opted for dial-up and have been using Toast net off and on for the past ten years. It's reliable. We do software updates with no problems as long as we use a resumble download manager, As with any dial up service, large files over 40mb may take more than four to five hours at a time. Our landline is nearly forty bucks a month, so one has to figure this fee into the total cost of dial-up service, which would be fifty bucks a month if you include the cost of the internet provider's monthly fee. One good thing is you can pay monthly, so no contract, and it is not a problem to cancel if you have to.

19 AT&T Digital Life AT&T Digital Life AT&T Digital Life, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is the maker of wireless home security systems with burglary and fire monitoring for homes, apartments and small businesses in the United States.
20 Sinterix
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