Most Difficult Things About Being a Teenager

While it may sometimes feel like it, teenagers are never alone in this scary but interesting chapter of their lives.

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1 Dealing with many new feelings and emotions all at once

When we are children, words like stress and depression are just words to most of us. - ParasN2000

Damn - CedreticFomento

2 Discovering who you are a person

This discovery doesn't usually happen until near middle-age. Statistics and polls have shown that those who are most settled and content with who they are and where they want to be in life occurs at around the age of thirty-five and above, so worrying yourself at such an early age is pointless. Enjoy your young age; you're old far longer than you are young.

I believe from a certain point in our lives we slowly begin to discover things about ourselves. I also believe that we never stop learning things about us ever but yes there would be an age whether it be middle-age or not where we become somewhat content. - ParasN2000

This one is kinda straight forward. - ParasN2000

3 Dealing with the pressures of studying and life decisions

You know how as a kid you are asked "what do you wanna be when you're older? "? Well this is the time where we might feel the need to actually start figuring that out. - ParasN2000

Yeah, making life decisions isn't always easy. This list is very relatable. ~ Userguy44

4 Managing the balance between having work and play
5 The conflict of young love and relationships

Teenage life is difficult enough without all this. Although please note, I am not against young relationships, I'm just saying. - ParasN2000

6 Trying to keep up with life (physically and mentally) while maintaining morals and a healthy routine

For some, it may be hard to find that motivation to get up and find productive things to do everyday. - ParasN2000

7 Trying to fit in

I think this is a relevant issue across people of all ages but I listed it here anyway as I think it is extra relevant towards teens. - ParasN2000

8 Body image issues
9 Trying to not be too focused on others, in terms of competing, comparing, etc.

It is natural for most people in general to compare and contrast themselves against other people. As I've gotten older I see how unhealthy it is. While it can be beneficial, it is a two-way street. - ParasN2000

10 Finding out things the hard way

This wasn't actually directed at anything inparticular. It could be anything. I just think as we start to mature we start taking more care and thought towards our actions and some things we have to learn one way or another. - ParasN2000

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11 Being controlled by your parents

They aren't "controlling" you or even trying to control you; they are simply trying to guide you. Hopefully it won't be too late when you realise this in later life.

They may be doing it for the right reasons although maybe some parents struggle to meet that balance between overprotecting and letting their children fend for themselves. - ParasN2000

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1. Dealing with many new feelings and emotions all at once
2. Discovering who you are a person
3. Dealing with the pressures of studying and life decisions


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