Top Ten Most Disappointing Animated Movies of All Time


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81 The Jungle Book 2
82 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

Lol Picahontas is rude in this one


83 The Ant Bully
84 The Rugrats Movie

The sequels and the show is better

85 Rio


86 Barnyard
87 The Incredibles

Not a morsel of disappointment here

88 Wall-E

Wall - E was a good movie

It was okay, not bad

89 Astro Boy

This movie sucked so bad. Osamu Tezuka must be rolling in his grave. - SailorSedna

90 Zootopia

What?! Take This Down! If Anything, I Think It's One of the Best Animated Movies Of All Time! I Love this Movie! - ChiefMudkip

Also, since this movie is so popular, it would inspire fanfic writers to ship Fox McCloud from the Star Fox games with either Cream the Rabbit from Sonic (which is not okay due to their age gap), Lucy Hare from Star Fox Command or this movie's protagonist Judy Hopps herself, instead of Krystal from Star Fox. (Knowing how Fox and Krystal turned out in some of the story in Star Fox Command. This worries me. If Fox can't be with Krystal, then why not let him stay single, or ship him with Fara from the old Star Fox comics or even Katt? Why does a fictional fox needed to be shipped with it's own prey? )

Okay How Was This Disappointing

Why have 1 rabbit on crack when you can have 3 foxes.

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91 Toy Story 2

This film was amazing and it was even better than the first! - SailorSedna


92 Pet Pals
93 Pokemon: The First Movie

The Japanese version is better. - SailorSedna

94 Dinosaur
95 Ratatoing
96 Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil
97 Happy Feet
98 Ice Age

This movie was CRAP, All the sequels are much better! - darthvadern

99 Mulan II
100 Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland
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