Top 10 Plywood Brands in Delhi of 2022

Searching for the right kind of plywood to create strong and durable furniture is a tedious task. Here we are to help you out to select the best plywood in India from the leading brands.
The Top Ten
1 Bhutan Tuff

Bhutan Tuff is one of the best plywood brands and emerged as a well-trusted brand by its wide customer base. The company is committed to providing superior quality products manufactured utilising the world's finest quality wood veneers. The team is passionate to craft the best quality products at affordable pricing. Bhutan Ruff board is very famous for its durability and strength. The company deals in all kinds of plywood, decorative veneer sheets in a wide range of shades and styles, flush doors, boards, etc. The company is passionate to produce the finest quality natural, recon, and teak veneers. Bhutan Tuff is a brand you can depend upon freely for all your requirements to develop and craft the best furniture items. Though the operations are based in north India, the company is expanding its horizon with quality services.

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2 Century Ply

Century Ply is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plywood in India. The company deals in plywood, veneer, laminates, MDF board, and laminate sheets to cater to different needs to fulfil the demands of a large customer base. The factory is situated in Kolkata and also has a division in Punjab. The products are well trusted by customers. The company is endowed with many awards for its quality products.

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3 Greenply Industries Ltd.

The company manufactures a wide array of products to create a variety of furniture like plywood, blockboard, decorative veneer sheets, MDF board, laminates, etc. the company deals in laminate floorings too. It is a big company with more than 45 branches across India to provide the best services to its customers all the time. The company operates through a wide network of distribution channels.

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4 SRG Ply & Boards

It is in New Delhi and is having more than 100 years of trading in the furniture market. It is a leader in the plywood industry. The company is winning the hearts of its customers with its innovative product range.

5 Solid Ply Pvt Ltd.

It is one of the leading plywood manufacturers in India since 1975, with its manufacturing factory at Visakhapatnam. The company utilises modern machines and equipment to produce quality products.

6 Bansal Sales

It is one of the leading suppliers and distributors of home furnishings such as plywood, MDF, floorings, etc. The company also deals in veneer sheets, laminates, and other decorative hardware products. The whole product range is very well planned and designed keeping in mind the customers' preferences.

7 Greenpanel Industries

It is one of the largest wood manufacturers in India. Their facility is situated in Uttarakhand, and Andhra Pradesh. The company deals in high-quality plywood, MDF, decorative veneers, and doors.

8 Archidply Laminate Industries Ltd.

It is also one of the leading plywood manufacturing companies in India since 1976. The company is credited with revolutionising the plywood manufacturing processes and offers world-class products for different customer needs.

9 Uniply

The company is very popular and successful in the industry for its quality products. Continuous use of innovative technology and responsible use of natural resources makes it stand out from others.

10 Kitply

Kitply was established long back in 1982. The company is progressing with its wide range of high-quality products like plywood, boards, etc. The company owns five well-equipped factories and many sales offices across India. It is the first company to produce plywood and blockboard in India.

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