Best Disney Princess Songs

Frozen has not yet come out but I've been doing a little, okay, a lot of research on it and I've included Let it Go in here. This original list is based on public opinion not mine.

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21 Be a Man

Amazing song vote with the coercing river and be mysterious as the dark side of the moon!

Be a man with the force of the voting vote for this song

The song is not called 'Be a Man'

22 Love is an Open Door - Frozen

The MOST annoying Frozen song EVER!

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23 I'm Wishing - Snow White
24 I Won't Say I'm In Love

I'm all down for Meg. She is sassy and sophisticated plus she knows how to have a good time. She isn't a hopeless romantic but an unexpected geek. She thinks about what she's gonna do and say and isn't perfect as it is known in her song.

This song should be higher. Even though it is not sung by a woman that disney recognizes as a princess she is strong and powerful. Not to mention sassy. It's a truly powerful love song.

Fantastic song

25 Heigh Ho
26 I'll Make a Man Out of You

Oh my glob I love this song so much

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27 I've Got a Dream
28 Under the Sea
29 God Help the Outcasts - Hunchback of Notre Dame
30 Here On the Land and Sea
31 Tip and Dash
32 We Know the Way

This is such a good song!

33 Be Our Guest - Beauty and the Beast
34 The Glow

As the newest Disney Princess anthem, I considerably love this song more than Let it Go

This is pretty! Not the greatest, but not immoral like Let It Go.

35 With a Smile and a Song
36 Where Dreams Begin
37 For a Moment
38 Eilonwy - The Black Cauldron Eilonwy - The Black Cauldron
39 Mother Knows Best - Tangled

This is my favorite song in Tangled.
Mother Gothel, if I'm spelling her name correctly, is telling Rapunzel
that mother knows best, even though she's mean.

40 Going Down the Bayou
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