Top Ten Disadvantages of Being Tall

I am pretty tall myself, and sometimes it's good, but there are distinct drawbacks. Read on.

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1 Hitting Your Head On Things

This is true, I'm 6'7 at 14 and a freshman in high school and I hit my head on some doors, I deal with this every single day. - elson12

Yes you are right for know what I have to do.

I have a distinct crater on my forehead that was done by a sign I walked into. And one time I was about to catch a bus when I got clocked by the bus' wing mirror, that people of normal height were not in danger from, but it hit my face square on. Ouch. - PositronWildhawk

I've lost count of the times I almost cracked my head open by accidentally hitting it on things, particularly shelves. - DogsUnleashed

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2 The Everyday World Being Out of Proportion

Having to bunch my legs to fit them between seats and under short tables, accidentally kicking people sitting next to me, hitting my head on low hanging branches; it's quite annoying sometimes. - PositronWildhawk

I'm the tallest person in my grade

I have been the tallest in my grade from 2nd-7th grade, then the tallest gir since 2nd grade standing at 6foot 1inch almost 2 inches tall, I seem to intimidate everyone... oh and its really fun with school desks beacause my legs are so long and thchair are tiny as well...

3 Hard to Fit In Small Cars

Yes, I do have this problem. It's because my legs are out of proportion to the rest of my body. - PositronWildhawk

4 The Pain of Picking Things Up

A shorter person need only put an arm down to pick something up. A taller person has to either squat stupidly or fold their spine like you're bending an iron bar to pick something up. It's why I rarely wear laces. - PositronWildhawk

I have to squat down too or bend my knees. It's really annoying. - DogsUnleashed

I hate bending over and my friends say I'm not strong because of dis and yea

5 The Problem with Beds

My bed is the longest from head to foot that my family could find. And I still have to bunch up my legs or lie diagonally to fit comfortably. I think the manufacturers need to consider making them longer. It would do tall people, particularly tall insomniacs like me, a massive favour. - PositronWildhawk

I don’t actually have back pain but people assume I do because I slouch to be closer to my friends hights.

6 Back Pain

I have constant back and neck pain, my desk at work is too low (which also doesn't help because my legs can't fit under it) but my boss insists I mustn't complain

You may think back pain is bad for anyone, but if you're tall, it's more common, there's more of it at one time, there's more spread, and it's harder to deal with. - PositronWildhawk

6'3, 17 feel like 60

Absolutely, I get this from tables being too low, from hunching so I can talk to people at eye level, I feel as though being tall motivates bad posture

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7 Clothes Made Too Small

When I was 2, I was tall for my height is like the same as a 3-4 yr old. I wore clothes made for 18 month olds (I have the clothes and pics for proof)

I have no problems with shirts; my torso is large but not huge. But with legs this long, my selections there are somewhat limited. And often expensive. - PositronWildhawk

Yes; this is a world problem. We unfortunate victims may do with a strike or two... - HezarioSeth

It would make us show like a baby/small child

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8 Small Rooms

I had a small bedroom when I was very young. It was fine as a toddler, but as I became taller, it became more cramped. That had to change by the time I was 5'8", four and a half years ago. I'm now 6'4". - PositronWildhawk

Yeah I'm 6'6 and my ceiling is 6'5 and let's just say the bed barley fits in. My room let's just say it's a hard knock life

9 People Think You'll Be Good at Sports

If shorter people win a fight against you they rub it in your face like a trophe or a big accomplishment. But if you win, oh "whatever they're bigger" Like what? We just have more body than you? I'm tall, you're fat, we're all big in our own ways...

Also I hate how bullies are always portraied as big dudes pickin' on smaller guys... its becoming a tall people discrimonating stereotype...

I swear to god this is sooo damn true.

A number of people see me and ask things like "bet you're good at basketball". Well, I'm not. And somehow that's alien to them. I don't know if all tall people get this, but I get it too much. - PositronWildhawk

"Ohh look how tall you are! You must be a great basketball player! "... Spare me. - RalphSaad

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10 Can't Find a Shoe Size That Fits

Cannot find a woman shoes in a normal shoes shop. I must go to some extra-size shoes shops to buy one.

"I'm scared if I grow up a little more bit longer...i might not get my shoe size! "

To be honest I'm only a size 12 shoe size so I think my feet our small for my size

Exactly, this is happening to me

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11 Shorter Life Span

That is scary and also reminds me of Robert Waldo.


Who said this? I don't believe u...

This applies to Robert Wadlow and other giants who passed at young age. Think about Christopher Lee, he was 196 cm. He lived for 93 years.

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12 Being Told That You Are Tall

People come up to me and say. I feel like a midget when in fact they are not. I also do not like people calling me Slenderman for being so tall. And the worst one is 'your so tall'. Like do they think that I have not noticed?

My classmate tells me I'm to tall it makes feel hurt sometimes

Happens everyday! They also constantly say Ï fell so short" I mean what does that have to do with anything?


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13 Small Furniture

I hate the fact that most chairs and couches support your back if you're short or medium height, but if you're tall, the point at the top hacks at your neck, or if you're lucky, your spine. To avoid this, you either have to lean forward and cramp your back, lie down on the couch that is not as wide as you are tall, or buy an large but hideously expensive couch or chair. We eventually had to do the last one. - PositronWildhawk

14 Cannot Share an Umbrella With Someone During Rain
15 Makes You Look Older

Usually it only makes you older because most kids are taller because they develop faster which also makes their face more adult-like. - Alkadikce

Super super true! I'm only 14 but people see me at 17 and older... then I get hit on ALL the time then I tell them my age and they don't believe me.

Yeah I am 14 but they think I am 18 or 17

Jesus christ. It makes me look like an old woman.

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16 Having Bad Posture
17 Being Asked to Reach for Everything

It makes sense in a few cases (e.g. who decorates which part of the Christmas tree). - Alkadikce

I do this all the time! I grab the arm of the nearest tall person, say "You'll do" and have reach high shelves for me. They've always happily obliged. - Britgirl

I get this a lot. It can be annoying after some time. Particularly if the second tallest person in the room can get it. - PositronWildhawk

@PositionWildhawk you can also be a jerk and put kids things on high shelves. Just don't do it to my skateboard. - AlphaQ

18 People Behind You in Movie Theatres Demanding that You Get Out of the Way

"When I go to the movie theaters, people either ask politely to get out of the way... or demand I get out of the way in a very rude manner. So I'm constantly moving in the theater and it's a real pain! "

It's very bad

19 Easily Picked in Fights

That's sad.

More often tall ones ars thought to be tough and bully.They are judged by appearance and easily picked in fights.

20 Not Enough Food in a Typical Serving


I'm taller than my mom, aunts, and grandma and I eat more food than them but my mom always complains that I am/will get fat if I eat too much.

21 Knee Problems

Knee problems are something that I have and I'm young but tall

22 Can't Fit In Cars, Front or Back Seat

I have to slouch in cars or bend my head because the roof is always too low

23 Increased Chance of Getting Struck by Lightning
24 Increased Risk of Cancer
25 Everyone Assumes It's Great

It's not

26 Too Tall for Rides
27 Usually Men Like Shorter Women Rather Than Tall

Not entirely true. Some like tall women.
I personally think it's more about personality, loyalty and intelligence, but to be honest I would like to be able to see them at my eye level! - PositronWildhawk

I think the ideal case is when there is a 6-7 cm difference between a couple. - Alkadikce

28 Very Clumsy at Times
29 Not Fitting In

They will ignore us for every thing and they says

6'4...13..Bit of a legend. Not in a good way

When I was in elementry school I was 6foot, tall than everyone like everyone! I never fit in till junior high, I sdly had to go through the bullying and nicknames such as king kong or godzilla or big foot...etc. I honestly don't fit in like anywhere then when see somone taller to me I look and not cause it weird its just nice to see that once in a while... my parenta always joke around when they see a talll guy and say to me hay look its your boyfriend..but I did make a promis to mylself that I will not date a man shorter than 6 foot just because I find it strange to see a super tall girl with a super short guy...:/ also in my opinion I know that me and my other tall friend when we see super shot girls with really really tall guys we just knda glance ofe like...ummm y can't u stay with the short guys and leave the tall guys for the tall much easier!

30 Blankets Are Too Short
31 Draws Unwanted Attention

I walk into my school lobby the first day and everyone is staring at me only

32 Falls Hurt More Than They Should
33 People Saying "I'm Taller Than You"

It's just annoying because everyone says it when they think they're being funny

34 They Will Bully You

When I was little I use to be the same height as my friends and we use to get along well until...I started to grow and she just stoped growing...three years later I’m in 9th grade and 5’7 and most of my friends are 5’4 or 5’1 and I’m like a giant to them and they always say go and hangout with the tall people were to short for you and they kick you out of they group and they roast you in front of people and gang up on to embarrass you in front of everyone and don’t care about your feelings and sometimes ignore you and talk about you behind your back and they get closer with people they only knew for one day and treat you like a stranger and know one wants to be your friend

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