Top 10 Disney Movies with the Worst Endings

The worst endings of Disney movies! Not all of the movies on the list have to be bad movies. There are some really great Disney movies out there that don't have very good endings.
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1 Mulan II

Mulan and Shang married right before the emperor's eyes! What a humiliation! Will the emperor overlook easily like that? Then the next title of Mulan III will be: China has fallen! The Mongols will defeat the whole China, and then Mulan is no more the pride of her ancestor. End!

Most of this movie was garbage, but the ending was the biggest problem. Do you people not understand politics? The title of the next sequel (which'll luckily never happen) should be Mulan III: The Decimation of the Chinese empire.

Not only this movie, but its ending is also horrible. Why they can let Mulan married Shang right before the emperor's eyes?

Well this really made me angry! I mean, my god! This is such a horrible ending! This is possibly the worst thing about this whole awful sequel! The entire plot of the movie is that three princesses have to get married in order to save China from being destroyed by the Mongols! However, they fall in love with Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po! They actually do end up getting together at the end which seems like a nice idea. But there's one problem. THE MONGOLS ARE GOING TO ATTACK CHINA! THEY LET THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DIE! It's never addressed what happened! We're just supposed to assume that they let China suffer because of love! And Mulan, who usually doesn't focus on love but instead focuses on what's right, doesn't even care! This is the worst ending to any movie ever! It truly ruins what made the first movie so great! This movie definitely brought dishonor to us all!

2 The Little Mermaid

Ariel is such a terrible character! She is very selfish and betrays her own father to go up to the surface! She even made a deal with a sea witch! What an idiot! Because of this, she pretty much doomed everyone. And then after Ursula gets defeated, Ariel, despite causing all of this, gets to keep her legs and be with Eric! Um, what? After all of that, you're just gonna give her what she wanted? I know she said sorry, but it did not sound sincere! Even if it was sincere, she should've still have gotten punished! But no! She gets rewarded for putting her everyone's life in danger! And does she learn her lesson at the end? No! No she doesn't! Ariel is an objectively bad character and doesn't deserve to get what she wants!

I'm sorry but this dislike for Ariel is kinda getting messed up. She had a dream to become a human (I don't know why but okay) so if you have a dream, you'll most likely do anything to fulfill it without considering the risks, and that's what Ariel felt. Also, she was just a teenager, and teens are highly prone to mistakes. You make it seem like she was just an evil person who deliberately put everyone's lives at risk. She just didn't think her actions through so don't make her out as the villain of the whole movie. Also, with Triton giving Ariel her legs back, there is a such thing as forgiveness. At least nobody got killed (not that I remember of because I haven't watched this movie is a while)

Sad. But she can still see her father and her dreams came true.

How about the ending in the book when Ariel died?

3 Hercules

I like Ron Clements and John Musker but this movie is terrible! But the thing that really got on my nerves was the ending! The whole point of this movie is that Hercules is trying to be a true hero so he could become a god return to Olympus. That ends up happening! But when he finally gets to Olympus, he chooses to stay on Earth just to be with Meg! A lot of people might disagree with me on this, but this ending is dumb! If he chose to stay on Earth, then that makes the entire plot of the movie pointless! Also, why does he still like Meg? She was working with the villain and tricked him! Even though she changed her ways, I still wouldn't trust her! Plus, we all know Meg gets killed after the events of this movie! Hercules kills her after being given temporary madness! This movie isn't the worst thing ever but it has a ton of problems!

Well, Meg had no choice but to work with the villain because she sold her soul to Hades to save her previous boyfriend, only to be left by him later on, explaining the reason why she was not interested in Hercules at first. So yeah, I don't see any problem with Hercules wanting to be with Meg after knowing that her trickery really wasn't her fault.

4 Beauty and the Beast (1991)

I'm gonna take a break from insulting the live action Beauty and the Beast remake and insult the original for a moment. What's the message of this movie? Inner beauty is greater than outer beauty! Do not judge a person by their appearance! Real beauty comes from within! It doesn't matter what someone looks like as long as they have a great personality! And then at the end, the Beast turns back into a "handsome" prince. Kind of destroys the whole message. In fact, something that the remake actually did better than the original, was the ending! Just one line fixed the entire ending! Belle asks the prince if he would consider growing a beard! This makes more sense because Belle fell in love with the Beast! She wants the Beast back! I love the original Beauty and the Beast, but the ending is my only problem with it.

I don't like judging people for this kinda stuff but I don't enjoy seeing flawed reasoning either, so I'm gonna keep going here. So yeah, the moral of the film is to not judge someone by their appearance, but then there's the ACTUAL STORY. The prince was transformed into a beast because he was a nothing but a hateful human being and the only way he would turn back was when he felt love for another person and earned that person's love in return, which is exactly what happened in the end. So beast still would've turned human anyways regardless of the 'moral' of the film. Sometimes morals don't exactly have to affect how the story should run

5 Ralph Breaks the Internet

Vanellope should not have been allowed to join Slaughter Race. She should have learned the same lesson Ralph had to learn in the original.

As a reward a reward I shall give you my virus.
No, I don't want that! Vanellope finding another game...?! I want her to think about me and no one else for the rest of my life! Even after I die... I want to be at the front of her mind for a while! 10 years, at least!

Someone thinks Slaughter Race "better suits Vanellope's personality". If that's true, then why did I ever think I could relate to her? I can't relate to, nor do I have any love or sympathy, for someone who lives for killing people, maiming animals, and destroying property just over one stupid car that's just yet another red sports car with flames painted it among many.

Ralph Breaks The Internet should be number 1 because Vanelope decides to live in Slaughter Race and doesn't care about abandoning her own game. She goes Turbo like King Candy did. It also ruins the events of the first movie, I hope for a third movie. I hate Ralph Breaks The Internet.

6 The Muppets (2011)

I absolutely adore this movie! This is the best Muppets movie ever! But I kind of felt like the ending was a huge slap in the face. And this is the only one on this list that happens in the credits. They do a telethon so they could save Muppet Studios and they almost succeed at making enough money! Unfortunately, they failed at doing that. But then Kermit gives such an amazing and emotional speech! He says that as long as they're all together as a family, that's all that matters! They could just start from the bottom and try to make their way back up! This was such a mature scene! As it kept going on, I really thought they were going to go this route! That would've been the perfect way to end it! I even cried a little bit. But then, Tex Richman just gives Muppet Studios back to the Muppets. SERIOUSLY!? I really thought they were going to do something different! Other than that, I really love this movie!

7 Cinderella (1950)

The prince is very sexist! But most of us already knew that. Notice how at the ball, he falls in love with the ONLY blonde girl in the room! And also, when Cindy rushes out of the ball, she leaves her glass slipper behind. Still don't know why the glass slippers stayed in that form. So the prince goes to every girl and has them try on the glass slipper! Ok, what are the odds of no one having the same size foot as Cinderella? At least prince finds Cindy, puts the glass slipper on her foot, then they get married! The end! He didn't even get to know her very well and yet the movie ends with them getting married! This just shows that the prince treats women as objects and doesn't care about who they are on the inside! Ironic hearing me say that since I made a list about the hottest Disney princesses. Lol.

Okay MegaSoulHero, your reasoning for this one is good except for the blonde part. Just because he falls in love with a blonde doesn't make him sexist. Also, getting to know each other before marrying wasn't actually a thing in this time period. The royal men had a lot of power so they could choose any girl and marry them without having to go through a relationship process. There was actually a play on this logic in the movie Enchanted when Robert questioned Giselle's relationship with prince Edward.

8 The Good Dinosaur

Unlike a lot of people, I like this movie. However, I felt like the ending could've been a lot better. When Arlo is making his way home, Spot reunites with his family which is pretty emotional. And then Arlo makes it back to his family, they hug, then Arlo puts his mark on the rock. That's it. The problem with this is that I felt like it was a little rushed. It ends just like that. It would've been nice to see more happening in this scene. So I was very underwhelmed by this scene.

I agree with this one. I think they should've just left that part out.

9 Frozen II

I like Frozen 1 and I like Elsa, but even I think making her the spirit that binds everything or whatever tf it was is a bit much. Also knowing it was just another excuse to force a popular platonic pair apart a la "Toy story 4" & RBTI.

The Northern Snow Queen fits Elsa better than the forced canon 5th spirit of the Enchanted Forest, whereas, the 5th spirit of the Enchanted Forest fits Anna better than Arendelle's forced canon queen.

Elsa should've remained Arendelle's canon Snow Queen at the end of this sequel, whereas, Anna should've been the canon 5th spirit of the Enchanted Forest at the end of this sequel.

Ok, listen, I love frozen but Anna is not my queen and Elsa... I don't know, she's homeless living in the forest now?

Disney, I like sequels, but stop giving them such bad endings!

10 Moana

I've seen this movie 3 times, and like I've stated before, I find it to be a little overrated. It's still better than Mary Poppins though! Moana is a good movie and my favorite character would probably have to be Maui! However, the reason why I didn't like the ending involves Maui! He says in the movie that without his magical hook, he is nothing. And after his hook gets destroyed and after Te Ka gets "defeated", he says that he doesn't need his hook to be awesome. A good lesson, but then Te Fiti gives him another hook! I guess this was a way to reward him for apologizing for stealing her heart, but that shouldn't be enough for him to get his hook back. And if it was for bringing her heart back, he didn't! Moana did! I'm glad Maui still gets to keep his hook, but the reason for him getting it back doesn't make sense.

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11 The Aristocats

This movie ends with the one of the worst Disney songs ever! It's just them repeating the same thing over and over again! "Everybody wants to be a cat". NO ONE WANTS TO BE A CAT! And it doesn't help that none of the characters can sing! I mean, wow! And they also break the 4th wall after the song which I'm guessing is supposed to be funny, but honestly it's not. So this ending is pretty bad.

I'm not surprised this had a bad ending since the whole movie was boring from beginning to end.

This movie is dodo

12 Toy Story 4

Continuing Disney's "let's ruin a character and break up iconic duos/groups" kick...

Miss me with that "breaking up popular platonic relationship" bovine excrement!

13 Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker
14 Avengers: Endgame
15 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
16 Alice Through the Looking Glass

The real sad ending: Alan Rickman's filmography. No, seriously, this was his last movie.

17 Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

I like this movie, but I understand why people hate it. At the end of the movie, Stitch dies due to having a glitch. This is a pretty emotional scene. But then Stitch comes back to life a minute later with no explanation! I'm glad that Stitch is still alive but they could've at least given us an explanation!

18 Star Wars: The Last Jedi
19 Avengers: Infinity War
20 Enchanted

When your movie's entire selling point is how it bucks tradition, you've actually set up a very predictable ending

21 Avengers: Age of Ultron
22 Frozen
23 Alice in Wonderland (2010)
24 Zootopia
25 Sword in the Stone

Because of what happens later in Arthurian lore? Disney didn't adapt the later stories, but most people do know that things go badly for Arthur after the movie cuts off.

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