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1 DOTA 2

Complex, hard, frustrating, discouraging... But at the same time exciting, so simple and perfect... Pure tactic and strategic game, the game that sun tzu would play for sure

Far better than the original so far! Though unfortunately lacking some of the creativity of laugh out loud. Still in beta!

Noob League of legends don't allow you to pick the hero you want when you need it. Dota 2's graphics is also superior to league of legends. League of legends gameplay in a way encourages noobs, no denying, no hero loss gold, fast respawn time. In Dota every little mistake you make will punish you dearly and you will also require critical thinking to gain the upper hand in a team fight. This is what separate the pros and the noobs. All league of legends players that try Dota will fail miserably but experienced Dota players will find League of Legends quite easy.

Above laugh out loud

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2 League of Legends

Really Epic game! Can't get enough of it. I've played it for about 7 months now and still can't get enough!

My favorite and most beloved game in this genre I play it for 2 years now and I can't get over it and I will play it for so long time
It has a really nice graphics and great new content every once in a while, many heros more then 70 and a capture and hold guys wow that thing was huge I simply love it

Never get tired of playing this!

I liked this game since I was in grade 7 until I'm grade 10 now!
Never tired of playing!


The original. Laugh out loud and HON wouldn't exist without the original DOTA. Simply an outstanding game

Best game ever! Can't live widout it!

4 Heroes of Newerth

Very good game for those who seek skills and challenge. Very nice graphics, and also very nice layout design.

5 Realm of the Titans
6 Rise of Immortals
7 Demigod
8 Bloodline Champions
9 Monday Night Combat
10 Smite
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