Top Ten Best Free Things In Life

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1 Love

Love is An Wonderful and powerful thing You would always have in Life. Family and Friends are also two powerful stuff we all need in life but Love is defiantly 1st. I need to hang it to Britgirl for creating this list.

An amazing and powerful thing. Men have destroyed whole countries for loves sake. Nothing more powerful and life changing.

"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control." - Unknown author.

It's a good feeling. Feelings don't need any price. It has affected our history and the world around us, in art, media, etc.

2 Family

I love my family, especially my mom. Each person in my family has value beyond any dollar amount. Everything I am or will be comes from my family. Although at times they upset me I know deep down I love them all very much.

Family can help you with a lot of stuff, and the reason you exist to this day.

I'd never thought of it that way, Britgirl. Thank-you.

They are your free gift from God when signing up to life at birth

3 The Gift of God

Always #1 on my list! I am a devoted Saved Christian! His gift of eternal life is the best of all!

God loved you and Jesus died for you. That's the gift of salvation you can't just waste.

Salvation is free, you just gotta repent and believe. God is Life.

All you have to do is believe!

4 Air

But interestingly enough, its also what kills us, oxygen breaks us down the same way as it does to other things.

Even if it smells like a week old curry, it's free, and it's keeping you alive.

You can't survive without Air.

Imagine if it's not...

5 Memories

I have a large cash box (with zero amount money in) which I call my Memory Of Good Things Box. It houses letters, photographs, little souvenirs of day trips, receipts; every little keepsake from my teens to the present day and every so often I'll look at them and all those special memories come flooding back. I use a cash box to remind me there are more important things in the world than money. Besides...It's the only thing I have with a strong lock.

Memories. My best day of life will be my last day, because I will have known all the good things I have done.

When life moves as fast as it does, memories are really some of your truest friends.

Memory's are something amazing On how they affect you!

6 Laughter

Laughing so much that you can hardly breath is the best thing ever!

It's when the Laughter is true that's it's the best!

You pay money to laugh at the pingas song on your NOT FREE computer.

Laughter is the key to happiness!

7 Friends

My only friends are the best things in life for me.

Of course. What would we be without friends?

Will you be my friend!?

Well you still have to work and take a chance to get to know them but yeah it's basically free

8 Life

It's more then Free it's also a choice so take the Free Opportunity & don't let them pass you by

9 The Mind

The brain comes with a free power supply! It's just that sometimes the current is direct, and sometimes it's alternating.

Seriously, this is truly a wonderful free gift. I think my batteries for it may have gone though...

I need a brain to type this L O L.

"Oh I wish I had a brain! " Wizard of Oz
He had one all along

It's what I call my "personal cabinet for creativity." Yeah, that's really what it is... you can be incredibly stupid but have a HECK of an imagination and that can give you insane success. Both knowledge, creativity, and imagination come from *points to head* right here.

10 Water

Water is something that helps to keep us alive. Without it we would dehydrate and have health problems!

Not free unless it rains...

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11 Imagination

I can fly
I can swim in the pacific ocean
I can be a famous actor
I can be anyone I want

12 Sunshine
13 Kittens

You have to buy food, so it's not totally free.

14 Respect

Respect is NOT free, this I know for sure.

15 Opinions

Opinions aren't always free. Speak out in a communist country, and you're killed. These governments need an extreme reform (the good kind)

Okay I'm a going to share my opinions here don't get angry, this tab here is about opinions:
Girl bullies are almost always blond
Boys are most of the times disgusting
Little kids are super annoying
Atoumatic corrections are useless
School is useless
Video games are educational

I love sharing my Opinions!

16 People

Adore them. They're put here for us to love and be loved by.

17 School

Best? Free? Some schools cost money...

18 Free Samples

Well, I guess that the name is legit.

19 Sleeping

I love sleeping!

20 Music
21 Running Running is a method of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot. Running is a type of gait characterized by an aerial phase in which all feet are above the ground.
22 Advice
23 An Education
24 Free Refills
25 Oak trees
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