Top 10 Most Intense Scenes from Disney Movies

Those moments from Disney movies that had you on the edge of your seat wondering how the characters are gonna make it out alive. Here are top Disney movie moments where the characters face life or death situations, escape from peril, are in an intense battle, or any other situation where things may go horribly wrong.
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1 The Incinerator Scene - Toy Story 3

What an amazing, emotional, and somewhat disturbing scene!

Held onto myself so hard

I was so tense and hanging on my seat in this scene. So glad they were saved right in the nick of time. And they hitch a ride on Sid's garbage truck 😱😅

2 Escape from The Cave of Wonders - Aladdin

After getting his hands on the lamp in which the old man who is really Jafar in disguise, Aladdin see's Abu with Carpet holding him back as he tries to get his hands on the red jewel and yell's out a big "NO! " but its too late and the Cave of Wanders is furious at them for touching the forbidden treasure and now plans to trap them forever in the cave of wonders, as now Aladdin, Abu and Carpet desperately try to escape all while a sea of lava pursues them as they make their way to the entrance they get knocked out and Aladdin manages to hold on to the steps as he pleads with the old man to help him up but of course he wants the lamp first which Aladdin gives him only for him to turn the tables and tries to kill Aladdin until Abu bites him and gets thrown down along with Aladdin as the Cave sinks into the sand luckily Abu managed to steal the lamp away from Jafar which contains the Genie and are able to escape the Cave once and for all.

3 Escape from Treasure Planet - Treasure Planet

After setting off Captain Flint's massive booby trap while trying to take his treasure via a portal Jim, Mr. Silver and the others find themselves in a very tight spot as the ship is heavily damaged making it impossible to be able to make it our before the planet explodes but then Jim comes up with the perfect solution by switching the portal to another place which is easier said then done, Jim then uses a makeshift rocket powered sailboard to fly ahead and change the portal but as he makes his way there the board gives out and he nearly plummets to his death but luckily gets it to work again and with just seconds to spare Jim sets the portal to Montressor Spaceport allowing them to make it to safety as the planet explodes.

4 Wildebeest Stampede - The Lion King
5 Pinocchio & Gepetto Attempt to Escape from Monstro - Pinocchio

Pinocchio and Gepetto escape from the belly of Monstro after making him sneeze by starting a fire whiole in him and of course Monstro is super pissed but then again you would be too if someone lit a fire in your belly and caused you to sneeze over and over, They attempt to outrun Monstro while on a raft which puts them at a huge disadvantage eventually Monstro destroys there raft and Pinocchio carrying Gepetto tries to make it to safety in a cave as Monstro closing in like a speeding train.

6 Robin Hood's Escape - Robin Hood

After Prince John is woken up and the guards are alerted Robin and Little John attempt to get all the prisoners and the money that was taken from them out of the castle courtyard as they're making they're way out the little rabbit girl falls behind as Robin goes to get her one of the guards cuts the rope trapping Robin luckily the kid is small enough to fit through the bars leaving Robin Hood attempting to escape all while guards and archers around every corner cutting off any possible escape Robin finally manages to make it to a safe spot but before he can catch his breath The Sheriff is waiting to ambush him with a torch in hand Robin manages to get past him however the during the scuffle the place catches on fire forcing him to the top of the tower as the flames catch up with him Prince John shows up and orders the guards to kill him meanwhile Little John and Skippy watch from a distance as Robin makes a daring leap of faith into the water and just when it seems Robin has met his ...more

7 Mogwli Shere Khan Showdown - The Jungle Book

In the showdown between Mowgli and Shere Khan, Khan gives Mowgli a head start to start running in order to make the chase more exciting for him but of course Mowgli stands his ground unaware of the danger he's in he then grabs a stick and when Khan notices that he's still there he becomes very impatient and quickly counts to 10 then lunges at Mowgli but is stopped by Baloo who grabs his tail and is dragged along as Shere Khan chases after Mowgli the vultures swoop down to rescue Mowgli after which Khan begins attacking Baloo as they make there way back to the tree lighting strikes it causing a fire remembering that Shere Khan is afraid of fire they instruct Mowgli get the fire while they distract Khan Mowgli lights a stick on fire and ties it to Khan's tail which sends him running in horror.

8 Cruella's Car Chase - 101 Dalmations

In the final stretch of the movie the Dalmatians sneak aboard a moving truck but Cruella has already spotted them and chases after the truck and attempts to ram them as the pups hold on for dear life one of them is nearly flung from the track and is saved, even when her car's top roof gets destroyed after crashing through a tree she still pursues them at top speed and an almost hellish image of her face is shown as she rams the back of the truck luckily for the Dalmatians Horace and Jasper end up crashing their vehicle right into Cruella's car.

She looks and drives like a madwoman. She's insane!

I think this is a very suspense scene as when cruella is roaming for the dogs it puts me on edge our director creates unstoppable tension which makes the scene better in which I imagined it could ever be,thank you


9 Amos Slade & Copper Hunt Down Todd - The Fox and The Hound

After Widow Tweed drops off Todd in the forest which is what Amos was hoping she'd do now that he no longer has her protection he and Copper go off to track down and kill Todd at one point both Copper and Todd face off in a vicious stand off then Amos attempts to trap both Todd and Vixey by lighting one side of a cave with fire while he and Copper wait on the other side to blast them which to Amo's surprise they escape by going though the fire but then the tables turn while cashing after Todd and Vixey Amos comes across a angry bear then falls for one of his own traps as Copper tries to fend off the bear Todd goes back to help them despite the fact that they'd tried to kill him earlier.

10 The Headless Horseman  Chases After Ichabod - The Legend of Sleepy Hallow/ The Adventure of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
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11 Han Solo’s Death - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This should be higher, shocked the Star Wars fandom and universe when he was killed in a flash by his son Ben, otherwise known as Kyle Ren.

12 Night at Bald Mountain - Fantasia
13 Gaston vs Beast - Beauty and the Beast

Beast spares Gaston and he stabs him in the back - literally! But then he falls to his death.

14 Starkiller Base Destroys Hosnian System - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Most Violent scene ever, more deaths than any other Star Wars scene or any movie in general.
That’s more people killed than all the people on Earth, and it was all in 1 blast from the Starkiller.
I can’t believe they only rated the movie PG13.

15 Death Star Destroys Alderaan: Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Countless deaths, and the phrase of millions of people crying til death was flat out disturbing and chilling.

16 Darth Vader Burns on Mustafar - Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Such a gruesome and graphic scene, yet it was the result of him hating on Obi Wan and fighting.
It showed us hate leads to consequences, and that’s what he got.
So disturbing, scary, and sad, many people cried, and it was too much even for a PG-13 movie.

17 Maleficent’s Death - Sleeping Beauty

It was pretty intense for a g rated movie that even kids watched.
Sleeping Beauty was a classic though.

18 Ursula’s Death - The Little Mermaid

Probably the most intense death in the history of Disney animated movies, she was stabbed right on by the ship.
Wonder what little children thought of that.

19 Order 66 - Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Very sad, the music was emotional and seeing the creatures and characters kill themselves was so tragic.

20 The Hyenas Chase Simba and Nala - The Lion King
21 Mufasa Attacks the Hyenas to Save Simba and Nala - The Lion King

Heck, I don't want Mufasa attacking me like that just because he had to save Simba and Nala and Zazu...

Geez... I wouldn't want him doing that to me.

22 Jasmine Almost Loses an Arm - Aladdin
23 John Smith Almost Gets Executed - Pocahontas
24 Bambi and His Mother Attempt to Escape the Hunter - Bambi
25 Mrs. Jumbo's Freak-Out - Dumbo

After one of the kids jumps over the ropes and blows in Dumbo's ear Dumbo's mother completely snaps and grabs the punk kid and spanks him with her trunk which was well deserved but it doesn't stop there she continues to throw stuff while the ring master and the other workers attempt to subdue her the ring master even tries whipping her and as Dumbo is being carried away one of the workers chains her and she responds by dunking the ringmaster in the water eventually they bring her down and she's locked up.

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