Top 10 Most Emotional Pixar Movies of the 21st Century

Pixar is known for making very emotional films. So let’s discuss the ones that came out in the 21st century.
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1 Coco

I actually cried. I actually cried during this movie. That rarely happens with me. They actually did a great job at making us care so much about the characters that we feel emotionally connected to them. Since the movie hasn't been released to the public yet, I'm not gonna spoil what happens. I watched this at a screening at Downtown Disney and I heard people around me crying too. Only Pixar can make an entire theater cry. The ending had me in tears. Before going into the movie, I heard it was gonna be emotional, but I thought it wouldn't be THAT emotional. I was wrong. I loved Coco. I consider it my third favorite Pixar movie. Go see it! It's amazing!

2 Up

It goes without saying that Up is one of Pixar's most emotional movies. The scene that everyone talks about is the first ten minutes. This is considered by many as the saddest scene in Pixar history. It shows the married life of Carl and Ellie in such a short amount of time. We see them having such a good time together, but then Ellie passes away. This is such a sad moment because Pixar managed to make us care about these two characters in one montage. And then there's a scene where Carl is looking through his scrapbook and looking at the memories he had with Ellie. I personally thought this scene was slightly sadder. It shows that Carl still misses his wife. I really feel bad for him. Up is a great movie and one of the most emotional ones.

3 Inside Out

Who knew a movie about emotions would be so emotional? Pete Docter hit me right in the feels with this one. There's so much relatability. The struggle of growing is something that we all have to deal with. The point of the movie is that sometimes you need sadness to get through life. And it shows at the end of the movie. That was a very touching scene. And the scene with Joy crying was done very well. But does that mean emotions have emotions as well? There's also the part where Bing Bong dies. I didn't find that as sad as everyone else did but it was still kind of emotional in a way. Inside Out is amazing.

4 Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 would've been the last in the franchise if Pixar hadn't decided to cash in on its success and make a 4th one. Toy Story is my childhood. This was the first one I watched in theaters. All the characters are great. We've spent two other movies getting to know them and we became very attached to these characters and their relationship with Andy. So seeing them about to burn up in the incinerator was terrifying. It is one of the darkest moments in Disney history. It looks like there's no way for them to escape. They even come to the conclusion that this might be the end and they start holding hands. This entire scene was so powerful. And then there's the end when Andy gives away his toys. After these movies of seeing him having fun with these toys, it's sad to see him give them away. It's a way of saying goodbye to his childhood and a way of saying goodbye to most of our childhoods. I kind of traded up a bit. I have no idea why they're making a Toy Story 4. This was a perfect ending.

5 Monsters, Inc.

How come this movie hasn't gotten a sequel yet? It definitely deserves one. The way it ended made me curious about what happens next. Sully may look like a scary monster, but he's actually has a soft spot. He cares a lot about Boo. Despite the fact that the monsters are supposed to scare kids. His interactions with Boo seem very real. Kind of like a father and daughter relationship. When he has to say goodbye to her, you can tell how sad he is just from his expression. Even the music sets the mood. But when Mike rebuilds Boo's door, Sully gets to see her again. And that is why Monsters, Inc. deserves a sequel!

6 Finding Nemo

For some reason whenever I put Finding Nemo on a list, people try their hardest to vote it up to number 1. I don't have a problem with that, but people treat it as if it's the greatest thing ever when it's really not. The Incredibles is. Finding Nemo is a great movie, however. Marlin is such a great father to his son. What makes it emotional is the fact that Marlin lost his wife and most of his kids. In real life, this would make him become female but whatever. So Nemo being taken away from him makes it even more sad since it means he will lose another kid. The message of the film is very bad, but it has a lot of heart to it. And that's enough to make it such a great movie and a Pixar classic.

7 Brave

I like this movie. Deal with it. I have a sister and a mother. So I can understand the problems that the two main characters are dealing with. Merida doesn't want to be like her mom. The mom wants her to cooperate and be a perfect princess. This is similar to what real mother and daughter relations are like. We see the two of them bond while the queen is a bear. And in the end when the queen looks like she might not turn back, Merida feels upset about this because she loves her mother a lot and wants to see her again. I don't know why people hate this movie. It may not be what we expected, but it could've been worse.

8 Wall-E

I don't like Wall-E as much as everyone else does, but the scene that really stands out is the ending when Wall-E gets destroyed. It was obvious that Wall-E was gonna be rebuilt. They obviously weren't gonna have him actually die. But seeing Eve worry for him makes more impactful. And after Eve ends up fixing him, he loses his memory. So he doesn't know who Eve is. The entire movie, we watched these two spending time together and their relationship was developed. So seeing him forget everything is very sad. It's a good thing he ends up remembering. Wall-E may not be that great, but it has a pretty emotional moment.

9 Finding Dory

Who knew a movie with Ellen DeGeneres as the main character would be so emotional? Finding Dory is a movie I was not looking forward to at all. I thought it was gonna be terrible. People told me I was wrong and that it was gonna be good. I saw it and I liked it. While other people hated it. They actually manage to develop Dory's character instead of just making her the comic relief. We find out that she has parents that she lost and she wants to find them. It's even sadder knowing that she was a cute adorable little fish when she lost her parents. Luckily, she managed to find her parents in the end! After all these years. This movie was more emotional than it needed to be and I'm glad it was.

10 Cars 3

Cars 3 is a sequel that no one except John Lasseter wanted. However, it managed to be pretty good. You're probably thinking I put this on the list because of Cruz Ramirez's dream of becoming a racer. Wrong. I put this on the list because of the scenes involving Doc Hudson. As you may know, Paul Newman passed away after the first Cars movie. Which is why Doc wasn't in Cars 2. His disappearance is brought up again in Cars 3 but it's included more in the plot. McQueen still sees Doc as a father figure and a mentor. And we see flashbacks of Doc Hudson. He even talks through unused audio from the first movie. I thought that was very well done. Cars 3 isn't one of Pixar's strongest films, but it left me with a good feeling inside.

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11 The Good Dinosaur
12 Toy Story 4
13 Toy Story 2
14 Turning Red
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