Top 10 Best Encanto Characters

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1 Camilo Madrigal

I could see an Encanto series where Camilo betrays his family but has a redemption arc near the end of the series.

Wished he had more scenes and is probably the funniest in the film. Also act as a comedic duo with Felix for a bit.

Agreed, Camilo is the best in We Don't Talk about Bruno... great gift too.

I love this guy

2 Bruno Madrigal

Like I said about Camilo, I could see Bruno turning evil too. However, if Bruno betrayed his family, it would have to be like when Snake betrayed Wolf in the Bad Guys (where it was part of his plan).

He is hilarious! I love him! He is so funny with his acting, the rats, the scene where his foot gets stuck on the horse, HIS ACTING! I mean, didn't we all laugh at "I am Hernando and I'm afraid of nothing"? And what about him dancing in the background of Dolores's rap portion! He is the best!

Overrated, you could say but a pretty good character. His gift is also probably the most powerful within the Madrigal family.

Bruno is honestly really cute and funny with his awkwardness and weird acting.

3 Mirabel Madrigal

Personally, I like Mirabel as a character because she's relatable in a lot of ways...

Mirabel is so kind, she didn't deserve to have no powers.

She is my favorite in Encanto.

She is really relatable

4 Luisa Madrigal

Strong character both internally and externally. Pressure is an awesome song. Donkeys did great backup dancing.

Her song was the best.

5 Isabela Madrigal

She has the prettiest dress Disney has ever made. It's lilac, and diamond earrings, and beautiful flowers flowing down her dress. She is so pretty with awesome powers. She is my favorite character.

I love Isabela! I can't stop listening to her song. In my opinion, Diane Guerro has a beautiful voice. I took an encanto quiz and got Isabela

Isabella is a perfect flower. (no pun intended)

She is my second favorite.

6 Dolores Madrigal

She has enhanced hearing, and that's useful in many ways. Some might say that snooping around hearing secrets isn't a good thing, but maybe sometimes it is. And she really wowed me by her fast singing. She's really my favorite Encanto character.

1) Her verse in WDTAB is better than Camilo's. Fight me
2) How did she not lose her mind from hearing literally everything and not being able to stop

Along with receiving a great gift; she also received a great personality.

She's my favorite! When I first looked at this list she wasn't on it so I had to add her

7 Pepa Madrigal

She's the REAL villain of the movie. In WDTAB, Dolores and Camilo (her kids) are talking about how awful Bruno is while Isabella (her niece) is talking about how Bruno isn't as bad as everyone says. Pepa probably raised her kids to think that Bruno is bad while Julieta raised her kids to think that Bruno is good. Bottom line: Pepa's EVIL.

8 Julieta Madrigal
9 Antonio Madrigal
10 Félix Madrigal

Felix is really funny. He pulls off the best expressions and has the biggest smile ever.

Very fun and energetic.

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11 Agustin Madrigal

A great father as he stands and does his best to protect his daughter.

Very great dad

12 Alma Madrigal

Alma is one of my favorite characters. She suffred so much. Sadly she dies in the next movie but will always be remembered

Ugh. She's a jerk and that's all I'm going to say.

She literally is the leader of them all.

13 Mariano Guzman
14 Casa Madrigal

Best house ever

15 Fish Lady

I don't like her

16 Pedro Madrigal
17 Juancho

The coffee kid is hilarious. Especially with the hammering the nails quickly at the end.

18 Priest with No Hair
19 "Maybe Your Gift is Being in Denial" Town Kid
20 Coffee Kid
21 Chispi
22 Pico
23 Gut Guy
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