Top 10 Best Disney Flash Games of the 2000s

In the 2000s, Disney released lots of nostalgic and awesome Flash games based on the shows that were airing at the time. I've personally played most (if not all) of these games in my elementary and middle school years and it's sad that Adobe Flash was shut down for good on 1/12/2021. I'm sure many of you reading this list will also remember playing these old Flash games back in the good old days.

From Zack and Cody's Tipton Trouble to C.A.R.'s Daring Detour, here is the list of the best Adobe Flash games created by Disney between the years 2000-2009.
The Top Ten
1 Zack and Cody's Tipton Trouble

This one was personally my favorite. I would always play this game on my family's Windows 7 computer after school when I was in elementary school. There were four levels, and you had to avoid getting caught by Maddie, London, Carey, and Mr. Moseby. You had three lives in the game, and you could hide from the four characters by hiding behind curtains or riding the luggage cart.

2 Pizza Party Pickup

This was another one of my favorites, but sadly, I could never get past level 8 no matter how hard I tried, as I would always lose the three lives. It was very tempting to grab all the coins and party supplies from each level.

3 Mickey and Friends Pillow Fight

I played this one all the time when I was six years old and in first grade. I would always choose the three-player mode just so that I could control every character and choose who would win, which usually ended up being Mickey Mouse.

4 Kitchen Commotion

This was another Suite Life of Zack and Cody game, and there were seven levels. I would always select the two-player mode and make sure the character I was controlling with my keyboard would win.

Also, if Mr. Moseby caught you throwing food around the kitchen, you would lose a lot of points.

5 That's So Raven: Cory's Money Maze

This game was similar to Tipton Trouble, except you had to collect money and deposit it in the bank.

6 The Proud Family Toon Creator

In this game, you could add up to four different characters and include various sound effects, including phrases from the characters, from the show.

7 625 Sandwich Stacker

I have many elementary school memories of playing this game and trying to stack it as high as possible.

I also have memories of playing this game when I was younger. The game was fun to play.

8 A Stitch in Time 2: Past

There were three games in the series (#1 was present, #2 was past, and #3 was future), but I particularly remember the second game of this series, which involved Kim Possible escaping from daycare.

9 Kim Possible Shopping Avenger

I also have plenty of memories of playing this one in elementary school. There are five different scenarios, and you basically have to run around the store finding all three of the items you need for the mission. It was a simple point-and-click game.

10 C.A.R's Daring Detour

This was a game based on the show "The Replacements." You had to avoid or destroy obstacles in the game while going on an endless journey until the car finally crashed, ending the game. I had a great time playing this game in elementary school.

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11 Fishing Pico
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