Top 10 Discontinued or Rare Products and Brands that Need to Be Brought Back Everywhere

There's so many things that got discontinued or are no longer available in certain areas that really need to be brought back. Feel free to add more items as well.
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1 Little Joe/Pup Vanilla (Product)

Technically, they're not discontinued, but their fragrance has changed multiple times over the last few years. There was one specific fragrance that smelled much better than the others. Back in 2019, the Little Pup Vanilla fragrance was perfect. It wasn't too sweet or too overbearing like the current ones. It had a very nice candle-like, perfumy type of smell and felt like paradise.

Sadly, they changed the fragrance in 2020 and again in 2021. The same thing happened with the Little Joe fragrance back in 2016. There was at least one version of Little Joe Vanilla that was perfect in 2016. They really need to eliminate the current ones and bring back the best versions. They should stick with the best-smelling one and not all those post-2019 fragrances, which aren't even half as good.

2 Lipton Green Iced Tea (Product)

It may or may not be discontinued, but I haven't been able to find it in stores for a while now. In my opinion, this is the best iced tea drink. It's far superior to any other iced tea beverages. This was also one of my favorite drinks as a kid.

They really need to bring it back. It was truly amazing.

3 Laurentien (Brand)

Laurentien is an art supply brand that was discontinued around 2012. They produced various art supplies, but their colored pencils and fine-line markers were definitely their best products. The colored pencils are of very high quality and offer a great range of colors. The fine-line markers were also excellent.

If you ever see Laurentien products in stores, I advise you to buy some.

4 Atomic BBQ Goldfish Crackers (Product)

Out of all the Goldfish cracker flavors, this one tasted the best, personally. These were very flavorful and the only ones I genuinely enjoyed a lot.

5 Micro Jammers Cap Toys (Brand)

If you're wondering what these are, they're musical instruments that make various riffs and sounds. These toys are from the '90s and are nearly 30 years old as of 2022. They come in different instruments, from guitars to fiddles to banjos and more. They're quite rare and expensive at this point.

These toys are truly fantastic and are way better than the toys you'd currently find in stores.

6 Little Trees Car Freshener Black Forest (Product)

The Little Trees car freshener Black Forest was released in late 2008 and discontinued in early 2016. This was one of the best fragrances, as it smelled just like a nice masculine scent without having that overrated "showoff" kick to it. It was more natural and relaxing rather than being overpowering. The design was also very cool-looking.

They really need to bring this one back because it's GOAT tier. The "closest" car fresheners that smell like Black Forest, which are still available as of 2022, are either Rose Thorn or Wild Hemp. They don't even smell as amazing, but they're still great.

7 Bean Boozled: Throwback Edition (Product)

I've seen a couple of videos of people eating these jelly beans, and I'm genuinely curious to try them (for example, Baby Wipes, Skunk Spray, and Pencil Shavings). The earliest edition I tried was the fourth one, which got discontinued in 2018. I genuinely wish I had tried this edition.

8 Waffle Fries From KFC (Product)

These looked and tasted great. They were better than the regular fries, which aren't bad at all either. Too bad they were only there for a limited time.

9 Original Nintendo DS (Product)

This and the Lite version were great Nintendo handheld consoles. They also had a Game Boy Advance slot, so you could play those video games on the Nintendo DS as well. There were a lot of great Super Mario games.

The Phat version is semi-rare, but Lites and Is are generally unimpressive on eBay and Goodwills.

10 Sears (Brand)

Sears became defunct in January 2018. Despite being a bit expensive, it wasn't that bad of a store brand. In 2017, they announced they would be closing all Sears stores in Canada. Sales then started in late 2017.

I remember going to Sears when I was a kid. It actually filed for bankruptcy in October 2018.

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11 Blockbuster (Brand)

There is only one Blockbuster store remaining, and it's in Bend, Oregon. Blockbuster was so popular and was the place to buy VCR and VHS tapes before DVD and Blu-Ray discs, along with streaming services, became popular.

I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't remember going to Blockbuster at least once, because that place was awesome. I remember going there in the late 2000s, probably in 2009, with my family a few years before it closed.

Thanks to streaming services, there really isn't much need for Blockbuster anymore.

12 Toys R Us (Brand)

They came back and are now part of the Macy's stores after teaming up with Macy's to re-emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The only flagship store is in New Jersey.

13 Welch's Strawberry Breeze (Product)

I used to drink this juice all the time until it was discontinued sometime in 2012.

14 Blackberry Curve (Product)
15 Knee High Converse (Product)

It's a shame these wonderful shoes were discontinued around a decade ago. I'm lucky that I found a pair in my size on eBay.

16 T-Mobile Sidekick (Product)
17 Cathode Ray Tube TV (Product)
18 Shag Band (Product)

I wish I could find some black 2000s shag bands in stores because they seem to be discontinued nowadays. Maybe I'll find some online.

19 Pop Rocks (Product)

They still make these. I've seen them in a bunch of stores in my city.

20 Borders (Brand)
21 Hollywood Video (Brand)
22 Oldsmobile (Brand)
23 Strawberry Creme Savers (Product)

If you don't know what these are, they were strawberry-flavored candies that looked a lot like peppermints, and they were so delicious! I bought something similar, but nothing compares to the old Creme Savers.

24 Max Steel (Product)
25 Nerds Cereal (Product)
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