Top 10 Best Things About Coco (2017)

I saw this movie last week and recently reviewed it. Coco is definitely in my top 3 favorite movies of the year. This list contains reasons about what you or I thought were the best parts about the movie. I made this list mostly because it wasn't made already, and I felt it should.
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1 The music

The score of this movie is fantastic. It has that symphony feel as well as that Hispanic/Latin feel combined. It's hard to describe. "Remember Me" is a great song.

I'm hoping that "Remember Me" snags the Oscar for Best Original Song. It would be the Lopezes' second win in that category after "Let It Go".

The music is so emotional. The songs really raise the bar for non-Pixar Disney movies.

2 The characters

I don't know if I have a favorite character, maybe Hector. The characters in this movie all have great character designs and are well-rounded and written. I also like how the skeletons fall apart when they run into something - it makes for a funny gag.

Every character here is likable or unforgettable. Hector was the best.

3 The animation

This movie is animated beautifully. I shouldn't be surprised, however, because it's Disney/Pixar, and they are known for their great animation quality.

4 The emotional impact

I teared up a bit in this movie, which I rarely do. I suppose I won't say much though, as it would be a spoiler, but some parts of this movie are incredibly sad, maybe bittersweet.

5 The accurate depiction of Mexican culture

I do have Hispanic descent and know about some Mexican culture. As far as I know, this movie was incredibly accurate to the culture in Mexico. It's even very popular in Mexico, because the Mexican people also believe this movie is incredibly well-researched.

Many things presented in the movie are based on what was actually going on in Mexican culture. Not stereotypical.

6 The Land of the Dead

The Land of the Dead in this movie looks absolutely astonishing in how beautiful and detailed it is. The animators surely spent a massive amount of time making it look perfect.

7 It is heartwarming

Seriously, by the end of this movie, you feel very warm and happy because it ends on a good note.

8 The dialogue

Has moments that will make you laugh and cry. Great writing.

9 The story

If I had to pick something I didn't like much about this movie, it would be its use of lots of cliches. However, the story is very well written and supports these cliches we've seen many times before, making them feel fresh.

The story is fantastic, although I hate the fact that the living family keeps living in the past and forbids music. Pretty dumb if you ask me.

10 It’s from Pixar

And mostly every movie from Pixar has a marvelous background and story.

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11 It won an Oscar in 2018

That actually happened? That's awesome.

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