Top 10 Best Jelly Belly Air Fresheners

If you're wondering if those exist. Yes, they actually do. Jelly Belly has a decent amount of car freshener fragrances. The fragrances are also named after the jelly bean flavors. Here's are some of the best Jelly Belly car freshener fragrances.

Note: Do NOT eat nor lick those car fresheners no matter how delicious they smell. They're toxic and should never be consumed.
The Top Ten
1 Very Cherry

This may be their most popular Jelly Belly fragrance because cherry scented car freshers are quite popular overall. It's also popular for the right reasons since it's a cherry fragrance that's quite outstanding overall. It's not a sickeningly sweet nor a generic cherry fragrance. It has tartness which makes it smell richer and better quality. If you want to start trying those car fresheners, Very Cherry's a safe bet for a first try.

2 Lemon Drop

It's a very nice lemony fragrance. It smells like Froot Loops and lemon meringue pie. It's sweet, lemony, fresh and pretty much everything you want from a fragrance. It's probably going to appeal gourmand people the most. It's that good.

3 Juicy Pear

This one may be inaccurate on the scent, but it still smells great. It mostly smells like apples, kiwi and almost like cotton candy. It's extremely fruity and sweet.

4 Pink Grapefruit

This one smells quite nice and not too pungent either. It's a pretty subtle grapefruit scent. It kinda smells like Froot Loops too. If you like to have a citrus fragrance that isn't too pungent, this one's for you.

5 Island Punch

The first thing that will come to your mind if you smell this car freshener, it's probably going to be the fruit punch you drank as a kid. Good memories for many people. This car freshener's not for everybody, but fruit punch fans will love this one.

6 Margarita

It smells a lot like women's perfume and a little bit like lime. It smells a lot like the discontinued Little Trees car freshener Bold Embrace. Out of those Jelly Belly car fresheners, this one's probably the car freshener that smells the least like food. It's ideal for those who prefer clean or fragrant car fresheners rather than food scented car fresheners.

7 Mojito

This one smells nothing like the Margarita one. The only similar thing is that both have some lime fragrances, but that's really it. Mojito smells like lemons, lime and a bit like smoky mint. It's also far sweeter than Margarita.

8 Berry Blue

It has a strong scent of cough syrup, citrus and berries. It smells like those Scooby-Doo gummy candies for the most part. This one may be too much for everyone, but if you like extreme fragrances, you might wanna try this one.

9 Vanilla

It smells like birthday cake and white chocolate. It has a slight floral fragrance as well. This one's not for everyone since it might be too sweet for some people. But again, this one's not a bad choice to try as your first Jelly Belly car freshener since the Vanilla car freshener's more of a fragrance people may want to try.

10 Top Banana

It smells like creamy and artifical bananas. It's not overbearing in the slightest. It smells quite nice especially for a banana fragrance.

The Contenders
11 Coconut
12 Crushed Pineapple
13 Blueberry

It has a nice nostalgic blueberry scent especially when you open it at first. However, you might get tired of this scent after a few days, but you can always put it back in its package to use it another time.

14 Wild Blackberry

It doesn't smell like blackberries nor anything related to that. It smells like berry gummy candies you probably find at the store.

15 Pina Colada
16 Peach Bellini
17 Strawberry Daiquiri
18 Green Apple
19 Sizzling Cinnamon
20 Mango
21 Birthday Cake
22 Tangerine
23 Tutti-Fruitti
24 Bubble Gum
25 Licorice

Honestly it's surprising that they nailed it with that fragrance since Licorice is somewhat easy to mess up. It would probably have ended up with a borderline cologne, minty or spice type of smell. It's not the case with this one. Great job on the accuracy. Fragrance isn't bad either if you like licorice.

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