Top 10 Best CD and DVD Burning Software

Burning a CD or a DVD may look complicated when you first think about it. After buying blank discs, an external CD/DVD drive (unless your computer comes with a built in drive), and alcohol based labelling markers, choosing the right software to burn your discs is the final step in the process.

Luckily, there are plenty of apps out there that you can use to burn blank writable discs. It's important to know that CD+R, CD-R, DVD+R, and DVD-R discs can only be written once while CD+RW, CD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RW discs can be rewritten (including having files erased or added) about 1,000 times.

In this list, I will share some apps and website software that you can use to create and burn your own CDs and DVDs at home. Some of these are entirely free, whereas others may have a free version with several locked features and charge you money to use the full version or they may be entirely locked behind a paywall.

As a side note, I've personally been using Maxell CD-R and DVD-R discs for my home burned discs. You can find these discs at various stores, including CVS Pharmacy (which is where I buy my blank CD and DVD discs in packs of 5).
The Top Ten
1 Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a good app for those using Windows to burn audio files, such as MP3 files, to a CD. First, insert the disc into the drive. Next, open the app and click "burn." Then, drag the files you want to burn to the "burn" section.

Once you do that, a menu will appear asking if you'd like to burn the disc "like a USB flash drive" or "with a CD/DVD player." It's important to know that the former option is for creating data discs, while the latter option is for discs that can be played in a normal CD or DVD player. Yes, DVD players can play CD discs for those who didn't know. Finally, once the burning process is complete, the disc will eject from the drive, and you can now use the CD either for listening to music or for data purposes.

2 DVDStyler

I personally use this app to create menus for blank DVDs as well as to add videos and burn them. There are several menus you can choose from, and several buttons you can select. You can change the colors of the text and the buttons.

Once you've finished with the menu and added all the videos you want to burn to the disc, it's time to start the burning process. The burning can sometimes take a while, especially if the videos you're burning are long or if there are many videos to burn. However, it does the job pretty well, and you can enjoy watching your custom DVD on your DVD player once the process is finished.

I'd strongly recommend this app to anyone who enjoys burning DVDs, especially due to the fact that it automatically converts video files into DVD files.

3 BurnAware

BurnAware is a good tool for burning CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-ray discs. Users can write all sorts of files such as digital photos, documents, archives, music, and videos onto the discs. You can even copy and back up discs.

The only downside to this app is the fact that the full version costs $29 to use. There is a free version, but it comes with far fewer features than the premium and professional versions do.

4 True Burner

True Burner is a free disc-burning app that features a copier and a burner, allowing you to copy and burn disc files as you please. In addition, it doesn't have much of an impact on system performance, as it takes up little space and allows you to run projects in the background while doing other things on your computer. The best part, however, is the fact that True Burner is able to scan discs for errors and allows you to rewrite or erase files from rewritable discs.

Overall, it's a good app that I'd recommend downloading and trying out.

5 CDBurnerXP

CDBurnerXP is compatible with Windows XP and newer versions of Windows. If you're new to disc burning, this may be a good app for you, especially after visiting the online help website. You can even erase data from rewritable discs.

The software has a data disc option that can be used for storing videos, music, or for burning standard data discs. However, these discs will not work in a regular disc player. They will only work on a computer.

To create discs that can be played in CD or DVD players, you will need to choose the audio or video disc options. Additionally, you can't convert video files the way you can with numerous other disc-burning software.

6 DeepBurner

Similar to BurnAware, DeepBurner offers a free version with many locked features, as well as a full version for $28.95. You can create data, video, or audio DVDs or CDs using this app. It also functions as a disc copier and can copy files on the disc you insert into the DVD drive, whether internal or external.

7 AnyBurn

AnyBurn is free software that you can use to burn various types of discs. Although it will only convert files for CD audio discs, for DVD discs, you'll need to convert the files yourself. In addition to being a good disc-burning tool, it's also a good disc-ripping tool. This means you can clone video and audio files to burn them onto other discs or save them to your computer.

8 ImgBurn

ImgBurn is a free and regularly updated DVD burning software that can be used to burn CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-ray discs. It can burn various types of image, video, and audio files onto the disc. Additionally, you can burn multiple discs at once if you have the proper equipment to do so, and it has little impact on system performance.

Unfortunately, it doesn't allow you to create menus, and you'll see a bunch of ads on the website if you're not using an ad blocker.

9 InfraRecorder

InfraRecorder is a free app that you can use to burn discs, but it's only compatible with Windows 7 or older versions of Windows. It excels at burning double-layered CD and DVD discs and remains open-source with an active community of users.

The only downside, as mentioned above, is that this app is compatible only with Windows 7 and older versions of Windows.

10 Wondershare DVD Creator

I'm sure many of you have probably heard about Wondershare because of their Filmora video editing software. But did you know they also have an app for creating DVDs? That's right, Wondershare has created an app called Wondershare DVD Creator, and it comes with many bonus features such as a video editor, slideshow creator, chapter creator, and more. It can also be used to burn other types of discs, such as audio CDs or Blu-rays.

The cost of this app is $55.95 for single users and $89.95 for multiple users. You can also purchase a one-year subscription for $39.95 instead.

The Contenders
11 Power2Go
12 Ashampoo Burning Studio
13 Express Burn
14 1Click DVD Copy Pro
15 Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning
16 Aiseesoft Burnova
17 UltraISO
18 Nero Burning ROM
19 DVD Studio Pro
20 X-CD-Roast
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