Top 10 Least Emotional Pixar Movies

Pixar is traditionally known for making very emotional and sad films. So let's now look instead at the Pixar movies that weren't so sad.
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1 Cars 2

Honestly, this should be obvious. As decent as this movie is, in my opinion, they really didn't care all that much when creating this film. It's really just a random action movie whose characters happen to be cars. Even though the plot is interesting and the action scenes are very well done, it would be a lie to say that this movie made me feel any deeper feelings. This is despite the fact that it has the highest death count of any Pixar movie.

There is a good reason why it is the least popular Pixar movie. This movie doesn't make me feel a lot except for a few laughs and a little bit of nostalgia. Even though I don't find this movie terrible, it is my least favorite from Pixar, and the lack of emotions is a big reason why.

2 A Bug's Life

A Bug's Life is easily Pixar's most generic film. There's nothing about it that really stands out. It could've been made by Disney or DreamWorks, and I wouldn't bat an eye. It's simply a good film but nothing more.

This movie is really fun, but not much more.

3 Incredibles 2

A few months ago, I created a list of guilty dislikes in movies or video games, and I said that I don't like the two Incredible movies as much as I would like to. I didn't get why. This is where I discovered that it is because of how important emotions are for me to like a movie. These movies have more subtle qualities than emotions.

Because of that, they are some of the most mature Pixar movies, but they are not my personal favorites. The second movie is no exception.

Incredibles 2 has got to be one of the most disappointing animated sequels of all time when compared to how great the first installment was. Sure, this movie is still pretty good, but could they really not have come up with something deeper? Toy Story 2 did it, at a time when the developers were as stressed as can be. What excuse does Incredibles 2 have for being almost the exact same as the first movie? Not a lot of emotion.

4 Brave

It's kind of hard to feel sympathetic for anyone in this movie because of how unlikeable and stupid every single character is. Despite this, it tries to be sad, so I guess I can't put it in the top five, despite how much I hate the only bad Pixar film.

I see that this movie tries to be really emotional, and it kind of succeeds, but not always. This is one of the most forgettable Pixar movies for me, and I think it says a lot.

5 The Incredibles

The most emotional bit in this movie could be Syndrome's backstory. Otherwise, this movie isn't too emotional, but I don't really care since in the end, it's one of the best Pixar movies of all time.

6 Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 is a massive black sheep in the Toy Story franchise. Every other film had at least one extremely sad moment. The closest moment like this I can find in Toy Story 4 is when Gabby Gabby finds a new owner, but it pales in comparison to, say, Buzz learning that he's a toy. The moment that is supposed to be sad (Woody leaving the gang) made me feel nothing.

7 Ratatouille

Overall, nothing incredibly emotional, although Anton Ego's flashback can be touching, and the way Remy is treated by his peers can be sad.

8 Cars

My most nostalgic movie ever is honestly not the most emotional of Pixar's catalog. It's kind of like A Bug's Life, where it is a really simple story.

Cars is a hard movie to feel for. Enough said.

9 Lightyear
10 Monsters University
The Contenders
11 Cars 3

Most emotional of the trilogy because of how McQueen is forced to retire and such, but eh...

12 Soul

Soul isn't really traditionally emotional or sad like Pete Docter's other films such as Up or Inside Out. So it unfortunately made it to the top ten worst list. However, I think it offers a lot, so it just barely made this list.

13 Toy Story

Personally, Toy Story is the least emotional and least good, without question, of the quadrilogy, but it is still great.

14 Finding Dory
15 The Good Dinosaur

Not sad, just boring,underwhelming,and pathetic. Reminder, Inside Out came out the same exact year and that film had much more emotion.

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