Creative Comparing #7: The Lion King VS Aladdin

Martinglez Today i'm comparing these 2 best disney movies according to this site. They are both classics but which one is better? Let's compare them. Also, spoilers.

1- Characters: This is a tough one. I don't dislike any characters in any of the films. In The Lion King we have Simba, a great main characters that's likeable, Timon and Pumbaa, the comic relief and a great one too, Scar, the antagonist you love to hate, Nala, Simba's childhood friend and love interest in adulthood, Mufasa, a great father figure who's death is the saddest disney movie ever, Zazu, another great character, Rafiki, a great character and the Hienas who are also great. In Aladdin we have Aladdin, another great and likeable protagonist, Princess Jasmine, Aladin's love interest, Genie, easily the best character in the film, very funny and interesting, also he makes me miss Robin Williams, Jafar, another likeable villain, Lago, Jafar's parrot (also lago means lake in Spanish) , Abu, Aladin's cute monkey sidekick and The Sultan, another great father. I think this should be a tie, since both have likeable characters that you can't help but love. Although if the Genie wasn't in Aladin the point would go to The Lion King.
The Lion King: 0,5 Aladdin: 0,5

2- Animation: Obviously a tie since they both use the same animation.
The Lion King: 1 Aladdin: 1

3- Soundtrack: Since they are both musicals, the soundtrack is important. The Lion King's most memorable songs are The Circle of Life, an awesome first song that everyone remembers, I Just Can't Wait to be King, a memorable and fun tune, Be Prepared, one of the best villain songs ever, Hakuna Matata, the one everyone knows and Can You Feel the Love Tonight, a great song from Eltohn John himself. While Aladin has a Whole New World, easily the best song in the film, Prince Ali, a catchy and good song, and Friend like Me, the Genie at his best. The Lion King has more memorable and good songs than Aladin, so point goes to The Lion King.
The Lion King: 2 Aladdin: 1

4- Comedy: As i said, Aladdin has the Genie, he's funnier than all The Lion King characters.
The Lion King: 2 Aladdin: 2

5- Story: They both have great stories with their ups and downs but The Lion King's story is better. It has great moments and bad moments and it makes you feel what it wants you to feel in every scene, Mufasa's death is another reason that The Lion King's story is better for me.
The Lion King: 3 Aladdin: 2

6- Entertainment: Which has me more entertained and glued to my seat? The Lion King. Although they are both very good to watch and Aladdin has the Genie (he's a Genieous) The Lion King is just better overall to me.
The Lion King: 4 Aladdin: 2

Winner: The Lion King: Like i said they are both great films. I would recommend both. They both have great characters and animation. The Lion King has a better soundtrack, story and is more entertaining to watch, although Aladdin is funnier. They are both masterpieces that you should watch if you haven't already. To me, The Lion King is the best disney movie ever.


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