Top 10 Best Encanto Characters

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1 Mirabel Madrigal

I love mirabel because she is more relatable to others than any other character. She may not have powers but her greatest power is understanding everyone's problems and helping them. That's why Mirabel is Number 1

I'd say Mirabel is my favorite character, even though she doesn't have powers, but I honestly don't care! I mean, Mirabel saved her family and the magic, also, (spoilers if there's an Encanto 2)
I heard that Mirabel gets her powers in Encanto 2, and she has the power to... (Drum roll please...) TELEPORT to different dimensions!
Like, isn't that cool?

2 Bruno Madrigal

He is hilarious! I love him! He is so funny with his acting, the rats, the scene where his foot gets stuck on the horse, HIS ACTING! I mean, didn't we all laugh at "I am Hernando and I'm afraid of nothing"? And what about him dancing in the background of Dolores's rap portion! He is the best!

Like I said about Camilo, I could see Bruno turning evil too. However, if Bruno betrayed his family, it would have to be like when Snake betrayed Wolf in the Bad Guys (where it was part of his plan).

Overrated, you could say but a pretty good character. His gift is also probably the most powerful within the Madrigal family.

3 Luisa Madrigal

I like her because she is funny. I laugh whenever I see her. I love the song "Surface Pressure" because it makes me dance and smile. She lost her powers first when the Casita is about to break.

Strong character both internally and externally. Pressure is an awesome song. Donkeys did great backup dancing.

I like her, but I prefer Isabela, Dolores, and Mirabel.

4 Dolores Madrigal

She is my favorite character, like srsly everything about her is amazing, she has the best singing voice, she is hilarious, and has great control of her temper, (Think about it with her hearing skills everything is going to be so loud and annoying, you can literally hear what everyone around you is saying, and somehow she manages to keep calm), she is also GORGEOUS, like waayyyy prettier than Isabella, she is so mysterious, I wish she was more involved in the movie, and that mirabel had asked her more questions, Dolores knew that Bruno was living in the house, imagine what else she could have known. She probably knew the house was cracking but just kept quiet, like her character is so interesting, I think that she needs to be explored in more depth.

5 Camilo Madrigal

I'm so glad Camilo is this popular! I'm hoping we'd get more about his story if there is a sequel or a series in the future!

I could see an Encanto series where Camilo betrays his family but has a redemption arc near the end of the series.

Wished he had more scenes and is probably the funniest in the film. Also act as a comedic duo with Felix for a bit.

6 Pepa Madrigal

She's the REAL villain of the movie. In WDTAB, Dolores and Camilo (her kids) are talking about how awful Bruno is while Isabella (her niece) is talking about how Bruno isn't as bad as everyone says. Pepa probably raised her kids to think that Bruno is bad while Julieta raised her kids to think that Bruno is good. Bottom line: Pepa's EVIL.

7 Isabela Madrigal

I love her and I having a hard time deciding if she, Dolores, or Mirabel should be my first favorite character. She's very cool on the inside.

She has the prettiest dress Disney has ever made. It's lilac, and diamond earrings, and beautiful flowers flowing down her dress. She is so pretty with awesome powers. She is my favorite character.

She almost became my least favorite until I found out that she's tired of always playing the part as a "Perfect girl/daughter". And Mirabel was able to convince her to be herself.

8 Julieta Madrigal

Her ability/gift to heal with one bite of her cooking sounds useful.

9 Antonio Madrigal

I hate how even Antonio was mean to Mirabel for some of the movie ever since he got his gift.

10 Félix Madrigal

Felix is really funny. He pulls off the best expressions and has the biggest smile ever.

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11 Alma Madrigal

She is my least favorite character, and is mean to the entire family for most of the movie. She is also very bossy and demanding.

Alma is one of my favorite characters. She suffred so much. Sadly she dies in the next movie but will always be remembered

Ugh. She's a jerk and that's all I'm going to say.

12 Casa Madrigal
13 Agustin Madrigal

A great father as he stands and does his best to protect his daughter.

14 Pedro Madrigal
15 Mariano Guzman
16 Fish Lady
17 Juancho

The coffee kid is hilarious. Especially with the hammering the nails quickly at the end.

18 "Maybe Your Gift is Being in Denial" Town Kid
19 Priest with No Hair
20 Gut Guy
21 Coffee Kid
22 Chispi
23 Pico
24 Senora Guzman
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